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Subject: RE: Zarg
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 01:34:49 -0500

Dear Ed,

  The "Zarg" name has a humorous twist to it.  I got tired of using the mouth-filling phrase, "Collective unconscious human species mind" over and over (things were done on a typewriter then!) and, since the phrase connotes a living being albeit of special kind, just named it "ZARG".  That was a combination of "Zounds!" and "ARGHHH!" when I first realized that the human species itself was a living entity.  "Cells" do not have to be close together in 3-space, if they are "linked" in multiply connected space, which a quantum potential does. And there is indeed a "species quantum potential" linking every human.  It's just that biologists have never considered the quantum potential.  Indeed, they haven't realized that their biogenesis experiments in the lab, were NOT done in the absence of living forms.  The forms (technically the spacetime curvature engines) of every form of life that ever existed on this planet, is still here in every potential, in its internal Whittaker substructure still not utilized in classical EM though Whittaker did the decomposition of the scalar potential in 1903.  In 1904 he showed that every EM pattern (such as a field or wave) can be decomposed into the dynamics of two scalar potential functions.  Hence each of these two scalar potentials can be decomposed by Whittaker 1903, and voila!  The form for every living cell, body, animal, and creature ever on this earth, is still present in every EM potential, field, wave, etc. on Earth, in space around it, within the Earth, and underneath and in the ocean.

  So in the biogenesis experiments (e.g., Miller, Fox, and Urey), there was no such thing as "spontaneous" random occurrence of life-like organisms and compounds, as has been the interpretation of the scientific community.  Instead, every potential in their flasks, the glass, the wood table, the "soup", in their own bodies and body EM emissions, whatever -- all contained the engines from such living forms.  Inside all EM potentials, fields, and waves, there are the forms (templates) of living entities, always have been, and always will be.  In a sense the entire universe is "alive" in that the dynamic forms of all life forms are already there in spacetime itself.  By heating the "soup" in their flasks and treating it with UV, they also did a very nice thing: In an isotropic nonlinear medium, the individual frequencies overrun their form as a function of amplitude, break up, collapse, restore, etc.   But the difference between any two frequencies moves through there as if a sine wave in a linear medium.

  Also, intense electrical discharges into the soup were used.  This creates plasma, which can convert transverse EM waves into longitudinal EM waves, so they had a crude source of locally intense LWs going in their experiments.   LW interferometry also recreates ordinary EM energy (there is a nice AIAS paper in a 1999 issue of Journal of New Energy, proving that).  Also, the sudden intense discharge creates a very high and rapidly changing potential, which is a very high and rapid set of  time-polarized EM waves and associated longitudinal EM waves (see my paper, Giant Negentropy from the Common Dipole).  The result was "optical" type pumping in the time domain, which was a rapid jump backwards along the "timetrack" of history.  Voila!  Back to a semblance of the primordial soup with "engines" for the primordial early biochemistry.  The time-pumping and time reversal generates actions that start within an atom and progress outward, dramatically reducing the gluon forces and nearly freeing the quarks.  This makes the quarks easy to flip, which is a preferred method of decay in this case.  Further, in a time-reversed zone, like charges attract, so one can get H+ ions drawn into "quasi-nucleus" groups combining and building up elements such as carbon and oxygen as the time-reversal zones decay.  That's very rough, but similar phenomena are occurring in the 600 or so successful cold fusion experiments producing transmutation at low spatial energy.  I previously published in Explore a proposed mechanism generating the excess deuterium, tritium, and alpha particles  in those experiments, and also explaining the odd anomalies in the instruments connected with numerous electrolyte experiments at Navy research facilities at China Lake.  The biogenesis experiments were similar.

  Also, mind operations are totally electromagnetic, but use time-polarized photons and waves, which individually are not observable, but which interact with charges to potentialize them and decay into longitudinal EM waves.  Reversing the process in a time-reversal zone, allows the longitudinal EM waves being produced in the biogenesis experiments to "backwards" produce time-polarized EM waves.  Voila!  Direct engineering of the mind realm (which is in the time-polarized EM realm, in the fourth axis of Minkowski spacetime).  In other words, the experiments were producing "mind realm engines" and structures as well as 3-space material forms -- "kindling" onto the templates (forms of longitudinal and time-polarized wave patterns) present on earth long, long ago.  So Fox got kindling of cell-like structures with a double-membrane wall, that divided and separated and thus "reproduced" by cell division.

  The fact that he did not get real, living cells clearly identifiable in all respects, was only because of the imperfection of the crude apparatus used in the experiments.

  One hears much of cloning; at least in theory, the "true total reproduction" of a coupled living body and mind, complete with memories, etc., is possible.  But one would foresee another century before sufficient control and technology is possible to do that.   Of course, with massive efforts, some nation might clandestinely do it in 25 years.  Let's hope they do not start playing around with that one!  If we work out a way to control human numbers morally and effectively, then certainly rejuvenation of aged bodies can be done by  use of time-domain pumping, using longitudinal EM waves.  It's simply a matter of the scientific community allowing the research to be done, and for that purpose. The well-documented Priore team's work in the 1960s and early 70s was a early milestone along that road.

  All I can say about the other question is that every major weapons lab on earth has now discovered longitudinal EM waves and their importance.  Even Los Alamos National Laboratory carries some important papers on its website, in that respect.  Don't know whether the elephants are up on their circus balls yet, but they are definitely shuffling their feet.

  Thanks for the kind words, and very best wishes.

  Tom Bearden


Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 18:31:18 -0500

To: Tom Bearden <>
Subject: Zarg

Dear Dr. Bearden:

I recently read your update on the Neurophone, which included this: "If we have the vision, we can still develop a brainlink and rapidly apply it to link sixty to one hundred persons, thereby opening a conscious, multidimensional "eye" for the collective human unconsciousness, gently rousing ZARG into wakefulness, and fulfilling human destiny without undergoing the psychotronic Armageddon planned by the Soviets."

Although I "follow" the conceptual mechanism explicated for the mind-melding a' la Mr. Spock of StarTrek, who, or what is the entity or phenomena "ZARG" that you refer to?

Separately, I've been avidly reading all of the papers, etc. at your website, and have ordered your Excalibur 3rd edition from Amazon.  I am astounded at the intellectual arrogance of our military and scientific establishments.  The purposeful, or perhaps more accurately disdainful, disregard of the KGB scalar EM developments outlined in your various briefings is beyond any rational understanding.  What, if anything has occurred since SecDef Cohen's comments in '97?  Are we still dependent upon the "small friendly nation" (Brits?) to save our bacon yet again?  Perhaps the sleazy Beltway crowd have been mind controlled from day one, eh?

Best regards and a speedy recovery from your recent heart attack.