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Threat from the Unrecognized and Increasing Dirac Sea Pulsing of Our Environment

Hi (Correspondent),

Regarding the destruction of the French airliner:  I don't decisively know the cause of that one! It could conceivably have been a "test" of some nation's new scalar interferometry weapon, or it could have conceivably been due to an unplanned defect that somehow occurred in the plane's manufacture.

Seems that the leading Air Lines indeed have had unexplained "manufacturing defects" turning up in more of their airliners, resulting sometimes in a structural failure occurring and causing a tragic crash. Or at least that has been the formal reasoning and "explanation" of some of these crashes where evidence of deterioration of materials and materials strength were evidenced without any known cause.

However, a much more likely possibility is due to a presently unrecognized but very real and increasing environmental threat. E.g., just consider the incredible jillions of environmental "little EM and sonic pulses" (which are a priori Dirac Sea vacuum tickling and thus uncontrolled precursor engineering of local physical realities) that are in our environment today. And with the advent of digital TV etc., that "tickling" is escalating at an increasing rate and pace.

So we should be slowly having more little accidental fatigue and material failures and changes -- including a few catastrophic failures -- of things like airliners that encounter unknown and unexpected "defect zones" created by random Dirac Sea vacuum tickling of the world environment.

Rapidly and frequently moving things like an airliner, that transits long distances very frequently, enters lots more "little vacuum regions" than a pedestrian in his car or walking down the street. The airliner is much more likely to encounter one of these little "harmful tickled vacuum regions" simply because it enters and leaves so many local regions so rapidly.

On TV there was recently shown a map of the number of the aircraft over North America at a given time -- many thousands! All cruising along through many serial "little Dirac tickled pocket regions" -- many cruising rapidly compared to ground traffic and walking.

So because (unwittingly and unknowingly) civilization is randomly and concentratedly tickling our local vacua environmental regions over much of the earth and its atmosphere (and of the ocean and its depths), and thus changing these localized little regions into randomly occurring pockets of changing negative vacuum energy and negative probability (i.e., into little random "unhappening") zones, we can expect such harmful and "inexplicable" accidents to increase. The encounter itself is a matter of statistical probability; the actual damage mechanism that can occasionally be encountered in one of these tickled areas is a long-proven thing already.

Lots of the life in the oceans is also being changed and seriously affected, as are the basic coral reefs themselves.

As a corroborating example, for decades the Russians have used Dirac Sea vacuum tickling (precursor engineering) to convert titanium metal to a liquid at room temperature (by "unhappening" its lattice bonds at room temperature via controlled Dirac tickling), and then pouring the liquefied room temperature titanium into those very deep molds for the hulls of their nuclear submarines. Then as the metal sits there and the emptied Dirac Sea holes fill again with opportunistic stray electrons, the local tickled vacuum is changed back to a normal vacuum again, the titanium lattice bonds are restored, and the titanium becomes a very solid, normal metal again.

So you see, accidental and very rare damaging pockets of something similar to that kind of "tickled Dirac Sea vacuum" can be "hit" by a traveling airliner, with resulting effects such as "softening" of part of the fuselage and its bracing -- resulting in rather explosive failure of that part of the airship.

Also, see for the strange spread of noctilucent clouds all over America, where in the past they have been rather much confined to the polar regions. This could portend a general cooling of the world atmosphere, and therefore the earth surface and atmosphere themselves, rather than the global warming envisioned by most environmentalists without adequate technical support from the accepted models. In short, lots of random "Dirac Sea tickling" of the local vacuum in our atmosphere could be sporadically introducing negative energy (and thus "cooling" energy) in that environment, particularly at upper levels and particularly in the earth's mantle and in the oceans.

Let's hope we can get precursor engineering developed by our physics community before too long, so that presently increasing and "unknown" problems like these can be understood and addressed scientifically, and also so that we can easily, quickly, and cheaply cure such problems, heal any illness, clean up the now-polluted biosphere, etc.

Indeed, if we master precursor engineering, we will eventually master spacetime itself (and also master the travel "around" any section of it instead of traveling "through" it). In that case, eventually we will not need airliners. One will simply step into a door "here" and instantly out of a door "there", where the two doors are directly connected to each other (and in fact superposed without any intervening spatial distance) in multiply connected spacetime, just as the Fogal semiconductor successfully transmits EM signals "instantly" between multiple spatial points at any distance of separation, as proven in several major labs here and in Europe.

Yes, as you can see, our science fiction writers have indeed glimpsed the future, even though they still have not the foggiest notion of the very real mechanisms available to accomplish most of their visions.

Best wishes,