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From:     "T. E. Bearden" 
TO:      Correspondents 
DATE:     6/6/99 1:51 PM
RE:       RE: Discussion, Prioré work and references

(To Correspondent),

Below are selected key references showing results of the Prioré tests over more than a decade of that work.  The three key references which could be bunched (or the most appropriate one in your assessment could be selected) for reference (36) are:

(1) Courrier's presentation of astonishing results to the assembled French Academy.  Courrier was the Secretaire Perpetuel of the Academy and also head of its Biology Section.  He was a rather world-renowned scientist at the time.  He had his most trusted personal scientific assistant prepare the tumor grafts on the rats, to absolutely assure legitimacy.  All the work was done under proper and rigorous scientific protocol by experienced French scientists.

(2) Prioré's own doctoral thesis summarizes the remarkable results of over a thousand experiments on various kinds of animals, with terminal tumors, trypanosomiasis, etc.  Unfortunately the suppression of that project occurred, in such an intensely political environment that the University of Bordeaux felt compelled to reject the thesis.  Prioré was never awarded his doctorate.  I have the original copy of Prioré's thesis that was submitted to the University of Bordeaux, and also an English translation by the kindness of my French-Canadian Colleague, Alain Beaulieu.

(3) Perisse's doctoral thesis some 11 years later was accepted by the University of Bordeaux and Perisse was awarded his doctorate.  The thesis again summarizes significant results of animal experiments with the Prioré machine.  Prioré had died earlier, after a two-year lingering debilitation from a seizure or stroke.

Several other typical papers presenting definitive results are cited in the example listing.

We also point out that Pautrizel, the most active scientist upon the long series of Prioré experiments, was a very noted French parasitologist of first rank.  His insights, e.g., led to the experiments actually providing the first real basis that true time-reversal of cellular masses was involved.  Time-reversal seems to be rather universally met in the biological term "dedifferentiation" or return to a more primitive, earlier condition.  Differentiation and dedifferentiation of cells is of course well-known, but the exact mechanism for them is quite elusive and undecided.

Becker positively demonstrated such effects electromagnetically induced in red blood cells, when tiny potentials are utilized in healing otherwise intractable bone fractures.  Such a tiny potential consists of a harmonic series of bidirectional longitudinal EM wavepairs, where each wavepair is a pair of phase conjugates, as shown by Whittaker in 1903.  In my own approach, a phase conjugate pair of coupled longitudinal EM waves forms a new net wave that is a time-polarized EM wave.  There may be and very probably is a vast longitudinally-polarized and time-polarized EM dynamics going on inside the cellular potentials, fields, and waves (since Whittaker 1904 shows the two-scalar-potential decomposition of any EM field and wave).

Indeed, I believe that the use of this internal electrodynamics can be argued to produce a mechanism for the so-called "placebo" effect-the effect that can be produced by the cellular regenerative system itself.  It is well-demonstrated that the placebo effect is a real physical effect, but no mechanism for it has heretofore been forthcoming since the internal LW and T-wave polarizations are not incorporated in present biochemistry, biophysics, and cellular biology.

Prioré mixed several ordinary transverse EM radiations-some at radar frequency and some at microwave frequency-in a plasma tube containing a rotating plasma.  Today it is known that some plasmas will organize longitudinal waves when transverse waves are input, and vice versa. Apparently he was able to produce at least "noisy" longitudinal EM waves. These waves were "infolded" inside pulsed magnetic field carriers-quite strikingly analogous to Whittaker's theoretical work.  So he did indeed use-at least to some extent-the still unexplored "inner Whittaker electrodynamics".

The papers by Rodrigues and Lu on the Los Alamos National Laboratory web site, and also in Foundations of Physics, summarize the present theoretical development of what is called "undistorted progression waves" (UPWs), which essentially are "noisy" longitudinal EM waves with residues of other polarization.  A pure longitudinal wave with no transverse component residues, would have infinite energy and infinite velocity.  Real LWs with transverse component residues, may travel at either subluminal or superluminal velocities.  Much work-at least theoretical-now seems to be ongoing in such UPWs.  Published laboratory work seems to still be scarce. My own work has been the uncovering of the fact that, when a nonlinear mass (such as a cell or any part of it) is pumped with longitudinal EM waves, the mass itself adds the phase conjugate replicas to the pumping LWs, converting them in part to time-polarized EM waves.

The great difficulty was that no one-including Prioré himself- understood the actual active mechanism produced by the machine.  Little wonder!  The mechanism is a dramatic extension to nonlinear optics, moving it to the time-domain, and resulting in the forced propagation of the pumped cellular mass itself-including the genetics-in the time domain.  Hence the damaged or diseased cellular mass is slowly reverted back to a previous earlier state. There is no 3-spatial propagation; the propagation is shifted to the time domain entirely.  It involves the hidden, very powerful general relativity in the "inner space" underlying the present EM fields, much as you and Larry have now uncovered in your work on the Whittaker papers and the internal hidden structures and dynamics inside ordinary electrodynamics.

While Prioré was still alive, for more than a year I was personally a member of a team that attempted to raise capital to redevelop the Prioré machine. We were ruthlessly suppressed, after negotiating successfully with the French Government and with Prioré and his team.  We had some 16 million dollars pledged by some very wealthy retired doctors, and the machines were to be rebuilt in Bordeaux directly under Prioré's auspices, tested and proven, then sold to large medical research companies for approved scientific research on otherwise hopeless terminal patients with their legal permission, as is legally permitted.

While drawing up the legal papers to finalize everything, mysterious parties unknown contacted all our backers and threatened to kill every living member of their family lines, including women and children, if they actually transferred the financial backing to the group.  The President of our effort had all his companies ruthlessly wrenched from him, and he was forced to flee this country for his very life and hide.  He is apparently still alive after all these years, even back somewhere in the U.S., but living very, very quietly.

This so appalled and outraged me that I personally swore to decipher the technical Prioré mechanism responsible for those nearly miraculous cures, if it were humanly possible.  After 14 years of struggle with the problem, I finally did just that, and hopefully this year will publish the full results.  The mechanism is not simple at all, but is itself revolutionary, if I am correct.  It involves a rather dramatic extension to nonlinear optics where the pumping of the phase conjugate mirror mass is performed in the time domain, not the 3-space domain, by using time-polarized EM pump waves.  [T-polarized photons are known in quantum field theory and quantum electrodynamics, but so far as I am aware no one in the West has heretofore uncovered how to produce T-polarized EM waves.]  We have filed invention disclosures on how to produce such time-polarized EM waves, and I am now laboriously preparing formal patent applications on the processes and enhancement methods.

We've also proposed a speculative set of mechanisms to explain the cold fusion anomalies, transmutations, and instrument anomalies at China Lake, etc.  These new mechanisms are also largely in the use of the time-domain physics rather than 3-spatial physics, and are consistent with the entire range of cold fusion phenomena.  They do indicate a rather dramatic extension to particle physics, assuming that the mechanisms hold.  I stress that these cold fusion mechanisms are not proven, but they are consistent with about two hundred successful cold fusion experiments and anomalies. Consistency, though certainly not constituting proof, is the first prerequisite for such speculated mechanisms.  Confirming or refuting independent experiments then decide the validity or invalidity. When the majority of the Prioré work was done in the late 1960s and just at the beginning of the 1970s, the modern nonlinear phase conjugate optics had not yet really been born.  

The U.S. only got onto modern NLO in 1972 when visiting Russian scientists briefed U.S. scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory on the "strange new wave that is born in certain experiments and returns to restore order".  In other words, the experimental production of the phase conjugate replica wave.  This view of NLO -- as restoring order from distortion --  is responsible, e.g., for the name of the distortion correction theorem in NLO.  Even five years after that 1972 briefing, the U.S. still only had a very few scientists working in the new and expanding area.  Fisher documents that in his book.

Since the Prioré effort was resoundingly suppressed in 1973-75, this means that one fundamental basis required to comprehend the Prioré mechanisms did not even exist for almost all the team's work.  The second part required to understand it-the use of longitudinal EM waves to create time-polarized EM waves-also did not exist in the West until fairly recently (about two years ago).  As far as I have been able to locate, even now there still exists no published experimental work in the West with time-polarized EM waves. Until the recent AIAS work on the Whittaker papers and extension of it into more modern non-Abelian theory, only some brief work by a few scientists such as Barrett, Ziolkowski, and Cornille seem to have addressed the internal structuring and dynamics of EM fields, waves, and potentials. I am deeply privileged to be able to watch the truly remarkable work being done by the AIAS theoreticians, and will do whatever I can to assist in more mundane tasks in this vital work.  I am happy to stay out of their way and in the background, while the real AIAS scientists get on with the task.


Tom Bearden

Some Key References on the Prioré Results

Courrier, R.  (1977)  "Exposé par M. le Professeur R. Courrier, Secretaire Perpetuel de L'Academie des Sciences fait au cours d'une reunion a L'Institut sur les effets de la Machine de M.A. Prioré le 26 Avril 1977." [Presentation by Professeur R. Courrier, Perpetual Secretary of the Academy of Sciences, made at the meeting of the Academy on the effects of the machine of M.A. Prioré.]  [In French]  Courrier's presentation of the Prioré machine and its positive cures of terminal cancers and leukemias in laboratory animals, under proper scientific protocols.

Doubourg, G., G. Courty, A. Prioré, and R. Pautrizel.  (1979)  "Stimulation des défenses de l'organisme par association d'un rayonnement électromagnétique pulsé et d'un champ magnétique: tentatives d'application au traitement du cancer chez l'Homme."  [Stimulation of an organism's defenses by association with pulsed electromagnetic radiation and a magnetic field: Preliminary findings in the application to treatment of human cancer], Laboratoire d'Immunologie et de Biologie Parasitaire, Université Bordeaux II, 1979, p. 1-5.

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Pautrizel, R., A. Prioré, A.N. Pautrizel, and P. Chateaureynaud-Duprat. (1978)  "Importance de l'âge de la souris sur l'efficacité de la stimulation de ses défenses par un rayonnement électromagnétique."  [Importance of the age of the mouse on the efficacy of the stimulation of its defenses by electromagnetic radiation].  Compt. Rend. Acad. Sci. (Paris), Vol. 287, 1978, p. 575-578.  The Prioré method does not kill the pathogens themselves, but reverses the damage in the cells, including the immune system.  A fully restored mature immune system then makes short work of the pathogens.  In these experiments the experimental team demonstrated that, for immature mice with still-immature immune systems, the parasites indeed remain and the restored immune system is incapable of destroying them, resulting in reinfestation and the subsequent death of the animal once the irradiation has been completed.

Pautrizel, R. and A. Prioré.  (1979)  "Un aspect spectaculaire du bioélectromagnétisme: permettre à l'organisme de se débarrasser d'un infection aiguë ou chronique sans l'aide d'aucune substance médicamenteuse." [A spectacular aspect of bioelectromagnetism: Permitting the organism to rid itself of an old or chronic infection without the aid of any medical substance.] 104éme Congrés National des Sociétés Savantes, Bordeaux, 17-21 Avril 1979, Sciences section, p. 112.

Prioré, Antoine.  (1973)  Guérison de la Trypanosomiase Expérimentale Aiguë et Chronique par L'action Combinée de Champs Magnétiques et D'Ondes Electromagnétiques Modulés.  [Healing of intense and chronic experimental trypanosomiasis by the combined action of magnetic fields and modulated electromagnetic waves], thesis submitted in candidacy for the doctoral degree, 1973.  This is Prioré's original doctoral thesis, submitted to the University of Bordeaux.  The university rejected the thesis when the Prioré project was suppressed. Prioré was never awarded his doctoral degree.

Perisse, Eric.  (1984)  Effets des Ondes Electromagnétiques et des Champs Magnétiques sur le Cancer et la Trypanosomiase Experimental.  [Effects of electromagnetic waves and magnetic fields on cancer and experimental trypanosmiasis]  Doctoral thesis, University of Bordeaux II, No. 83, Mar. 16, 1984.  [In French]  Presents the results of experimental work with the Prioré machine in curing cancer and other diseases such as trypanosomiasis. Comment: Although Prioré's own doctoral thesis had been rejected by the University of Bordeaux eleven years earlier in the harsh suppression of most of the Prioré work, under the auspices of Pautrizel another doctoral candidate, Eric Perisse, did have his doctoral thesis accepted by the University of Bordeaux and published.  Perisse was also awarded his doctorate. Prioré himself was never awarded his earned doctorate, having already died before Perisse's thesis was accepted and published.

Prioré, Antoine.  (1963)  "Procede et dispositif de production de rayonnements utilisables notamment pour le traitement de cellules vivantes." [Procedure and Assemblage for Production of Radiation Especially Serviceable for the Treatment of Living Cells.]  Republique Francais: Brevet d'Invention P.V. No. 899.414, No. 1,342,772, Oct. 7, 1963.  Antoine Prioré's electromagnetic treatment device which demonstrated positive cures for terminal cancers and leukemias in laboratory animals.

Prioré, A.  (1966)  "Method of producing radiations for penetrating living cells," U.S. Patent No. 3,280,816, Oct. 25, 1966.  Antoine Prioré's method of producing his "conditioned" radiations used to treat cellular diseases. Prioré, A.  (1968).  "Apparatus for producing radiations penetrating living cells."  U.S. Patent No. 3,368,155.  Feb. 6, 1968. Antoine Prioré's electromagnetic treatment device which demonstrated positive cures for terminal cancers and leukemias in laboratory animals.