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Links between mind and matter

Date: Tue, 4 Aug 2009 17:18:18 -0500

Hi Martin,

Glad you liked the material, and please let me encourage you to continue on your important research.

The link you visited explains precursor engineering, the direct engineering of physical reality, using the usually unappreciated Dirac Sea vacuum tickling method to introduce and control negative energy/negative probability to selected regions of the creative virtual state vacuum interactions set (the precursor) that continually creates and sustains any physical "thing" or "process". 

Since this can also affect time (as in spacetime), then it can affect mind also, since mind exists in the time domain and not in the spatial domain.

I haven't gone into that side of it very much, but it is there and it is possible. To my knowledge, the only nation that has secretly gone into that area is Russia, whose energetics scientists reached the capability of directly producing a living human mind (or any desired version of one) circa 1990. Since then, they have used certain very sly experiments to ascertain the knowledge of other nations regarding this area. They have indeed built and inserted additional "minds" into living humans (often high-ranking governmental people) in various capitals and nations. Simply left in the body with no other change, that added mind "sees" everything that the resident mind sees, hears everything that it hears, and also has pass through it every thought in that mind. And all this can be "seen" or "portrayed" back in the distant Russian laboratory.  (Editor's Note: this is covered in detail in Tom Bearden's book "Oblivion - America at the Brink".)

So that is the perfect spy. By using it, there is no such thing as state secrecy anymore, to anyone possessing and using that technology. 

Of course, the extra mind inserted in a targeted individual can also have deliberate differences in it, so that it will very suddenly and completely alter the behavior of that individual when switched into control. The switch back to the ordinary mind, and the behavioral change will be regarded as "unexplainable".

I'm sure that has been lots more done in this area, particularly for weaponization usage, but have not pursued it much further because I'm trying very hard to get scientists interested in precursor engineering itself.

Hope this helps, and best wishes,

Tom Bearden