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Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2008 17:10:15 -0500


Hi John,


Please pass along to all those good folks my deep appreciation Ė and that of my beloved wife Doris Ė for their continued concern and prayer assistance.


Yes, Iím a retired U.S. Army officer (Lt. Colonel, missile specialist, Ajax, Hercules, Hawk, SHORADS, Patriot, etc), but did not serve a tour with the USAF.


Interestingly, I would very much have liked to have served such a tour, back when Glenn Foster (an Air Force civilian employee) and I got the Chief Scientist of the USAF interested in restoring the Moray free energy Device. The USAF chief scientist was an excellent man as well as a good scientist, and under his pressure the USAF set up a funded program to fund the rebuilding of the T. Henry Moray free energy device. John Moray and his brother Richard gathered together again all their long-hidden vital documents (some had been shipped to Canada for hiding and safe storage) and started work on it, right there in Salt Lake City in the Moray lab. John Moray did and does know how to build his fatherís system. I strongly volunteered to serve a tour with the USAF as the USAF Liaison officer there with John Moray on the project, but they sent in a USAF officer instead. Though Glen Foster and I never found out exactly what happened, someone (apparently in the USAF) actually sabotaged the program at a very high level so it would not succeed. John Moray was never given all the money that was actually appropriated, and the rest was somehow deliberately drained off the program, preventing John from having the necessary funds to complete the project.


So that one went down the tubes by internal sabotage, against even the USAFís own wishes. It was a real shame, because the Moray device would have been a very good system, with an output of 50 kilowatts as Johnís father T. Henry Moray had previously demonstrated many times. And the probability of success would have been very high, had they simply given the rest of the funds to John Moray and strongly supported his requirements.


Anyway, one wins some and loses some in spite of oneís very best efforts. Today John Moray has apparently lost his lab in Salt Lake City, and of course is much older now (as are we all). Glenn Foster (sadly) died, and that removed one of the real stalwarts in the push for free EM energy from the vacuum as well as me losing a very good friend.


Anyway, your prayers are very much appreciated! We will continue struggling to get out free energy systems and information to the best of our ability.


Very best wishes,

Tom Bearden  


(Historical note:  this suppression took place somewhere between mid-1972 to the end of 1975 when Tom was in his last tour with the Army on the Patriot Project).