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Subject: Asymmetric magnets
Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2007 17:19:47 -0500


Hi Tony,


Here is an article I wrote up for the website, if you think it appropriate, for a suggestion on developing self-powered permanent magnet motors based on developing a basic permanent magnet with asymmetric left-and-right fields.


Hope you like the paper.


I sent a copy to Les also, giving him okay to extract a bit and later list the link to our Cheniere website when posted thereon.


Hopefully we can get some sharp young fellow out there who does magnetic field simulation, to do some investigation on a simulation to test the basic notion and work out the specific left and right asymmetry in the permanent magnet’s field.


Making such a magnet from scratch would be very costly, but once developed and proven experimentally, such magnets could be put into production and would be quite reasonable in price. The notion is that such development would probably generate an explosive development of self-powering permanent magnet motors, powering themselves and their loads freely with energy from the vacuum.


Y’all have a good one!





P.S. Health wise, things here still not going too well, but Doris and I are hanging in there. She hopefully will finish the last round of doctors next week, and I should finish about two months from now.