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Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2002 16:15:31 -0500

Dear Mr. H***:

Thanks very much for your encouragement and kind words.  They are much appreciated.

What Magnetic Energy Ltd. has right now with the Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (MEG) is a series of successful little experimental devices that prove the overunity and the concepts.  Our first patent has issued, and two others are in various stages.  We do not have finished power units ready to produce and sell to power homes and businesses, etc.  We are still a year of very hard research away from that, once we can get the funding to set up the required good laboratory and team, before we finish the research and development phenomenology, build fitted math models (has to be in higher group symmetry electrodynamics, as the standard electrical engineering does not contain the necessary physics in the model), and engineer the MEG for production and marketing.

So we have arrived at that "sheer vertical cliff" where substantial funding is required to go from successful experiments to actual scaled-up power systems ready for mass production and marketing.  We strongly note that every previous legitimate COP>1.0 system (there have been several) has been firmly defeated right at this same "vertical cliff".  Nonetheless, we believe we will succeed, and so we are in serious negotiations with several major financial groups, in an effort to get the substantial funding needed to finish it and get it onto the market.  The "bare bones" funding requirement is $9 million per year for three years, and that is the figure we are discussing and negotiating.  We do not sell stock to the public, put on public demonstrations, etc.  Instead, we give demonstrations (with nothing hidden) to potential financial partners, whose technical representatives do their own measurements to verify the machine does what we say.  We shall keep it that way until we go on the market with production systems.  This also protects the rest of our intellectual property rights, since patent applications are still being prepared and processed.

We plan the basic first unit to be 2.5 KW, which together with a synchronizer can be linked into up to six units ganged in a single power system array. That will allow marketing from 2.5 KW to 15 KW systems at the end of the first year after the laboratory is available.  The second year we expect to have a basic 10 KW unit available also, with the same array capability, to cover from 10 KW up to 60 KW.  We believe that market penetration of those two lines of power systems, self-powering from the local vacuum, will be very successful.

Once we get funding and complete the MEG into "ready for production" status, we will produce them at all speed and get them out there into much needed areas around the world.  In each impoverished or needy country, we will also set aside 10% of the sales in a separate program that will be spent directly on improving the lot of the citizens of that country. That is to put in water wells, give remote villages free power systems with maintenance teams to freely maintain them, put in schools staffed with teachers and with free textbooks, put in medical teams and give medical treatments, put in some roads and bridges, etc.  The idea is to use part of the funds received to directly build up the infrastructure and get the country started on the road to development and also to developing a viable economy.  So while we sell in the cities, at the same time we will plow back substantial funding into the remote areas to directly support and benefit the citizens of that nation. As an example, orphans and orphanages are high on our list of importance.  That funding will also help further employ citizens of that nation to help get their economy moving a bit.

Meanwhile, we are also continuing to press the scientific community to seriously update its ancient electrical engineering model, which does not include the active vacuum exchange at all, much less a broken symmetry in that exchange so as to provide a system far from thermodynamic equilibrium. Consequently it does not even include what actually powers every electrical circuit and power line ever built. It is quite possible to build COP>1.0 EM systems, but thermodynamically they must operate in a stabilized far-from-equilibrium state, as is well-known in thermodynamics (similar to the common home heat pump, but using the active vacuum as the "environmental energy reservoir" rather than the external atmosphere).  A self-powering EM system is analogous to a windmill turning in a steady free wind.  One just has to produce a free steady flow of EM energy from the vacuum (very easy to do, cheaply and cleanly), and then catch and utilize some of the freely flowing energy in a circuit and dissipate it in a load to power it, without using the collected energy to destroy the component or function that is extracting the EM energy from the vacuum.

The broken symmetry of the source dipole (of the opposite charges on its two ends) has already been proven in particle physics by Wu et al. since 1957, as certified by the award of the Nobel Prize to Lee and Yang in December of the same year, 1957.  The proof of broken symmetry was a profound change to physics, but it still has not made it into the staid old electrical engineering model taught at all universities and used to design and build all present electrical power systems.

As another back-up guarantee hopefully, my book Energy from the Vacuum: Concepts and Principles, will be published shortly (2002).  It will be nearly 1,000 pages, have about 100 illustrations, and hopefully will turn all those sharp young graduate students and post doctoral scientists loose in experimenting, designing, and building COP>1.0 electrical power systems. Everything I've been able to learn over the last 30 years, through the kindness of the independent inventors I've worked with who did have working prototype COP>1.0 systems, is in that book.  It is my thought that the young scientists and engineers of tomorrow should be able to quickly know everything I've learned, correct any errors I may have unwittingly made, and get on with it.

That way, hopefully we will guarantee that the world does get efficient self-powering practical COP>1.0 EM systems, eliminate the energy crisis forever, and also clean up much of the present pollution and despoiling of the biosphere.

Very best wishes,

Tom Bearden, Ph.D.

P.S.  In ordinary electrical engineering, here is a proven "free energy generator", for example.  Just lay a charged capacitor (or electret) across a permanent magnet so that the E-field of the capacitor (or electret) is at right angles to the H-field of the magnet.  That optimizes EXH and therefore represents a maximized free and continuous flow of EM energy extracted directly from the vacuum.  In the Poynting energy flow theory, that anachronism does appear, but it is ignored by mumbling about "static fields" etc.  By Whittaker 1903 and 1904 decomposition, there is no such thing as a really "static" EM field or potential in the entire universe; any "static" EM field or potential decomposes into bidirectional longitudinal wavepairs in harmonic sets with differential functions imposed on the ensemble.  So a static EM field is rather like a perfect waterfall; it appears "static" in overall form and local energy intensity, but it is comprised of internal parts in continuous motion.

Every charge in the universe also can easily be shown (experimentally) to be steadily pouring out real observable EM energy in all directions in 3-space, without any input of observable EM energy at all.  This problem --- that of the source charge and its associated potentials and fields and their energy, reaching across the universe --- has been ignored for more than a century, and has been almost entirely hidden from the university students.  The reason is that it seriously faults the present electrodynamics model used in electrical engineering.  Either one must totally surrender the conservation of energy law, or else there must be a non-observable input of energy to every charge.  The standard model, by ignoring this problem, implicitly assumes that every charge in the universe is a perpetual motion machine, freely creating energy out of nothing at all.  That of course is untenable; instead, one must turn to particle physics where the problem was solved in 1957.  In the modern view an "isolated" observable charge is surrounded by a clustering swarm of virtual charges of opposite sign.  So the "charge" is actually a dipole, thus exhibiting the broken symmetry of opposite charges proven by Wu et all and certified by the award of the Nobel Prize to Lee and Yang.  This conclusively proves that the source charge continuously absorbs virtual photon energy from the active vacuum, coherently integrates that virtual energy into real observable photon energy, and then continuously emits the real, observable photon energy in all directions in 3-space at the speed of light, thereby establishing its fields and potentials and their energy, reaching across the universe.  The fundamental charges in the original matter in the universe have been doing this (absorbing, transducing, and freely emitting EM energy from the vacuum) for some 14 billion years, and no engineer has had to provide the input energy to a single charge yet.

What we have is a situation where the scientific and engineering community continues to use a model in electrical engineering whose foundations are 137 years old, from before the discovery of the electron, the atom, the nucleus, etc. and before relativity, quantum mechanics, quantum electromagnetics, quantum field theory, and most of modern particle physics.  The old EE model assumes an inert vacuum (falsified for many decades in particle physics) and a flat local spacetime (falsified since 1915 by general relativity).  The reason such a horribly antiquated model is still used is so it will continue to guarantee COP<1.0 electrical power systems burning those hydrocarbons, using those nuclear fuel rods, etc.  and thereby enriching the cartels that control the energy resources of the planet (and also continuing to seriously pollute the biosphere, poison and kill off species, contribute to global warming, keep the gas pump meter at the gas pump for your automobile, and keep the electric power meter on your home).  It also keeps many of the poor nations of the world from developing further; all modern economies are based on cheap energy, presently mostly cheap oil.

We must have a change to this situation.  Else the present MidEast situation --- which is obviously on the way to exploding and threatening the critical MidEast oil supplies again --- and the terrorist war now begun will eventually collapse the economies of much of the world's nations, resulting in something like a return to the Dark Ages and also resulting in horrendous loss of human lives.

In all the "alternative" energy proposals, there is only one which will hold up under rigorous scrutiny: the ability to take the electrical energy locally, cheaply, and cleanly from the local vacuum.


To whom it may concern

I am very impressed with what I have seen and read on your website, it is almost to good to be true. Unfortunately I am not a US or Canadian citizen but would like to know more.

What are the possibilities of exporting your technology to my country, South Africa. Is it possible to obtain business and manufacturing rights in order to sell the technology locally?

Your technology would also allow us to implement power and communications technology is remote areas that was previously under serviced or too remote for conventional power line and communications access. 


Heinz H****
Senior Engineer