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Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2003 22:37:23 -0500

Dear Craig,

If ever the proper use of electrodynamics to amplify the body's own cellular regenerative system is developed and employed, it will eventually be able to deal with most disease conditions. From a pure general relativity aspect, all the intricate pattern of forces that constitute any given "departure of the body from normal health state" form an "engine".  The technique used by the body's cellular regenerative system -- the healing system --- is to electrodynamically pump (squeeze) the cell and all its tiniest parts. That forms an "anti-engine" or time-reversal of the disease engine, slightly amplified so it can "override" the disease engine.  Gradually that causes the cell to reverse its condition back along the path it followed while developing the disease or disorder.  That of course gradually reduces and eliminates the "disease engine" and the disease condition.  The body is limited by its ability to pump; using longitudinal EM waves to do it greatly amplifies the same process that the body uses.  That is what Priore actually did, but without anyone understanding the exact mechanism.  The mechanism does not exist in standard electrical engineering, so all the electrical engineers on earth could not understand the Priore mechanism.

So if that effort ever gets allowed by the scientific community and funded for development (it will be quite expensive, many millions of dollars and several years), then a magnificent new medical healing modality will have emerged.  And yes, given that development, it would be easily able to cure my wife's condition, my own strong physical damage from the 33 years of biological warfare mycoplasma infection, AIDS, cancer, the biological warfare diseases such as smallpox, anthrax, Ebola virus, bubonic plague, etc.

I'm hopeful that, now that the fundamental mechanism is at least roughly broken and deciphered, eventually the young grad students and post docs will get onto it and get science changed.  I don't expect to live to see it, but hopefully it will come about.

Best wishes,

Tom Bearden


Very sorry to hear about your wife's stroke.  I am glad that you are able to care for her. What effect, if any, would the french-based/Beardon enhanced healing device have on her condition?  Also, have you heard from my friend Sunny yet about the purchase of one of these devices?