The Tom Bearden


Subject:  Bizarre Contrail Formations over Victoria, Powell  River/Sunshine Coast, B.C., Canada

Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 08:20:48 -0500

Dear Suzanne,    

  Let me congratulate you on your remarkable job of personal research.  I've been as concerned as everyone else on the contrails, which definitely are occurring over the U.S. as well as Canada.    

  I've not checked deeply into it due to press of affairs on other matters.  However, I can add a couple of details that might be helpful.    

  On one occasion (I did not record it, etc., but just observed), I also noticed dark aircraft, silent, laying down patterned contrail or spray over Huntsville, Alabama shortly, about 1:30 in the afternoon.  They were deliberately laying "crossed patterns" as if on a square grid and drawing vertical and horizontal lines.    

  My friend and close colleague, John Bedini, reports many such incidents continuing over Coeur D'Alene Idaho.  Here he picked up samples of the dust that fell to earth from the "atmospheric seeding", and had it assayed.  He found barium oxide powder in it, as well as aluminum and a couple other things.  Definitely meets the insane requirements of stratospheric Welsbach seeding to combat global warming, as Professor Robock anguished about.  Also, both barium and aluminum dust are harmful to humans and other life.  In the areas where the spraying is going on, a number of people are affected.

  Also, apparently not classified but being kept very hush-hush, there are additional quiet preparations for a desperate answer to the threat of biological attack on our cities.  The terrorist teams from several nations and several groups, with necessary agents such as anthrax, are already infiltrated into the U.S. (and Canada too), waiting for the command to go from their foreign controllers.  A professional anthrax attack (spray 100 kilograms of anthrax spores out of a light plane, with agricultural sprayers, on a calm night) on Washington D.C. would cause some 1 to 3 million casualties, by OTA study before OTA was disbanded by Congress.  There is terribly inadequate medical supplies, decontamination teams, and treatment for anthrax.  Also, the prognosis is very poor, once one develops the symptoms, and one will most likely die even if treated.  In such a case of mass casualties and inadequate capability, triage is used.  This means that most of the affected persons will be showing symptoms, and will just be dragged aside to die, and made comfortable as possible.  In short, those casualties will mostly be fatalities.

  Then the horrendous problem of decontamination is there.  How do you decontaminate an entire great city area and built-up area that has been contaminated by anthrax?  The island off the Scottish coast (Gruinard Island), used for anthrax tests decades ago, is still "hot" and quarantined.

  The only way the system could come up with to deal with contamination of a built-up metropolitan area, was by spray.  So sprays have been developed which will kill anthrax.  They are harsh, of necessity.  To spray a large metropolitan and built-up area is certainly possible, but would also highly stress the aged, young children, those with lung disorders, etc.  In short, the spraying itself would produce some casualties and deaths in the sprayed populace.

  In short, in such a dire emergency (which is a certainty; it's a matter of when, not if), the kinds of decisions formerly reserved mostly to remote combat areas and military combatants, will have to be made for the civilian population.  In war, a commander may have to sacrifice a division, say, to "block" and hold a superior attacking force long enough to withdraw his other divisions and take up a more tenable position, saving his army.  But the division receiving the hold order, goes to its certain death.

  Unfortunately (and this is a crime against all humanity), modern war has seen now the rise of the direct strategic threat to our civilian populations and large metropolitan centers.  Strategic war has moved from the distant battlefield into the heart of our civilian population.  And contrary to the bias of the news media (who have seemingly gone to sleep or are chasing entertainment and star status), the cold war was never finished, but just changed in type, complexity, nature, and targeting.

  In 1998 I tried very hard to convince officialdom to fund and develop the extended "time-reversal of damaged cells back to healthy cells" method pioneered by Priore, with contributions by Robert Becker.  We furnished full color briefings of the proposed technology, cited the numerous papers in the French scientific literature proving the efficacy of the methodology (in the 60s and 70s), and gave a simplified but proper explanation of the mechanism involved (which is also the mechanism involved in the cellular regenerative system of the body).  I included a full color briefing on the real threat, including the superweapons, tests, mechanisms, etc.  Sadly, all this fell on very deaf ears.  At the NIH, e.g., I never even got out of the "policy" (read: spin control) section.  No reply at all from CDC.  No reaction from the USAF.  A puerile reaction from the DOD office handling all counterbiological warfare planning and programs, that there was no proof.  Apparently they did not even check a single one of the cited hard French references, on work done by noted scientists such as Pautrizel, a world-renowned parasitologist who did many of the profound experiments, and Courrier, the head of the French Academy's Biological section.

  We pointed out that first generation equipment could save perhaps 70% of those casualties, and second generation equipment would save perhaps 90%.  Further, the equipment could be designed to be very portable, and treatment would be one minute, for three times one week apart.  Such systems could have been developed for perhaps 60 to 100 million dollars, in two years with a Manhattan-type project under a Presidential Decision Directive, which is what I recommended.

  All this came to naught.  Not a single scientist even called me on the phone to discuss it.  No one wished a briefing, or requested one.

  Officialdom is wont to use the prevailing buzzword, "out of the box thinking".  Frankly, they do not really know the meaning of the phrase.  Today it means "do the same old thing, but with a new twist of some kind and thus in a fresh and bright new public relations wrapper".

  To sum up, in my opinion at least two things are being done in the aerial spraying accounting for the contrails:  (1) practice for supposed control of global warming methodology, and (2) practice for large-scale aerial dispensation of chemical agents that are for counter-biological warfare.

  Incidentally, I had a two-hour conversation face to face with an engineer in the project building the anti-anthrax agent for aerial spraying.  So that part is absolutely confirmed.

  Best wishes and again my personal congratulations on your dedication, concern, and personal research effort.


  Tom Bearden  


Subject: Bizarre Contrail Formations over Victoria, Powell River/Sunshine Coast, B.C., Canada
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2001 21:48:30 -0700

Gibsons, B.C.

Dear Mr. Bearden:
Since May, 2001 I have been witnessing bizarre contrail formations laid out over the skies above the Georgia Strait and in particular Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast by aircrafts flying at high altitudes.   From my understanding by viewing photos from a Powell River website it's been apparently going on for much longer.  Anyway, these contrails are laid out in strange X's and grid like patterns that linger for hours and eventually feather out to form fake cirrus type clouds.  These cirrus type clouds join together and eventually create overcast skies that block out the sun.  There is also a strange discolored rainbow circling the sun that becomes instantly apparent when these clouds drift near it. This activity seems to take place more regularly when the sky is perfectly blue and cloudless.  Most importantly, these planes are completely silent.   I wondered if there was some military exercise taking place so I attempted to get answers from the Comox base, the Federal Department of Transport, the Federal Department of National Defence and the B.C. Environment Lands and Parks.  I even contacted our local airport at Wilson Creek/Sechelt as well as the Van. International Airport.  The answers were all negative to anything military and other than several lessons involving the science behind contrail formation, I have not had any satisfactory explanations for this activity.  I then decided to conduct my own scientific research.  I took many photographs and some video of this contrail activity, noting the time, temperature, weather conditions and relative humidity.  It is my understanding through NASA, NOAA and the US National Atmopheric Research Center that a relative humidity (RH) of 70% is necessary for contrails to form.  This activity was particularly noted on June 18th.  The official weather data for 12:15 on the 18th of June was:

30,000 feet------Temp.-42degrees C, R.H.----30%
35,000 feet------Temp.-53degrees C, R.H.----30%

Based on my observations it is my opinion that the only way to form jet trails at the low humidity noted on June 18th is to introduce very fine particulates into the atmosphere.  I did some further research into weather modification and geoengineering within Canada and discovered that lab tests from Ontario revealed heavy amounts of aluminum and quartz in contrail fallout directly related to weather modification experimentation that took place in 1999 over Espanola, Ontario.   I took my research a step further and connected to Flight Explorer in an effort to track the high altitude planes flying over this region.    Flight Explorer is a PC-based, real-time, graphical aircraft situation display (ASD) and management tool.  It uses your PC and a standard Internet connection to display aircraft and weather information from their data center.   With Flight Explorer (and Nexrad) I have been able to determine any flights (except Military) that are flying over my Region based on my global coordinates.  I have been recording the information directly to my hard drive so I can replay it and accumulate any data.  It gives me flight id's, altitudes, flight plans, coordinates and flight histories, etc.,   Based on my notes, my pictures and Flight Explorer I have, as Sherlock Holmes would have done at a time like this, eliminated everything that isn't ...... and determined what remains as what is!     And the truth is that all the high altitude planes that are laying down these lingering contrails in grid-like patterns and X formations happen to be the ones that do not show up on Radar.   Therefore, "Military".   I have documented this many times.   To further complicate matters I recently became familiar with the H.A.A.R.P. project situated in Alaska.  However, I am unsure if the contrails are related.  My concern remains that some form of weather modification or experimentation is occuring above our skies and if allowed to continue, I feel that this practice may only serve to further contaminate our air, soil and water as well as to create adverse medical problems for individuals with compromised immune systems.  I feel that it could cause further destruction to our ozone layer and "definitely" threaten the existence of every living species on this Planet.  It is my opinion that weather modification and geoengineering our global climate is a band-aid solution to Global Warming.  And as Professor Alan Robock, Editor, JGR Atmosphere recently stated in an interview,  "Stratospheric Welsbach Seeding to combat global warming is a "Terrible idea. Nobody wants to get rid of blue skies. And if it did work, some time in the future when the resources or will to continue this pollution goes away, we would have a catastrophic rapid warming."

As protection of the contamination of our water, air and lands was also within the mandate of the B.C. Environment Lands and Parks it seemed a logical choice to alert them to this activity taking place in Gibsons and request soil samples be tested for trace metals using the ICP MS technique.  However, they haven't been involved in any soil sampling with respect to atmospheric deposition of contaminants, with the exception of mercury sampling from the former chlor-alkali site in Squamish.  They normally see significantly elevated soil levels from atmospheric contaminants only when a major point source emission is nearby.  They have however offered to share their Howe Sound microlayer results and interpretation once it is completed within the next few weeks.   Some very strange things have been occuring at our home as well, like the computer, t.v. and the stove turning on itself on two separate occasions.  In the meanwhile the Georgia Strait, Victoria, Sunshine Coast and Powell River are being exposed to what appears to be some form of geoengineering and the more I learn about H.A.A.R.P. and their related secret military experiments the more frightening this is all becoming.  

 This is the antena array HAARP uses and the level of power it is designed to broadcast.   The sky in the background looks like many of my photographs after the contrails feather out and join together.
These are two examples of many of the photographs taken at my home of the skies over Gibsons on June 1, 2001 and another taken from an unknown photographer in Vancouver during the same month.


Vancouver, Canada  June, 2001

This is an animated radar picture that shows strange flash radar readings.  I'm unsure what they truly represent.  The website I got this from (and from where I also was able to link to your website).  They feel that it represents electromagnetic rings related to radio frequency microwave and radiation weapons over Canada and the United States.  

Many people do not believe this is happening above our skies in Canada and quite frankly are unwilling to look up and speak out for fear of ridicule.  But to say that there is no problem, when all reason, logic, and evidence indicates that there IS a problem, is to live in denial, and to practice a cowardly form of escapism that profits no one, and only perpetuates the problem.  With that, it is my sincere hope that you can possibly shed some light on this strange phenomenon.  Thank you so very much for your most valuable time.   Much obliged!
Suzanne *******
Gibsons, B.C.