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Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2003 16:06:29 -0500

Just too many questions for me to be able to take the time to answer.  

Check the parts of the material where we talk about the photon interaction mechanism that drives a mass through time, by continuously changing mass into masstime into mass into masstime, and so on.  

The common photon interaction drives a mass "forward" through time.  

But the photon is also its own antiparticle.  

Squeezing (pumping, in nonlinear optical terms) an object in 3-space moves it back along its 3-space trajectory (as seen by the observer).  An illustration of that is phase conjugate shooting, used in schemes for firing high powered lasers from space platforms at rising missile boosters thousands of miles away. So the laser can fire shot after shot that will precisely reverse the path of the intercepted laser reflection from the target, and include also its upward velocity component, so that each shot precisely "leads" the target to intercept it at precisely on the same area of the booster.  That way a laser beam can be "held" on one spot on that rising booster, till enough energy is delivered to melt through the casing and destroy the target.  

In quantum field theory there are four types of photons: With the direction of travel along the z-axis by convention, oscillation of the photon's energy sideways (in x- or in y-) is a transverse photon. That's two transverse photons.  Oscillation of the energy along the z- direction of travel, to and fro lengthwise like an accordion, is a longitudinal photon.  Oscillation of the photon energy in the time-axis, ict, where the only variable is c, constitutes the time-polarized or "scalar" photon.  It is "scalar" in the sense that its oscillation does not have a vector in 3-space (but has one in time, seen as the compression and rarification of time, or what in relativity would be time dilation and time compression.).  

Voila!  If one increases that "time-oscillation" by using excess time polarized photons or waves, and does it correctly, one can reverse the travel of a very small charged mass (such as an electron) through the trajectory it took in the time domain.  Note that this is not time-travel in the Sci-Fi sense!  For time travel, the entire rest of the universe would have to be time-reversed back to a previous state, while the time-traveling object continued to move forward in its own time-stream. No one knows how to do that.  But one can reverse energy (in essentially any form, including mass) in its previous trajectory through time. So that one part "goes backward" to a younger or earlier state or condition.  You have to pump that very small charged object in the time domain, with time polarized photons or time-polarized EM waves, to get it reversed.  

In quantum field theory, neither the scalar photon nor the longitudinal photon can be individually observed.  However, the combination of the two is observable as the instantaneous scalar potential (common voltage).  

That is how Becker with his bone healing experiments was able to dedifferentiate (time reverse) red blood cells back to an earlier state (they shucked their hemoglobin and grew a nucleus), the redifferentiate (hurry it forward through time on a different track) to first the kind of cell that makes cartilage, then to the kind of cell that makes bone.  The bone-type cell was deposited into the fracture site, healing the otherwise intractable fracture.  This procedure is still used in some hospitals, for bone healing of intractable fractures, every year.   

He did this by using common voltage impressed across the fracture site.  Voltage as it exists in 4-space, you see, consists of those paired scalar and longitudinal photons. So not only does not "pump" or squeeze the exposed cells with longitudinal EM waves in 3-space, but one also pumps or squeezes them with scalar waves in the time domain.  

The healing system of the body is the cellular regenerative system, studied mostly by Becker.  It is an EM system, not a chemical system.  And that is the basic "healing mechanism" by which --- within its limits --- the body's cellular regenerative system is able to restore damaged and diseased cells.   Priore's work was a method of amplifying that regenerative (cellular reversal) process. In theory, once fully developed it could be used for any cellular disorder or disease, that developed from normal cell conditions at one time.  Work by Pautrizel clearly demonstrated the true time reversal; immature rats whose immune system had never been fully developed, when subjected to that healing process for a severe infection that was lethal to the cells, did reverse back to their earlier IMMATURE condition, and the virulent infection then still killed them.  Same process in mature rats whose immune systems had been fully developed before the infection, reversed back from damaged and bypassed immune system to the fully vigorous and mature immune system, which promptly destroyed the infection that had previously tricked it.  

That's a quick overview; hope it helps.  

Best wishes,

Tom Bearden  

Hello again Dr Tom Bearden!
    I have taken your advice and purchased numerous books regarding cellular differentiation and advanced electrodynamics. Those include, Gravitobiology; Symmetry, Causality, Mind, -Leyton; Tesla's Science of Energy- Valone; The Body Electric- Becker; Biophotonics- Popp; Floyd Sweet's Vacuum Triode cd-rom; among others..
  I have a few questions regarding the quantum vacuum...
    How would one go about dedifferentiating a desired object or matter? Would "pumping" or imposing a pulsed DC current in phase conjugation of a desired frequency release both longitudinal and Time-reversed Waves?   Would such pumping or pulsing of a DC Current impose a sharp gradient in the virtual particle flux?   Is this related to infolding EM waves into the Time Domain (4-space)??
     When observing the zero-point fluctuations of ZPE, aka the quantum vacuum, does the frequency of the virtual particles popping in and out of existence comprise longitudinal EM waves?
     Can this be compared to electron/Particle spin (i.e. 360 degrees to 720 degrees). So could it be inferred that while the particle is spinning between 360-720, it is in a virtual state in the quantum vacuum, then from 0-360 pops back into 3-space, thus this ongoing process embodies a 4-space observable??
     Does a particle ever stay in the virtual state without popping back into 3-space; if so, is this how a scalar wave behaves???
     Does a TMT (Tesla Magnifying Transmitter)/Tesla coil emit only longitudinal waves/time reversed waves, OR is there a transverse counterpart that is emitted as well??
Thank you so much for your Time!!!  I really hope that you and your colleagues decide to proceed with the new book about robot engines and the future of engine technology/engineering of spacetime!!!