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Subject: RE: Strange phenomena and birds dead.
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2001 22:30:59 -0500

This bird death business is beginning to look very suspicious, coupled with the antecedent phenomena also.

As you recall, some years ago, this type of thing is precisely what happened at the Cape on the morning the Shuttle Challenger was launched and then destroyed by a Russian interferometer.  The Russian trawlers off shore had suddenly departed at combat speed (not peacetime speed) a few hours prior to that -- an event so unprecedented that General Daniel O'Connor, former head of Army Intelligence, sent out an urgent telegram after the kill of the Challenger suggesting that the Russians had in fact killed it.  As you also recall, the KGB celebrated its success in killing the Challenger by giving a party that same evening in Moscow.

Right at the end of 1989-1990, the KGB leased many of those longitudinal EM wave interferometers, on site in Russia, to a rogue Japanese group comprised of the Aum Shinrikyo and the Yakuza.   That apparently was when the first Russian strategic quantum potential weapons went operational.   Since then, weather engineering etc. has largely been taken over by that rogue Japanese group, under the watchful supervision of the KGB.  The down-payment on the lease was $900 million in gold bullion.  I don't know what the yearly lease is.  However, Senator Sam Nunn's folks, in investigating terrorism and weapons of mass destruction, went to Japan and verified that the Aum Shinrikyo alone had about a billion dollars in gold (and that is just the bit that they found).  The Yakuza are known to have ripped off the Japanese government and public in the land scandals, to the tune of some $200 billion U.S.  So both these groups were well-heeled and able to afford such a down payment plus a lease of perhaps a billion dollars a year.  The Japanese have strongly penetrated the Japanese government and every major Japanese company.  They have also essentially taken over the banking in Japan, including the national bank which usually buys lots of U.S. government bonds which permit our Congress to continue its deficit spending.

Connected with the leasing of the LWI's, The Aum Shinrikyo set up a university in Moscow, where the KGB instructors taught the rogue Japanese group the necessary technical stuff to understand and operate the weapons on site there in Russia.  They are still there, operating them.  Sen. Nunn's group, I believe, also at least verified the university being established.

Since then, much of the weather control over North America (and gradually over Europe also) has been performed by the rogue Japanese group.  I had gone back to the various kinds of tests that the Russians did when the KGB first began operating those weapons worldwide for weather control in 1975.  It seems that a similar round of tests are being slowly performed by the rogue Japanese group also -- weather control incidents, grid adjustments, use of high frequencies for precision shooting (hence the effect on small bird brains), shoot-down of the occasional aircraft (as the TWA-800, which definitely was a kill), etc.

I'm wondering what is the schedule for Sweden, or Europe, and why the
"getting ready for precision shooting" actions over there.  Guess we will have to wait and see what happens in Europe.  As an example, way back there when the Russians were doing it, we had just such a bird fall out of the sky in Birmingham, Alabama.  That was part of the "precision shooting" adjustments and preparations.  So it would appear the rogue Japanese group is getting ready for some serious shooting at aircraft, etc. somewhere in Europe, or something spectacular.

These are of course most probably the weapons Secretary of Defense Cohen confirmed in 1997 at a conference in Georgia.

Meanwhile, the Chinese have massed missile artillery against Taiwan, and conducted amphibious landing exercises on an island not far from Taiwan.  They have also just deployed a "negative energy" weapon -- a novel kind of EMP weapon.  A target struck with this weapon has a very novel effect happen to it: the electrons in the currents "dissolve" and disappear.  It is thus an all-purpose operational and strategic weapon.  As an example, a human body struck with it is instantly dead, since all currents in the brain and nervous system, and cells, are suddenly "gone".  An aircraft struck by it is instantly dead -- all electronics dudded, no controls, etc.   The electronics of the bombs and other ordnance on board are also instantly dudded.  Now consider what happens to an aircraft carrier struck by it.  Suddenly no electrical currents.  The communications is dudded, all personnel instantly dead, all aircraft and weapons dudded.  A bomber or cruise missile or ballistic missile -- struck with this -- is instantly dead.  The electronics in nuclear weapons in the target zone are also dudded.

It is not too hard to see that such a weapon could be expected to play a major role if China were to move on Taiwan, and the U.S. were to send in a task force to come to Taiwan's aid.

As the French say, the more things change the more they are the same.



Subject: Strange phenomenon and birds dead.
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2001 23:21:53 +0200


I don't no if you know that, but just now on Sweden, many birds are dying by a unknown injury. All scientist that are looking for att find the cause are find nothing at this day. That look some if the birds are becoming listless, they can even not eat.
That was a few days sooner, maybe a week, that was 04:15 on the morning, the birds was singing and, suddenly, a big sound was keeping and the birds are stopping their songs immediately and during several hours. All the house and the floor was shaking maybe one half-second with the sound.
I don't remember have heart same sound i all my live. That was like a bang causing by a supersonic jet but i have not heart the noise of the reactor. All was still and quiet immediately after the bang, just the silence and i have heart nothing unusual before, just the birds. That was not a jet, it is not possible att all the house and the floor are shaking and that i heart no reactor.
Same thing but much less strong was happening some days before.

This is a strange phenomenon and i don't no if it can have a correlation between this and the mysterious birds dead or the EM weapons but i will say that to you, maybe that can be interesting to you.

I hope att my next mail be more joyful.
Best regards