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Subject: RE: A "how to" question for Tom

Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2003 12:27:27 -0500

Dear Carter:

An actual project of that nature will require real Ph.D. specialists in several key areas.  In the electrical part of it, the problem is that the standard electrodynamics (as in electrical engineering) erroneously assumes a flat spacetime and an inert vacuum, and no "internal and more fundamental electrodynamics" comprising the classical fields and potentials.  So it is horribly deficient, and in fact cannot be used to gain any real understanding of what Rife or Priore did, as an example.  That is precisely why we do not already have electromagnetic healing today (I'm speaking of a more advanced EM healing, not standard old electrical engineering).  And there are some very powerful financial groups who intend to see that the hoary old electrical engineering stuff is not changed. That way, they keep the great pharmaceutical cartels in business, and keep the power meter on your house and the gas pump meter on your auto transportation.

One actually needs to use a higher group symmetry electrodynamics such as in quaternions, Clifford algebra, etc.  O(3) electrodynamics spearheaded by Evans is a particularly good choice, since it can express everything that has to be expressed.

As you can see, to do it properly requires a formidable and very expensive research group, carefully selected specialists, and many phenomenology experiments before one can even fit a rough mathematical model.  Also, numerical methods will be the rule rather than the exception.  That means all the principal theorists and experimenters must be well-versed in numerical methods and computer employment of them.

In the absence of such funding or such a team, the prognosis is not too good.  Certainly one can "build something" that "seems to test exactly like the original". However, as Barrett showed rigorously for Tesla's work, the normal vectors and tensors will not even show what his actual patented circuits accomplished.  Yet there are a very great number of "Tesla experts" who "know exactly what he did".  Don't believe it for one minute.

The same is true for Rife and Priore. The use of BS degree level electrical engineering, etc. has contributed such a great mishmash to the "knowledge base" that it is seriously contaminated.  The only way to start is by doing it with an original sample if possible, as you are doing.

I only presently know one single person who I firmly believe can fully represent Rife's work.  I'll tell you who he is privately by phone, but not on the Internet.  No need to arouse all the "defenders of the faith" as inevitably happens.  For those, just reply to them that, hey, if it were that simple, those sharp young graduate students and post doctoral scientists our universities continue to produce would have done it a long time ago.

Hope this at least gives you a "feel" for the proper answer to your question.

Best wishes,

Tom Bearden


I know you are not in the business of mathematics education per se however for the mathematically challenged as I am .... Where or better yet how would I be able to understand and study (books or other references) the Fourier transforms and the application to the scalar wave shaping concepts. Jean Louis Naudin has a great little visual for guys like me to show the scalar wave production but I believe that a deeper understanding may be required to be able (engineering) to produce or  facilitate the "portable" healing units described by your work... All the best thanks for your efforts