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Date: Sun, 8 Jun 2003 19:44:38 -0500



Profound congratulations!  Extraordinarily important paper!


The new GUFT paper you just circulated is also of extraordinary power and importance.   You have placed energy from the vacuum on a very rigorous theoretical basis, something which to my knowledge has not previously been done anywhere.  It is in my opinion an epochal paper.  Notice that this also solves the source charge problem, by means of which a charge is able to continuously emit real, observable EM energy (real photons) in the absence of any OBSERVABLE photon energy input.  The continuous energy input is of course from the ST curvature and that profound 12 orders of magnitude effect.


Right on!


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Subject: Acceptance of Wave Equation Paper


          "A Generally Covariant Wave Equation for Grand Unified Field Theory"
   I am glad to mention that this paper describing the Evans wave equation has been accepted for publication in Foundations of Physics Letters. It is available in preprintform on All three referees strongly recommended it for publication, referee one asked for definitions of terms which I will incorporate in the final version. It has over two hundred equations and is about fifty MS pages.


Myron Evans