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Subject: FW: Scalar EM Questions
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2008 15:55:48 -0500

Hi Charles,

1. Once the U.S. (and perhaps Western Civilization itself) crashes, no one knows whether being in a foreign country would be safe. The Americans may well be hounded down wherever they are, especially considering some of the folks (such as the Yakuza) arrayed against us.

2. The pictures or drawings of the enormous size of the effects of some of those scalar (longitudinal EM wave) interferometers way back there are accurate.

3. The Intel community etc. is a very strange proposition. It is not at all a "monolith". The more influential (more highly classified) portions are also often the worst degraded or in direct cahoots with the bad guys. As an example, for several years one part of a leading 3-letter agency would be meeting to see whether to kill me, while at the same time one of the Directors (the agency is divided into "Directorates") would arrange unexpected clandestine meetings to let me know what was happening, when to "tone down" something on the scalar weaponry, etc. Hence one part of that agency was always scheming to assassinate me, while the other was directly countering those efforts (Thank God)! Eerily, one can jolly well be treated both ways at once by such an agency.     

So yes, there is interest in my work in several places, and sheer hatred of it in others. Parts of the Intel community are directly in cahoots with the "High Cabal" (Churchill's name for those mysterious groups controlling our money, government, etc.). In my view the particular arrangement right now is very, very bad. It's a real mess in Intel, even though -- fortunately -- there are still a few of the good guys remaining, including some with some real power. Anyway, some of the "good guys" in some powerful positions are FINALLY interested in "What the dickens is Russian 'energetics' anyway?" So there is some hope, after 40 years of my desperately trying to tell them what it is and what it involves. But it's also coming very late, and it may well be too little and too late at this point.     

Once the big diesel trucks start stopping, then all our cities and towns will immediately run out of food (the diesels bring it in daily). That will generate real hunger and starvation, and utter chaos in all our cities. Total martial law will be necessary, and perhaps of the harshest kind. It will be the only way to stop the murdering, looting, rioting, killing, etc. that will beset us just about everywhere.     

Meanwhile, internationally for quite a few years, Israel has been able to save our collective tails with its developed (but not advertised) superweapons. I'm HOPING that this capability continues.

4.  Yes, I am religious -- basically Judeo-Christian -- but I'm not dogmatic and I DO NOT inflict my personal religion on others. That said, lots of the old prophets etc. were very "psychic", let us say, and they often foresaw future events, interpreted as best they could from the understanding of the day.     

The use of "precursor engineering" (my Westernized term) for what the Soviets call "energetics" does allow for the direct engineering of physical reality itself. One can (a) engineer a thing to "happen" or "form", or one can "unhappen" or "unform" a thing that is already there. Dr. Kanzius' process (using a negative energy vacuum with negative probabilities to "unhappen" the highest level non-desired positive energy portion, has produced a SUBSTANTIATED and TESTED Cancer cure and also an easy way to have water fall apart freely into H2 and O2, and thus "burn water" in our combustion engines.     

The research institute pursuing and testing his cancer treatment just finished Phase One animal trials, and easily cured 100% of the tumors in the lab animals. They have called it the greatest advance in cancer treatment in a century.     

Kanzius took his watergas process and unit to a world-renowned expert in water chemistry, who tested it rigorously (some 50 tests). At the end, he verified it and concluded that it was the greatest advance in water chemistry in 100 years.     

The scientific method requires scientific independent verification, and Kanzius has already rigorously met that requirement. Therefore, if one is to follow the scientific method, then when the prevailing theory (theoretical model) disagrees with the independent verifying experiments, one must change the prevailing theory. Sadly, that is rarely done, and the scientific community usually resists such a movement very strongly, and often destroys the career of the "upstart scientist or scientists". In some instances (particularly for big oil groups and big pharmaceutical groups), the offending scientist will simply be killed.

6. To stay up with what I've written or am able to keep gradually writing, just read my website as the newer material (and correspondence) is added. E.g., thanks to the hard-working and dedicated persons who make it possible, we have already posted the "negative-energy and negative probabilities" explanation of the Kanzius watergas and anti-cancer processes. I'm very, very strongly interested in seeing these two processes "go" and get funded and developed and onto the market, as in doing so they will directly usher in the dramatic "new age" of direct engineering of physical reality itself. Eventually, then, we will be able to cure all these diseases that now so beset us (particularly the poor areas and nations), clean up our environment dramatically, and provide all the cheap clean EM energy we need to maintain a decent standard of living.

Very best wishes,

Tom B.

Dear Mr. Bearden,

Thank you for your email dated June 2nd.  I appreciate all your work as I have read most of your Scalar Electromagnetics articles.  As an Electronics Engineer for 30 years, I find your research Biblically prophetic in terms of what is happening considering the truncation of Maxwell's equations and the West's inability to understand it.

Yes, I will order the "Oblivion: America on the Brink" book shortly.

Please answer a few of my questions:

1. If the US will be destroyed in 2 or 3 years, why don't you (we) move to another country?  I know that either you and/or your wife are having health issues.  Should I consider it too?  If we did move, would either of us be safer?

2. Are the pictures shown of the Scalar EM weapons in Russia actually that large?  If so, why?  Is it difficult to program a PC to make it all work?

3. Does the Intel community (DOD, Government, etc) acknowledge your work? If not, Why?  If so, why aren't they doing anything besides HAARP?

4. I do not know if you are a Christian or not, but the Scalar EM use is directly in line with Biblical prophesy as noted in Revelation as it is a "god-like" power.  Do you agree?

Can you send me any more recent articles you have written than what I can find on the internet?  I would appreciate it.  Make sure they are less than 5 Megs each as attachments or just send multiple emails.

Thank you so much.