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Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2011 15:22:15 -0500

Subj: Earth field changes??

RE: Solar radiation danger could be coupled with the loss of earths protective magnetic field

Hi Ted,
I don't know as to the validity or non-validity of the assumption.
The earth's magnetic field, as is any EM field energy, originates directly in the virtual state vacuum because of the proven broken symmetry of the earth's magnetic dipolarity. This means that, as long as the poles exist, then the earth's magnetic dipole will freely absorb virtual energy from the seething vacuum, integrate it to quantum size, and pour out real observable magnetic field energy steadily and without cessation.
Anything that breaks that ironclad law would have to rather totally destroy the earths two opposing magnetic poles. To destroy such monstrous poles, the effect would first have to be destroying jillions of minor subordinate dipoles throughout the earth etc.
I know of nothing in history that indicates such a calamity from the solar eruption. That doesn't mean it could not exist; but just that -- if it does exist -- it would be just about the most highly unusual thing that's ever been and I therefore have no knowledge of it.
Best wishes,

Tom Bearden