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Date: Sun, 14 Jul 2002 00:05:38 -0500

Tony et al.,

Tonight I got the glossary updating finished after fighting it fiercely all day.  Tomorrow will start on compiling and refurbishing the index.  Then have to redo the references, etc.  Then we will be there.

While redoing the glossary, suddenly realized it is a piece of cake to make longitudinal EM waves to order, and to make engines.   Put some of that in pertinent glossary entries.  Will eventually be good for the medical project.

It's done this way.  Assemble a set of vectors (e.g., E-fields, etc.) that sum to a vector zero resultant (net zero field).  That beast is actually a stress potential, and the "infolded" vector field components are now "pieces" of that stress potential. Now coherently vary every vector field component simultaneously. That rigorously oscillates the "stress" of the stress potential, which produces a "stress wave" or "sound wave" -- in short, an EM longitudinal (stress potential) wave in space, and one which carries that specific internal "vector pattern" or "engine". As we said, piece of cake.