The Tom Bearden

Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2001 10:45:50 -0500

Dear Eric,

At this point, our most pressing need is negotiation of a $2.6 million package to consolidate our engineers, getting them off their normal aerospace jobs and into our own company work, full-time on the project, and also file our foreign patent applications.  The work would go much faster when we are able to do that.

We have arranged for much of our future phenomenology research to be conducted in a foreign laboratory.  But our major need right now is to obtain 3-year funding (equipment, salaries, and expenses) to set up and operate a small full-time lab for our own group here in the U.S.  From the laboratory experiment we presently have working, we expect to develop our first commercial product for the market about one year from the time our lab is set up.  We have filed two patent applications so far, and Bedini and I have jointly filed a third very formidable patent on the previously unknown process for close-looping an overunity device for stable self-powering operation (taking all its energy from the vacuum).  Contrary to the understanding of most electrical engineers and electrodynamicists, one cannot just close-loop an overunity electrical power system by simple standard governed positive feedback. This latter patent application represents a great discovery in its own right.   Both our MEG group and the Bedini group have unrestricted joint rights to use this latter patent's processes in all our developments.

Several options can be made available for such a financial partner.  This type of discussions and arrangements are the purview of Dr. Lee Kenny, the Managing Partner of our little company, Magnetic Energy Ltd., to which the intellectual property rights are assigned.  I am furnishing a copy of this to Dr. Kenny, who just now is on travel and will return in a few days.

Best wishes,

Tom Bearden, Ph.D.
Magnetic Energy Ltd.

From: Eric 
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 09:17:47 -0600

Are there any opportunities to invest in or otherwise support the MEG in its migration toward full commercialization?

Sincere regards,

Calgary, Canada