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Subject: RE: Getting in the queue to order MEGs
Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2002 16:42:06 -0500


Dear Steve,


Lee has unfortunately been on a killer pace of travel and activity, and has only just returned today.


We are presently in serious negotiations with several major funding groups for a primary funding partner, so we can set up the necessary major laboratory (four areas of specialized physics necessary, in addition to the electrodynamics).  Once we have the laboratory set up and properly staffed (hopefully about 3 to 4 months from now), it will require about one year to have the first MEG units coming off the production lines.  Contrary to many popular opinions, COP>1.0 EM systems are not simple, and we have appreciable advanced R&D work still ahead, which must be finished before we are able to go from successful laboratory experiments to scaled-up production units.  The MEG is a highly nonlinear device and scale-up is not simple at all.


Presently, we are planning on developing  the first basic MEG unit in a 2.5 KW configuration, but with a synchronizer developed simultaneously so that we can link up to six basic units together.  That should give us a range of power units sized from 2.5 to 15 KW.  Six to nine months later, we expect to have a basic 10 KW unit in production with the same "6-array" capability, allowing expansion in size of power units to 60 KW.  Simultaneously we will have parallel teams working on much smaller basic MEG units and also much larger MEG units.


We plan for the first units to be close-looped (which has very special requirements for COP>1.0 EM systems) for self-powering.  We have already covered part of the close-looping methodology in our second patent application, and will be filing at least two more patents very quickly.  In addition, we have filed a joint patent with another colleague on a different method of close-looping.  So with three ways to do close-looping, that is a low risk area.  You will note we have released no information on the close-looping process, because of patenting activity and status.


So it will be still quite some time before we have MEG units ready for sale.  Until now, we have personally funded the MEG research ourselves without outside investment at all.  We do not sell stock or engage in seeking small investments.  After power units are in production and on the market, we may then set up public stock companies in the production end of things, so that small investors can then participate.  Until then, only risk capital is sought or will be accepted.  Here the actual numbers and our grasp of the new technology are attractive to legitimate large capital groups, and we are confident we will soon obtain the necessary funding to go forward.  However, at present that is our main priority, of necessity.


We will certainly make it well known publicly once we have production units available.  At that time, we also expect to set up multiple manufacturing facilities worldwide, in several countries.


Your inquiry and patience are very much appreciated, as is your interest in the MEG.  Lee is working a heroic schedule, with not enough hours in the day, as are the other members of our team.  Unfortunately I am still unable to work a full schedule, but am working as much as physically possible.  We shall continue.


Very best wishes,


Tom Bearden

Magnetic Energy Ltd.


Subject: Getting in the queue to order MEGs


I've contacted Lee Kenny twice asking how we can get
in the queue to order MEGs once they are in
production. I am on staff at Maharishi University of
Management (MUM) and our chief financial officer would
like to be informed when the MEG reaches the point
that it is useful to MUM. There are two potential
uses: one is saving energy costs, the second is
addding hardware to illustrate our Unified-Field Based
(Consciousness-Based) curriculum. The unified field is
such a central feature of our curriculum that every
course is taught with a chart that illustrates the
sequence through which the symmetry of the unified
field successively breaks until finally the visible
features of everyday physiological, psychological,
sociological and ecological life appear. The existence
of hardware that taps the vacuum state along with the
descriptions of the way in which it does it is very
inspiring as a supplement to the use of the human
brain as a means to tap the human field and the
experiments and principles which explain that process.

For these two reasons I have been disappointed to
receive no response to my inquiries.from Lee. Please
do respond with some indication of how we can get in
the ordering queue.

One additional tag that might suggest to you the
usefulness to the MEG Corporation of allowing us to
get in the queue: John Hagelin, part of the
Nananopolous, Antoniades and Ellis team that authored
the Flipped SU(5) GUT is on our faculty and is a very
serious member of it.

Please respond rapidly.