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Date: Sun, 11 Aug 2002 21:24:55 -0500


Those are all different aspects; will explain:

Technically, "zero-point" energy of the vacuum is due to the fact that, quantum mechanically, there are still QM oscillations when all observable oscillations reduce to zero.  Really that is sorta due to the uncertainty principle; at zero absolute temperature, in the macroscopic world all motion has ceased. That is not true in the quantum mechanical world; those subquantum oscillations continue, and can be of extraordinary energy if the time is short enough (so that energy x time is less than h/(4π)).

The Dirac Sea is the set of negative energy "electron holes" in the vacuum. In the ambient vacuum in uncurved spacetime, all the holes are "filled" with an electron, so there is no net energy.  However, if the spacetime is curved, then there can be empty holes, and thus "negative charge" regions. Since energy can be changed in form, actually negative energy can be changed into positive energy, if one goes about it right.  So it's very useful energy, if one works out how to use it. So far we know some three ways to convert it.  If one wishes to do antigravity, one does not convert the negative energy to positive energy, because that will kill any antigravity, converting it to positive gravity.  Instead, one retains the negative energy, and uses it, along with its associated negative energy fields and negative energy potentials.

The time derivative fields are like what we use in the MEG.  By inputting a LITTLE BIT of energy in the form of rectangular pulses, and then adjusting the rise time and decay time of the pulses, we adjust the magnitude of the time derivatives.  In the curl-free A-potential outside the core, dA/dt = -E.  So we can make as large an E-field as we wish, by adjusting the pulse edges, but only inputting a little bit of average energy.  How much energy we "catch" and then output depends strictly on the amount of charges q  we have available in the output coils.  Eq = F means that we can make as much electromotive force in the secondary as desired, by inputting just a wee bit of input energy to the primary coil, and adjusting the pulse edges for large E-fields.  In fact, we can destroy the double insulation on the wire of the output coils.  A similar thing exists for the B-field that is sucked into the core and held there (localized).  It's time rate of changewhich again depends on the input pulse edgescreates an E-field, whose magnitude can be adjusted as desired by adjusting those input pulse edges. The point is this: When the magnitude of the output of a system depends on the time rate of change of the input rather than on the magnitude of the input, then overunity is readily possible by simply adjusting the amount of surface charges available in the output to collect the intensified field energy.

Micro-electrodynamic fluctuations refer to the fact that, for micro particles etc., the second law of thermodynamics is violated.  Some of the time these micro reactions "run backward" anyway (are reversed).  So that means that the current moves against the voltage, a negative resistor effect.  If one can properly sync to the micro-fluctuations (which are for free), then one can produce free energy out of that beast, by taking advantage of the free reversals of several of the laws of electrodynamics.

Telluric currents: in the earth at various places there are enormous currents running through the rocks, driven by processes ongoing in the earth itself.  If one can work out how to couple into and extract some of that flowing energy, one can use it for power.  As far as I know, none of the universities etc. ever even tried it, nor has any sustained effort to do it ever been funded, to my knowledge.  There's a river valley in the northwest, as I recall, where such telluric current is truly enormous.  One ought to be able to work out schemes to extract some of that energy.

Earth's core energy.  Lots of heat in the core, things are melted there.  In theory, using scalar interferometry, it is possible to directly extract energy from there.  A scalar interferometer OUTPUTS EM field energy in its distant interference zone, if the potential bias of the circuits of the two interferometers is higher than the ambient potential in the distant interference zone.  If the bias of the circuits of the interferometers is less than the ambient potential in the distant interference zone, then EM field energy is EXTRACTED from the distant IZ and appears pouring out of the interferometer input as positive energy.  Since longitudinal waves can penetrate right through the earth itself, then one could focus a LW interferometer into the earth and into the core (or just deeper down at higher temperature and energyand potential) and adjust the ground bias on the transmitters to directly extract EM field energy.  Should be almost no limit to what can be extracted that way.  Here no one is working on it (unless the Russians have done so, which I think happened) because LW interferometry is weaponized in some 10 nations now, and so it remains classified.

G-strain energy.  Probably a better term would just be "spacetime curvature energy".  Remember, in a physics model with only a single fundamental unit, and that unit chosen as the joule, both length and time are functions of energy.  So spacetime becomes pure energy and energy functions (dynamics). That is why "curvature" (change) in spacetime acts back upon mass energetically to move it, etc. For a long time I called that "G-strain energy" since one or more researchersparticularly a Japanese researchersucceeded in getting rings of semiconductors to self-oscillate in it.

So both space and timeand spacetimeare really just energy and energy functions.  LOTS of energy!  And every charge in the universe already taps it freely.  In fact, all the EM fields and potentials and their energy, is assumed by all the electrodynamicists and physicists to come from their source charges. So all EM field energy and potential energy in the universe is already extracted directly from spacetime (the 4-vacuum) by the charges in the universe.

That latter is also a total violation of the second law of thermodynamics. The second law has long been known not to apply to microscopic things (such as a fundamental particle, an atom or a few of them, or a few molecules). Recently Australian researchers under Dr. Denis Evans have experimentally demonstrated the violation of the second law for the micro scale and for up to two seconds.  With the solution to the long-neglected source charge problem, I added the thing the pundits missed: All of electrodynamicsvery bit of it, including the charges, the fields, and the potentials and their energytotally violate the second law.  That's because (1) the source charge completely violates it (produces continuous giant negentropy), but is permitted to since that is microscopic, and (2) the associated fields and potentials and their energy reaching across the universe in all directions at the speed of light are perfectly ordered!  Each has an exact magnitude at each point in space, and for the fields and the vector potentials also has an exact direction, and the magnitude and direction are perfectly correlated to the radial distance and direction from the source charge, together with any motion of the source charge.

So the EM fields and potentials establish macroscopic re-ordering (giant negentropy) into the macroscopic world to any size desired, including (for the original charges in the original matter in the universe) across the entire universe itself.

The second law is thus revealed as never having had any "absoluteness" at all.  It is not really a law of nature at all; just a very useful rule that approximates a great many systems.

Anyway, that's an update on that slide and its listings.  Hope this helps.



Hi Tom

I understand (sort of) the mechanics of tapping the seething vacuum for energy.  Where I get confused is......does transduction of the time domain's dense energy fuel the energy of the vacuum?  Or does one have to transduce time energy directly a la Cold Fusion etc, and completely bypass tapping into vacuum energy?

i.e. returning to your Slide, are these seven sources of energy mutually exclusive reservoirs, or are they all transducing and feeding/powering each other?

Any comments appreciated.  Or just refer me to the relevant papers to re-read.