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Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2002 09:56:13 -0500

(Slightly edited)

Yep, that's a weird one. A sharp kink in a jet stream like that is usually intended to spawn lots of spins (in both directions fore and aft), so if not interfered with it can spawn tornadoes, etc.
The countering seems to be handling most of the tornadoes that otherwise would be born en masse, by decreasing their electrical charge and therefore dramatically decreasing their energy.  Result generates a lot of "pop-up" thunderstorms all over, with little spins and circulations.
I really don't know.  The situation has gotten so complex, and I've been working so hard on the energy etc., that I'm simply not able to stay up with it.
One thing is certain!  Just look at the weather map and the weird little "back circulations" all over the U.S. and vicinity.  No way is that normal weather, when it is sustained day after day and week after week.  That's one thing you would do to keep the "cool air" up in Canada, confound the jetstreams, and fry the country.  Somebody seems to be doing a great job of it, in spite of what our guys are doing to counter it.
Just imagine where we would be if they weren't fighting it!