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From: Tom Bearden
Sent: Thursday, August 09, 2007 3:41 PM
Subject: RE: dialog about Time ENERGY

Hi Amar,

Welcome to the “forefront club”!

You are now struggling with the PROBLEMS of science, not the “solutions”.

We never really know reality, because observation is a d/dt operator, resulting in a continual set of 3-space observations. We never, never, never “observe” spacetime, but only spatial fragments.

Really good scientists know that no model is complete; in 1931 Gödel proved that none ever will be. Stephen Hawking, who originally sought the “perfect, final model”, eventually realized this would never be, and then he understood what the impact of it was. Physics would never end; there will always be lots left to learn, forever.

The Russians started (shortly after WW II) their “energetics”, which was essentially the attempt to sharply correct and upgrade all the flawed models in order to develop a “superweapons science”. They succeeded in very rapidly moving the game much further. Today, in several nations (in their highly classified and highly hidden superweapons program), various versions of “precursor” engineering (the further extension of the Soviet energetics) has been ongoing.

With precursor engineering, spacetime itself is identically “energy”. So when we engineer energy in our special circuits, etc., we are directly engineering spacetime itself. That’s mass, all the physical stuff, the fields and potentials (which are just changes in the overall master potential that identically is spacetime and the vacuum). So we are engineering not only “physical reality”, but also the precursor “stuff” that CREATES matter and material reality.

The three areas of energetics (precursor engineering) encompass (1) normal physical inert (nonliving) systems, (2) living biological systems (living bodies, living physical matter), and (3) the mind dynamics (which is over in the purely time domain).

In the mid 1990s, the KGB/Russians achieved (in psychoenergetics) the ability to build a human mind in the laboratory, directly from scratch. They can put it in an ashtray if they so desire. We covered an overview of that work in our 2005 book, Oblivion: America at the Brink.

Since then, they have moved several more giant steps forward. They are now approaching the ability to directly engineer both physical (nonliving) systems and reality, and the living reality (living bodies and also minds – even disembodied minds after “death”).

We have entered into the strangest new kinds of science ever dreamed of, that makes all of science fiction pale by comparison. They can not only engineer the present, but also the past and the future – including the “possible futures”, etc. Direct engineering can also be done on those minds that have “passed on” in death and separation from the human body, and thus are occupying what we call the “time” domain.

So that’s where we are. Or at least where the “bad guys” are. Presently, so far as I am aware, we have absolutely no defenses against this new great leap in precursor engineering.

That’s the world you are now dimly beginning to peer into.

No one in has all the answers. What happens when one can directly engineer Jung’s collective unconscious mind itself? At will?

What happens when we meet a hostile army, and totally annihilate it in the heat of battle, and boom! There it all is again, totally reconstituted and exact replicas. If you had taken a previous rifle, fired it, and did the ballistics test of the projectile, the newly-created exact replica rifle (identical) will produce identically the same ballistic tests. A replacement soldier, replica (exact) of one of those just destroyed, will have the exact genetics, exact fingerprint, exact training and experience, etc. that the “original” had.

What do you do if there are three “booms”, and now there are three exact replica armies (people, equipment, training, the works?)?

This is the type of reality we are moving into. It’s like being able to make a “perfect picture” of a scene, group, or entities, and boom! The “picture” is another exact replica, down to each and every atom and electron in orbit.

Anyway, that’s the search you are now on. I would recommend you at least read Roger Penrose’s The Road to Reality: A Complete Guide to the Laws of the Universe, Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 2006, p. 67]. That will at least show you where our Western scientific “understanding” is – and how far this “approaching new world and reality” transcends that now-archaic picture.

Very best wishes,

Tom Bearden

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Sent: Wednesday, August 08, 2007 7:49 PM

Dear Tom

I did what you asked me to do and I am beginning to understand time as structured energy. But if time dilates, does charge dilate or when mass of an electron is not at rest? Not one single decent scientific article on this. Wave or particle. Particle in a 3 space but wave front coming from compressed time space transduced and decompressed into 3 space where left over energy still compressed becomes mass which is energy left over compressed by c squared, (perhaps nodes of trapped light energy at 90 degree intersections) ?

What happens to a electric dipole source for  magnetic fields for a solenoid such that the electric dipole source is in side the solenoid? There are patents on this,  but also there are some interesting fundamental questions it raises.

This probably what Ed at Coral Castle called "magneticity."

What is your take on Searl Effect? I suspect if he directly engineers a COP=infinity, his law of squares could or perhaps be interpreted to the r squared relation in Newton 's law and Columbs law, all which means is that the vacuum energy is a wave form. Interestingly, our solar system and our galaxy seem to be good examples of a Searl Electromagnetic Motor in which it seems conceivable that an Inverse G field is what keeps the planets in their respective orbits.

Could clocks be running a little faster on Pluto then on Earth ?

I have a gut feeling that Searl Generator with Inverse G effect is a sort of a black hole effect, (not actually a black hole), with weird anomalies given that ball racers and stator are in repulsion mode ,and a sort of a white hole effect, (not actually a white hole), when the ball racers and stator are in attraction mode. Mind you there is no friction in this system, because all you have is an independent field that envelopes the device, the moving parts that seem to give rise to the field are the charges themselves- are they dilating to unwrinkle a localized wrinkled compressed energy universe in 4 space the device occupies in masstime while observing its effects in 3 space, possibly as ELF ?

Sorry to be abrupt in how I directed the questions. I have had a very difficult time writing in any other way that is formal, because sometimes thinking out of the box requires letting go of certain formalisms before one acknowledges they have ventured too far and have to run back to the testing bench for sanity check.

I got ideas but I need to temper them. Using a lab note book to record and document concepts and ideas. At present I am not in the position to perform actual testing.

Once I get my lab to generate some private funds, (this is also taking  time), through my other projects (14 years) that will lead to substantial contracts, a real research undertaking in vacuum energy is within grasp.

Special Regards

Amar V