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Date: Fri, 7 Jun 2002 21:20:52 -0500


Dear Ulrich,


I have not seen or studied the type of acupuncture you refer to, so am not competent to comment on it.  As you know, however, the experiment is king in science, and if the experiments work, then it is up to the theorists to try to find an appropriate model to explain the results.


Unfortunately I do not know of a way to measure the scalar wave (combined longitudinal EM wave and time-polarized EM wave) directly.  Since the heart attack last year and continuing hypoxia, I'm on a quite limited schedule, and so have just been focusing on energy from the vacuum, as in electrical power systems.  My present efforts are focused on trying to finish my book, to be published at the end of this year or early next year.  Presently I'm working on a sort of Appendix dealing with the fact that COP>1.0 EM systems conflict with classical thermodynamics, classical electrodynamics, and electrical engineering.  This of course requires demonstrating why those three models are inadequate and proven to be inadequate, and at least a good statement of what the major limits of the three models are.  All turn out to have very serious flaws, demonstrable in quite straightforward way.  Every charge in the universe, e.g., already totally violates the foundations of all three models.  All of them, for example, exclude the common charge and dipole, as strange as that sounds.  But it is true.  All of them also require the assumption that a charge is a perpetual motion machine, freely creating and pouring out observable EM energy in 3-space with no observable EM energy input.  We hope to finish this particular task in the next few days, then get on with finishing the rest of the book.


With possible bearing on your own research need:


There is an effect in semiconductors, known as recombination time, which does and will respond to changes in the time-polarized energy.  I believe NASA has a circuit somewhere that is used to measure that.  It might be that a circuit measuring the recombination time changes in a semiconductor would do the measurement you seek, or at least give you very useful indications that correlate with experimental results.


Another possible way might be to produce an instrument which has two receiving channels that act in interferometry fashion.  Scalar potential interferometry (longitudinal EM wave interferometry) does produce what we call normal EM fields and waves in the interference zone.  So some kind of interferometry along those lines might be possible to develop.


In the various nations of the earth, scalar interferometry technology has indeed been developed, but as is so often the human wont, it has been developed for weaponry --- to kill rather than heal.  I do not know the extent of that technology in the various nations, but do know that some ten of them already have such weapons.  Indeed, even the Japanese Yakuza has such weapons.


As with any desired new technology, its development obviously depends on developing proper instruments.  That is what is needed in the scalar EM area.  The weapons projects have obviously done that, but are clandestine so no information is available as to the instrumentation technology, that I am aware of.


Another possibly relevant area is this: In quantum field theory, as you are aware, there are four polarizations of the photon.  Two of these --- x and y --- are transverse photons (at least that is how we model them).  The third is the longitudinal photon, where the spatial energy carried by the photon is oscillating back and forth along the line of travel.   The fourth is the scalar or time-polarized photon, where the energy carried by the photon is oscillating back and forth along the time-axis ict.  In other words, the scalar photon is a longitudinal photon with its energy and oscillation on the fourth axis, rather than in 3-space.  It thus is an entity along the fourth Minkowski axis, and is obviously nonobservable since observation itself is a d/dt operator imposed on an ongoing 4-space interaction.  So the scalar photon is not an observable, because nothing on the time axis is.


Quantum field theory treats the longitudinal photon (in 3-space) and the scalar photon as being individually nonobservable.  However, the combination of the two is observable as the instantaneous scalar potential.  Perhaps further thinking along those lines -- e.g., by some sharp young graduate students or post doctoral scientists --- might suggest some methods of possible instrumentation to develop.


That is about the extent of my speculation on the subject.  Development of such instruments needs doing, but as always the question at any university, etc. is, who or what fund will pay for the research necessary to work out such things.  In the private arena the same question prevails.


Sadly, at least in the U.S., there are no signs that our National Academy of Sciences or our National Science Foundation will fund such areas of research, or even form "funded research packages" for the various universities to compete for and submit proposals for.


On the other hand, I have not performed a literature search in quantum field theory publications to see if anything has been done in that area for such questions.  E.g., a compilation of a database on good scientific papers published in quantum field theory and higher group symmetry electrodynamics, dealing with unique waves or photons of such form, would be useful.


Hope this helps a little. I'm sorry that I do not know the answer to a good instrumentation setup to develop for these and similar areas.


Best wishes to you in your research,


Tom Bearden

Subject: To Tom Bearden EAV

Dear Tom Bearden,

as you can see on my website I am a
member of the University of Saarland and I am the head of a lab for
Biophysics. I was following your ideas since many years (the first time
I hear of your vacuum scalar theses was about 1978). Congratulations to your work and also to your 70 th birthday.

Last year I have written the fifth book titled "This side and the other
side of space-time-net - a new way in medicine" unfortunately only in
German language (this book is not mentioned on my website). Several
chapters are dealing with your thesis and so I was quoting you very

The reason of this mail is to asked you whether you ever thought about
the medical method of Electrical Acupuncture after Voll.
The principle is, that some points of the skin are changing their
impedance or their DC resistance if the "for the treatment of an illness
right substance" in an glass tube (so called nosode) is connected to the
body of the patient by a wire.

I was first very skeptical but was then convinced by some practical
experiments of experts in this method.
To my meaning nothing speaks against the thesis that the electrode for
measurement the resistance build up a dipole (galvanic element) with the
electrolyte of the skin and build up a broken symmetry in the vacuum. In
this run virtual energy and information from vacuum is transformed to
real mass.

The question is how to measure this mechanism. Perhaps with the help of
your patented motionless electromagnetic machine?

I`ll be glad to hear from you concerning this question.

Sincerely yours Ulrich