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Date: Sun, 4 Aug 2002 22:27:34 -0500 

Dear Dr. ***********

Thanks very much for the information about Dr. Cohen.  It is marvelous that the superb team there at ANU has done that work, and gotten the publication. That's a very significant milestone, and I look forward to many other milestones they will achieve.  Further, their work is scientifically replicable, which is also excellent.  It gets right to the heart of science: If replicable experiments contradict a theory, that theory must be changed. No amount of theory can refute a solid replicable experiment, but a single solid replicable experiment can refute any amount of theory that contradicts it.

You mentioned Marinov.  He was actually killed with a very special weapon, by one of the secret police agencies in the foreign country where he died.  There were some special signatures of the particular weapon used.  Some of my colleagues are convinced that Marinov's last unit worked very well, resulting in his death.  (Meeting with a fatal auto accident or with a "sudden suicide on the way to the supermarket" are two of the favored ways of arranging a successful COP>1.0 experimenter's sudden demise).  In my book I will give quite a number of ways in which overunity inventors and researchers have been done in, or attempted assassinations have been made. Some are rather ordinary; some are quite bizarre.

The death of another overunity researcher recently seems also to have been arranged.  Also, recently two assassination attempts (one by poisoning, one by attempted fatal automobile wreck) have been made against my a close colleague of long standing.  Two years ago, I also personally survived two Arab hit teams sent in here from Arab nations (oil producing).  These two brought the total to more than a dozen attempts over the years. So far I've survived because fortunately some very tough people have been running interference for me for some years, for which I'm very grateful.

Some years ago Jim Watson, with whom both Bedini and I worked closely, also was suppressed but not killed, by receiving the "offer he could not refuse". To prevent harm to his family, he accepted the $5 million offer (usually it is $10 million), then suddenly dropped from sight completely. Even his own backer, the late R. J. Reynolds III, could not find him.  Jim had demonstrated an 8KW generator, self-sustaining, at a conference where quite a few engineers and scientists were allowed to measure it while running and powering its load. I'll have a picture of it in my book. Through some unusual contacts, we understand that some of his generators are now powering one or more of  a special series of deep underground mountain installations outside Coer d'Alene Idaho (there are more than a dozen there, some apparently highly classified government facilities, and others belonging to the Cabal).

Watson's generator itself was pretty normal, but he used a procedure that was a take-off of Bedini's process for forcing a lead-acid storage battery to charge itself while simultaneously powering the external circuit.  This is doable since a battery powered circuit does not have a unitary electron current around the entire circuit.  Instead, it has two half-circuits with very different currents.  The ion currents between the plates stay between the plates, and never get into the external circuit.  The electron currents go from the outside of one plate out through the external circuit and to the outside of the other plate, and stay in that domain.  Since the ion currents have an m/q ratio of more than 100,000 times the m/q ratio of the electron currents, the ion currents are far more sluggish (relatively) than the electron currents.  The two currents can be induced to dephase and decouple, and in fact can be antiphased. By precisely timing a very sharp back-pulse upon the surface of the plates, at the interface between the two currents, that sharp potential "goes both ways" -- onto the ion currents between the plates, and simultaneously back onto the electrons out into the external circuit.  This overpotentialization in opposite directions, properly timed, can overpotentialize the circuit so that much more potential energy is collected than normally on the dephased ion currents in battery-charging mode, while overpotential energy also collects on the electrons out into the external circuit to power the load at an increased voltage and amperage. The Bedini process does this in several timing points, in a 12 volt circuit producing first about 100 volts overpotentialization on the plate between the decoupled two currents, then using Lenz's law to up that overpotentialization to about 400 volts.  It is a blessing that the energy collected in each circuit half (simplest case) is just Vq.  Yet it costs very little (some switching costs) to hit that plate surface with the overpotential V; voltage alone costs nothing in theory.  A variation of that process is how the Watson motor worked (and more than 20 built by Bedini have worked).  Bedini also has several variations that are more complex, but also more stable and easier to arrange.

Sadly, far greater technology has been developed than has been permitted in the open universities, but it has been "locked up" very tightly. Overunity power systems have actually existed since the 1930s; even the great Gabriel Kron had a negative resistor which he developed at Stanford University in the late 1930s as the chief scientist on GE's Network Analyzer contract with the Navy, and was never allowed to release or do anything with it. Kron's "open path" discovery apparently was the early discovery of what today is called the broken symmetry of opposite charges (in particle physics). I worked with Floyd Sweet (now deceased) for about 10 years, and Kron was his patron while Floyd worked at GE.  I believe Sweet's self-oscillating vacuum triode amplifier was actually a take-off on Kron's negative resistor.  Sweet also survived an assassination attempt (fired at by silenced rifle from about 300 yards) after successfully performing the antigravity test that I designed and convinced him to do.  How the test worked and the exact mechanism by which practical antigravity can be had, is in the forthcoming book.  After the assassination attempt, Sweet would never allow anything to be done with the unit.  The various backers and conflicting agreements wound up inducing lawsuits, etc., and that finished the device. Sweet then died, and that was that.

The Yakuza (Japanese Mafia) suppressed Teruo Kawai and his device (and seized his company and control of things) right here in Huntsville, Alabama in 1966, as witnessed by my Board of Directors and I. Otherwise, our little company would long ago have had Kawai units on the market worldwide, including self-powering units, as we had just reached an agreement with Kawai to market his units. Several other Japanese COP>1.0 systems have been suppressed by the Yakuza.

In my forthcoming book (approximately 1,000 pages) I'll have a summary and history of quite a few of these devices, some of which I've been connected with in some fashion or other.  We will also tell the young grad students the mechanism by which many of them worked, what the results were, etc.  The intent is to just put down almost everything I've agonizingly found out in over 30 years work on these problems, so that the young fellows can just start from where I am now and go get it done.  By the good graces of Tony Craddock and some other folks (including Marcia Stockton), the book is in the publication process now. The real key to energy from the vacuum is the knowledge of the principles and concepts, but tied back into good physics rather than mystique and folklore.

I'm extraordinarily gratified that the scientists you mentioned are working to point out the limitations in the second law, and that you are in fact editing and publishing much of that work.

One tries to keep one's sense of humor!  Every EM circuit and system ever built, is literally filled with incredible numbers of charges (each a dipolarity in the modern view) and source dipoles between points of opposite potential (charge).  Every circuit and system is literally filled with these "dipolarity free energy sources", each exhibiting proven broken symmetry of opposite charges in their exchange with the energetic virtual photon flux of the vacuum, so that they continuously and freely pour out observable photons to establish all the fields and potentials.

Our own science establishment largely still assumes that extracting electrical energy from the vacuum "will be" extraordinarily difficult but will be done "some day a century from now", when in fact everything we ever built in the way of EM systems already does it and did it in spades.  Once the dipolarities and their asymmetry in the virtual particle flux of the vacuum are considered, all EM fields and potentials and their energy, in every EM circuit and system, are transduced directly from the vacuum. Not one joule of the EM energy in the external circuit of a generator comes from the burning of hydrocarbons, using of nuclear fuel cells, turning of windmill blades, or powering of hydroturbines by dams to turn the shafts of generators.

In a wry way, it's a great joke -- and inexplicable, because the broken symmetry of opposite charges has been thoroughly established in particle physics since 1957. I've never had personal dealings with the National Academy of Sciences or the National Science Foundation, but one wonders what those fellows are doing, when such problems as the source charge problem (with its solution sitting there for 45 years) continue to be ignored.

Meanwhile, for what it's worth, I'm extremely grateful (more than words can express) to you for your very significant scientific endeavors, and for seeing that work in such sorely needed physics areas is done -- and published! In the long run, as more scientists become aware of such things, and examine it for themselves, hopefully it will just become impossible to keep it under wraps any longer.

I'm very much hoping to see the day when the second law of thermodynamics "boot" is off our neck, and cheap clean electrical energy from the vacuum becomes our primary electrical power infrastructure power systems. When that day finally arrives, then one can start thinking about lifting the economy of the very poor nations and peoples of the world.  We may then also at long last actually have a chance at a reasonable peace in the world, and a reasonably clean biosphere again.

Very best wishes,

Tom Bearden

Dear Dr.Bearden:

Thank you for your interesting communication! I notice that you characterize Evans and Morris as specialists in statistical mechanics. In fact, their is probably no greater authority alive on statistical mechanics than the other author, Eddie Cohen, whom I have known since both of us were students of Jan de Boer at the University of Amsterdam. He later joined his countryman Uhlenbeck at the Rockefeller University, where he has been a professor of physics since the 1960's. As the PRL paper suggests, he is still very much involved in research, despite his advanced age.