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Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2009 21:40:32 -0500
Subj: Unique self-powering solar cell concept


Thanks Paul!


And I wish you the greatest of good luck in continuing your own self-education and research.


We are also fervently hoping that somehow pressure will be put on the Department of Energy and Los Alamos National Laboratory, to go forward intensely with the Klimov work.


E.g., here's one possibility that should be examined:


Tourmaline crystals are dipolar, and they have the unique characteristic of continually emitting real near-IR photons without diminishing their own dipole. In short, a little tourmaline crystal is a concrete example of a natural “self-powering battery”. Its dipolarity continually absorbs virtual photons and integrates them coherently to observable (quantum) size, then decays its excitation by emitting real photons.


So one conceivably could surround a tourmaline crystal with a spherical surface of Klimov micro-nanocrystalline solar cells, and then one would not have to input the photon energy to the Klimov solar cell himself. Instead, the tourmaline crystal would freely furnish the necessary photons to the surrounding Klimov solar cells, which would then emit several electrons per freely input photon from the tourmaline.


Thus one has a unique, self-powering “solar cell” which will operate in space, in a deep tunnel, in the dark, anywhere. And the output electrical power of the complete system entourage can be used to power our homes, space capsules, etc.—and eventually perhaps even electrical cars.


Arie M. DeGeus apparently had developed something very similar to this, for a prototype self-powering battery to power electrical vehicles. He was on his way to the Netherlands to receive funding from some very wealthy Netherland investors. While parking his car at the Douglas International airport here in the U.S., he was apparently struck by a Venus-technique shooter— which projects a beam of warped wavefronts. This crazy signal, when it hits the body, causes instant loss of all control of the heartbeat, and the heart in the struck victim goes into wild oscillation, producing a massive heart attack within a few seconds.


DeGeus was found slumped over in his car, having suffered a sudden violent heart attack, and died shortly after being rushed to the treatment room. I do know an associate of DeGeus (whom I totally refuse to name) and he assures me that DeGeus had such technology in rough preliminary but demonstrable form. He also assured me that, if his associates are not all killed, they hope to eventually finish the technology started by DeGeus and get it on the market.


Anyway, you can see the point of combining something like tourmaline and Klimov's work, to do the actual type of technology that was in successful initial rough prototype by DeGeus.


Unfortunately there are many other such assassination incidents, or severe threatening of the inventor, that have occurred repeatedly—and still do.


Very best wishes,

Tom Bearden




Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2009 17:02:11 -0400

Dear Tom,
I was somewhat surprised but pleased to hear from you personally; appreciate you taking time to respond and with such a lot of good information!
First, let me assure you my comments were in no way meant as criticism toward you, your work, nor John Bedini, nor his work.  Quite the opposite; it was for supportive reasons I tried to be constructive in exploring possibilities for the education of folks like me.  My apologies if it came across otherwise.
Thanks for helping me see the bigger picture.  I can’t imagine the ugly things you’ve come up against in trying to move things forward but yes I can understand why.
I realize you are severely hampered by lack of funds; good luck with your fund-raising efforts.  You say “that’s all you can do”.  In my humble opinion you have already done a tremendous amount if nothing more by postulating and articulating these underlying theories, to prevent the door from closing.  I realize what I was proposing is a long way off.  In the meantime I of course will continue to be supportive by continuing to educate myself on this subject utilizing the materials offered on your web site, as I have for the last several years.