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Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2003 11:01:09 -0500
Dear Gustavo,
Glad you like the book and finally were able to get it.
The mindset of the scientific community has been set against COP>1.0 EM power systems for a hundred years, erroneously trying to equate it with perpetual motion working machines without the necessary input.
The standard electrical engineering model assumes a flat spacetime (falsified since 1916) and an inert vacuum (falsified for at least 7 decades).  Hence it assumes an "inert" external environment.  That's like assuming a windmill is sitting in an environment from which never a wind shall arise.  In that case, if one wished the windmill to turn and power his mill, he would have to crank the windmill himself.
I am not knowledgeable about what is going on in Argentina, unfortunately, so cannot advise you there.
There is as yet no single book or set of books that develops all the mathematical development of the book.  Instead, that development is still scattered in bits and pieces through the physics literature.  That is why I included such an extensive set of references, so that at least the necessary mathematical developments of the main topics can be found.  A few of them, as for example the negative energy aspect I included and the antigravity, are not yet developed in that exact form.  In those areas, the scientific community has long turned its back and made simplifying assumptions. Hence it sweeps away the Dirac hole (negative energy, negative mass electron) and its negative energy fields and potentials.  It replaces it with the positive energy, positive mass positron, which immediately has lost the "gold" one is looking for.
There are some books on quaternions available, and there is at least one website dealing with them extensively.  Simply use a Google search to find it.
I don't personally know the individual you asked about.
Usually it is rather useless to try to dialog with professors, etc. who are already set in their ways.  Occasionally there is a rare one who is open minded, and with whom you can discuss such things.
Always you will be faced with the blunt statement that "it is impossible".  One then points out the problem of the source charge, which continuously pours out real EM energy in all directions, without any OBSERVABLE energy input.  But they will usually not believe it, will not read the literature citations, etc.  Over the preceding century, this reaction has been raised to an automatic "knee-jerk" reaction.
If one does listen, you can point out the Bohren experiment (and many such as that, by Letokhov and others) in negative resonance absorption of the medium.  It is rigorous, can be performed by any nonlinear optics or laser department, and puts out 18 times as much energy as one inputs.  It is done in the IR with insulating resonant particles, and in the UV with conducting resonant particles.  One points out that, well, an IR heater that puts out 18 times as much heat energy as the electrical power the operator inputs, is a very good thing!
Best wishes to you,
Tom Bearden

Tom Beraden
I am Gustavo Roveran from Argentina, and I would like to share this words with you:
I had been reading a lot of information related to free energy during some years, and I had been browsing  in Internet too, where I found the Tom Bearden site ( ). There I found the Energy from the Vacuum book. I really wanted to buy it but it was difficult for me. However after a year I decided to buy it So a friend of mine bought it for me, because I have not credit card.
    Today I am reading and trying to understand the huge information that this book have.
    I really want that scientifics in my country know about it. But it was impossible to me, to make these people pay attention to this theory and experiments. I had telephoned and had visited, universities ( Buenos Aires University ), scientific associations ( CNEA, CADIC ), but they did not listen to me.
    So I would like to experiment different devices relative to free energy, to wake up ( if it is possible ) our scientific community, and also I would like to resolve very strong energy problems in my province. The problem is that I am alone in the task.
    Would you mind telling me if there is someone in my country ( Argentine ) who is behind this objetives, and experimentation on free energy devices ?, Is there anyone here who has bought the Energy from the Vacuum book ?
    I had some ideas but it is difficult for me to do it alone.
These are some more questions ?
    Is there any sumary book that develop these concepts in a mathematical way ?
    Where can I study quaternoins equations ?
    Do you know an argentine man whose name is Pedro Romaniuk ?
    I read in the Energy from the Vacuum book, something about Argentine and the crisis problem. Do you have more information about this subject ?
    An the last one,
    Would you mind telling me an advise relative to this words ?
Thank you,