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Subject: RE: Purchase of Tom bearden's Motionless Electromagnetic  Generator

Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2003 15:45:18 -0500

  Thanks Maggie! Very much appreciated.  

No, we have not got it into production, because a very tough year of hard work (and quite expensive) is required before we can do it. It is not a simple project at all.  Nonetheless, the five of us who developed the MEG are fairly confident that we will eventually attract a solid major funding partner.  Note that we do not sell stock, and do not take any money from the public on the risk venture. Instead, we seek a single risk venture partner, who specializes in such projects and is not financially threatened by one that fails, because one project out of five that succeeds will make it all worthwhile for that partner.  

As a precaution, we have also released enough information so that a good physics team, knowledgeable in things other than just common electrical engineering, can indeed replicate the MEG.  So it isn't going to fade away, regardless of whether we succeed or not.  

So we will keep trying. Just now I'm taking fulltime care of my beloved wife, who suffered a stroke several weeks ago.  That has to take priority over everything else for the next year or so.  Thank God that the prognosis is for her substantial recovery, slowly, over many months.  

It is thoughts of things such as the poor impoverished peoples of the world, who need cheap clean energy but cannot afford it, that makes me determined to continue. Another purpose is to reveal the principles and concepts of extracting the energy from the vacuum, anywhere in the universe, and most of that has now been openly released in my book.  My objective is to turn those interested young graduate students and post doctoral scientists loose in this area. Eventually they will get it done, whether or not I'm still here to see it or not.  

Very best wishes,

Tom Bearden

Dear Mr Bearden
I have been studying your work for some time now, via the Internet and am fully supportive of everything you stand for !
Your machine is patented and I was wondering whether or not it was in production ( has it got past the Illuminati Brotherhood ?! )
If you are in production, I would very very much like to purchase one.  We are in the wilds here in Zimbabwe, and with the economic melt - down currently underway, our electricity supply is not guaranteed.  However, this is not the main reason for the order - I absolutely believe that the time is well past for the human race to pull up its socks, open its eyes and start taking responsibility for Planet Earth. I do so love your machine !!
I trust that all is well with you and your family.
Take care and thanking you