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Sent: Sunday, June 20, 2004 7:11 AM
To: 'A.J. Craddock'
Subject: RE: "Message for Tom Bearden"

 Dear Dr. F*********

 No prototype was built or tested.

 We worked some 14 years on the Priore work, before finally deciphering the actual mechanism used by Priore (which was a method of amplifying the cellular regenerative system’s functioning). The cellular regenerative system is still very little studied; most of our own medical research is fixed on things like the immune system – which is not the healing function of the body. As an example, the immune system cannot even heal or repair its own damaged cells.

 The real problem – in both physics and biology – is that the classical Maxwell-Heaviside electrodynamics (CEM) used to evaluate the electrical responses and capabilities of the body’s systems is horribly flawed and needs a wholesale revision. Yet the organized scientific community  and all universities continue to propagate this terribly flawed model as if it were brought down from the mountain by Moses on the stone tablets.

 As examples, the standard CEM and electrical engineering model still:

  1. Assumes a material ether, falsified in 1887. It does this by assuming charged matter at every point in space, providing a “force field” in space (actually in the assumed charged matter, not at all in mass-free space).
  2. Assumes a flat spacetime, falsified in 1915-1916. The slightest change of energy in a system anywhere, constitutes a change in the curvature of spacetime a priori.
  3. Assumes force fields in empty space, which is known to be false since force fields can only exist in matter. Specifically, mass is a component of force, by the definition F º d/dt(mv).  If there is no mass (as in massless space), there is no force and there is no field of force. Simply see how the so-called “electric field” E is defined: E = F/q, or F = Eq.  When q is zero in that right equation, F is zero also, but the E was not affected. It is still E, the massless electric field as it actually exists in massless space. Actually it exists as a curvature of spacetime (in the relativistic view) and as a change in the virtual particle flux of the vacuum (particle physics view). As an aside, isn’t it interesting that no electrical engineer, no electrical engineering professor, and no electrical engineering textbook has ever even calculated an actual E-field as it exists in space! Yet all purport to do so, completely erroneously. At best what they calculate is the indicated intensity of the interaction of the field (as it actually exists in space in force-free form) with unit point static charges just willy-nilly assumed to appear at every point in space.
  4. Assumes that every EM field, potential, and joule of EM energy in the universe is and has been freely created from nothing at all,  by the associated source charges, in total violation of the conservation of energy law. The problem is that a source charge or dipole continuously radiates real, observable photons in all directions, as is easily shown experimentally. Yet there is no observable energy input to the charge or dipole.  So the charge and its fields and potentials confronts us with the fact that either we must abandon the conservation of energy law entirely, or we must accept that the charge receives and integrates energy in nonobservable (virtual state) form. By not solving the “source charge problem” but erasing it from all the electrical engineering texts, the classical scientists have in fact performed one of the most unethical acts in scientific history. Eminent scientists such as Feynman and Wheeler have pointed out there are no force fields in space, but it has been ignored. So long as it continues to be ignored, then just so long are our scientific leaders guilty of gross violation of scientific ethics – deliberately teaching and promulgating a known set of scientific lies. This is particularly astonishing since the basis for the solution to the source charge problem – as I pointed out in 2000 -- has been in particle physics now since 1957 and the award of the Nobel Prize to Lee and Yang. But in the nearly half century since the discovery and experimental proof of broken symmetry (which was a great revolution in physics), the impact of the broken symmetry of opposite charges (any dipolarity) has not migrated across the university campus from the physics department to the electrical engineering department, and caused the professors to change their horribly flawed model. It has also not penetrated our own National Academy of Sciences, National Science Foundation, National Academy of Engineering, Department of Energy, National Institutes of Health, national laboratories, and universities.
  5. By assuming the force field in space, the model thus very neatly hides the fact that unlimited energy from the vacuum itself is free for the taking. Every charge and dipole produces a steady and unrelenting flow of free energy from the vacuum, so long as the charge or dipole exists. In 1903 and 1904, E. T. Whittaker showed that any EM field or potential or wave decomposes into a much more fundamental set of EM energy flows. So any “static” EM field or potential is a set of perpetual energy flows, pouring out real EM photons where the energy has been extracted from the virtual state energy of the vacuum by the source charge. To use these energy flows, one needs to engineer the situation similar to a “triode” (instead of the leaky diode method now foisted by science as inevitable). With a free “cathode energy flow” that can last forever if the cathode (the dipolarity) is not destroyed, one needs only to pay for the “grid” signals necessary to shape, structure, and control that cathode energy flow (where the energy is being continuously extracted from the vacuum itself). So the best way to do “electrical engineering” is to use the triode method, first building up very powerful energy flows (this is still force-free, and there are no forces involved!) Once the necessary “force-free engines” (sets of energy flows in magnitudes and directions desired) are shaped up, then these force free engines are merely interacted with the necessary charged matter in a material system, thus converting the “force-free” engine into a very powerful “force engine” that directly moves and changes the mass system itself.

 Anyway, the cellular regenerative system of the body – which does the active healing, under the control of the cellular control system with its specialized higher group symmetry electrodynamics – is the healing system of the body. And it does not use the terribly flawed electrical engineering model, but instead uses the “precursor” engineering model that the former Soviet Union called “energetics” and highly classified it since it was used to produce formidable new weapons of eerie kind. Since the cellular regenerative system actually uses the “force free engine” system described above, and converts the force free engine to real forces in cellular matter at all levels in the cell (including in the genetics itself), then any method of amplifying this fundamental “precursor” schema used by the body itself will provide an amplified method of healing.

 Further, any cellular disorder or disease or damage state whatsoever, has a resident “engine” consisting of two parts: (1) the normal engine for the cell’s normal healthy state, at all levels, and (2) the exact engine for the damage or change to that healthy state.

 By introducing an amplified, exact anti-engine for the diseased state, and radiating the body with it, the damage antiengine is overridden and reversed. In short, the damaged cells are moved or changed back to normal.Priore did not kill cancer cells; he simply changed them back to normal cells. In theory, any disease or disorder of the body can be treated and cured in that manner – and the Priore method was one method to produce an amplified anti-engine. With greater amplification, of course, his radiation time (usually perhaps two to three hours) can be substantially reduced to five minutes.

 This was the proposal we put forward in 1997 to the U.S. counter terrorist folks, for the U.S. government itself to develop such portable treatment units at top speed, in preparation for the coming mass casualties that we will experience once the terrorist assets already inserted in our country are unleashed (with anthrax, smallpox, etc.). Even our own intelligence agencies are now admitting that strikes inside our cities by “dirty” nuclear weapons are probably inevitable. Contrary to anything anyone says, presently this nation and all other Western nations are totally unprepared for prompt casualties in the hundreds of thousands and millions, and the present medical system is essentially helpless under such circumstances.

 Alas, the proposal fell on totally deaf ears. So the coming mass casualties will happen inevitably, probably beginning about two years from now. As we stated, the necessary terrorist teams and the BW agents are already inserted into our nation.

 Anyway, I hope that answers your question and sheds some light on the subject. Until the horrible CEM and EE model is corrected to include the pertinent discoveries of physics in the last 100 years since that model was “frozen”, then our medical folks will continue to operate with very inferior technology, and countless deaths will continue to occur needlessly.

 Best wishes,

Tom Bearden

Dear Mr Bearden,
As you extended the Priore Work and presented a portable version of a scalar healing blanket
to government, can you tell me if a prototype exists and about  medical experiences  especially in infection diseases?
Dr ********* (dentist) France.