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Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 12:15:24 -0500


Dear Energy Daily,


I don’t see anything of real interest in your publication; just the standard stuff. You don’t really have a single writer who understands the cause of the world energy crisis, what really caused it in 1892, and what to do about it. And you are probably not going to have such a writer.


Put it this way. We’ve had group theory in our universities since 1870. One who gets a doctorate in physics will know some group theory, whereas our electrical engineers normally will not, even with a doctorate. Ugh! So what has group theory (and lack of knowledge of it by our electrical power engineers) got to do with the world energy crisis? The answer is, “Everything!”


Maxwell’s theory is a higher group theory electrodynamics. It was never adopted in the universities, because folks at the time hated those bloody quaternions with a passion, even though Maxwell loved them. Why -- electricians would say -- the poor electricians are lucky if they have had university algebra and calculus, without such a horrendous mess as quaternions! Since there were less than three dozen “electricians” (what we would call “electrodynamicists”) in the world’s universities at the time, then that attitude and reception doomed Maxwell’s actual theory – which is some 20 quaternion and quaternion-like equations in 20 unknowns. You can do LOTS of things in Maxwell’s original theory that are absolutely impossible in the highly curtailed electrical engineering model.


Maxwell died of stomach cancer in 1879, with his theory never adopted. Immediately some scientists jumped in and tore those terrible quaternions apart – notably Heaviside (brilliant, but never even attended university; he merely bought books and learned himself), Hertz, and Gibbs.


When what is today known as “electrical engineering” was then first being painfully contrived and formed there in the 1880s etc., and was not yet even born, they took Heaviside’s highly restricted vector equations (NOT Maxwell’s quaternion theory) as the basis for the new “electrical engineering” model.


Note that, at the time, Tesla destroyed the vast DC electric power empire being promoted by Edison backed by J. P. Morgan. Backed by Westinghouse, Tesla waltzed in and installed far more practical AC generators at Niagara Falls, much cheaper than Morgan and Edison proposed for their DC generators, and the world found that AC power could be transmitted down long transmissions lines very practically. One did not have to build a huge expensive DC power plant every 10 to 20 miles! Thereafter the world flipped over and went with AC power.


So that buried Morgan’s grandiose plans for a vast DC power financial empire. An embittered Morgan vowed to utterly destroy Tesla as his mortal enemy. That he did, and he also financially destroyed Westinghouse, Tesla’s backer. At that point he had set the trap for Tesla. To complete his grandiose plans, Tesla had only J. P. Morgan available to finance him. So Tesla came with hat in hand to Morgan, and the wily Morgan forced him to sign over 51% of all his inventions, in return for financing him. And he deliberately only gave Tesla half the money required, which doomed Tesla to failure because of he simply ran out of funds. Tesla – the greatest inventor of the 18th and 19th centuries – was then reduced to living in a little hotel room essentially on charity of his friends etc.


Before the full transpiration of all that, other factors developed behind the scenes. That fool Tesla (who gave us AC power, the rotating magnetic field that makes generators possible, and also gave us radio and many other things) had discovered that the “medium itself was active” – and he was hell-bent on producing free energy systems and giving them to the world. So in Morgan’s view, Tesla had to be stopped at any cost. J. P. Morgan set up the plan that did destroy Tesla, and he directed his science advisors to also examine those newfangled Heaviside equations and see if they still contained any of those confounded “energy freely from the active medium” systems that Tesla was pursuing so vigorously and planned to freely give to the world.


Morgan’s science advisors did a simple group theoretical analysis of the Heaviside vector equations, and it showed that the Heaviside original equations still contained some of those asymmetric Maxwellian EM systems – the kind that Tesla had discovered that would accept and use excess EM energy freely taken from the active vacuum (in modern physics terms) itself.


So Morgan coldly ordered his scientists to “Fix it!”


Lorentz – a great scientist but also a sharpie noted for appropriating other people’s work and taking credit for it – was the one preparing the equations to be used as the theoretical model for the new “electrical engineering” that was to be launched in the universities slowly but uniformly. To see that Lorentz was “approachable”, the reader is referred to J. D. Jackson and L. B. Okun, "Historical roots of gauge invariance," Reviews of Modern Physics, Vol. 73, July 2001, p. 663-680. Okun and the great electrodynamicist Jackson discuss the roots and history of gauge invariance, verify that Ludwig Lorenz (without the “t”) first symmetrically regauged Maxwell's equations, although it has been misattributed to H. A. Lorentz (with the “t”) as being first. Lorentz simply took Lorenz’s symmetrization of the equations and used it and took credit for it. This is an excellent coverage of the history of who did what and when, and who got credit for it.



So Morgan’s science advisors got to Lorentz, and he easily “solved Morgan’s problem”. He simply regauged the original Heaviside equations to make them symmetrical (using Lorenz’s symmetrization but using the work as his own), thereby quite arbitrarily tossing out all self-powering and COP>1.0 energy-from-the-vacuum electrical systems from the modified (symmetrized) Heaviside equations. He did this little beauty in 1892; specific reference can be furnished.


So this horribly crippled and mangled “tiny, tiny bit” of Maxwell’s original theory was what was deliberately used to set up the electrical engineering model, that then was gradually introduced into all the universities worldwide and generated the present “electrical engineering”. From the very beginning, it was deliberately designed to prevent engineering and developing electrical power systems freely receiving and using their input EM energy from the seething vacuum/spacetime itself. (All EM energy comes from the vacuum anyway, via the broken symmetry of the source dipole inside the generator or source. But symmetrized systems use half their freely collected “energy from the vacuum” in the external circuit, to do nothing but destroy the source dipole inside the generator, thereby shutting off the flow of EM energy from the terminals. So to keep energy flowing, we have to keep cranking the shaft of the generator to change the input mechanical energy into rotating magnetic field energy inside the generator (courtesy of Nikola Tesla), which in turn is dissipated right inside the generator to force opposite charges apart and reform the source dipole that our electrical engineers build the external circuit to keep destroying faster than they power the loads!


Burning all that fuel to crank the generator shaft has nothing at all to do with directly powering the external circuit! All it does is to continue to restore and remake the internal source dipole and its broken symmetry, that then extracts that energy from the local vacuum and pours it out of the generator terminals.


Ha! Electrical engineers are not even taught what actually powers the electrical system, even though the basis for it was predicted by Lee and Yang more than a half century ago, immediately experimentally proven by Wu and her colleagues in Feb. 1957, and which sparked such a vast revolution in physics that with unprecedented speed the Nobel Committee awarded the Nobel Prize to Lee and Yang in the same year, in Dec. 1957.


In the half century since that great discovery and revolution in physics, its impact has not made it across the university campus from the physics department to the electrical engineering department. Go figure!


And that horribly mangled, crippled piece of theoretical junk is still being taught in every university as the official electrical engineering model equations. All that set-up to deliberately cripple all future electrical engineering was done before there was any such thing as modern physics, which was not even born at the time. Indeed, that’s about the time the physicists finally discovered the electron, and they were still arguing fiercely whether or not such a thing as an “atom” existed. They had only recently and begrudgingly accepted the molecule!


That horrible and mutilated old electrical engineering model of today contains more than a dozen known falsities (absolute lies), pointed out by Nobel Prize winners and eminent scientists to no avail whatsoever. The pundits in control of things still want you to keep burning that coal, oil, etc. and vastly enriching their coffers and control. As a single example, there are no force fields in massless space, because mass is a component of force by the simple equation F = d/dt(mv). Put in m = 0 for massless space, and immediately F = 0. But the silly electrical engineer is still taught “force fields in space”.


At least J. D. Jackson – a renowned electrodynamicist – admits that the force field in vacuum is merely assumed, then sweeps the problem away. Quoting Jackson:


"Most classical electrodynamicists continue to adhere to the notion that the EM force field exists as such in the vacuum, but do admit that physically measurable quantities such as force somehow involve the product of charge and field." [J. D. Jackson, Classical Electrodynamics, Second Edition, Wiley, 1975, p. 249].


Then Morgan got another shock. That fool Heaviside (who was one of the two men who first advanced the flow of energy through space -- before that time it did not appear in the notions of physics) also discovered that every generator and other EM power source already pours out from its terminals, into space surrounding and along the external conductors, a fantastically huge stream of real EM energy in peculiar form – in a curled form which (in any special relativity situation) cannot be diverged into the wires to power up the electrons. This is in addition to the feeble little Poynting component which does get diverged into the wiring and does power up the circuit.


Well, again Morgan fumed furiously. If our future young EE’s in all our universities were to be taught that every generator already pours out more than a trillion times as much EM energy flow as the mechanical energy we pay to crank into the shaft and input, then eventually one of those sharp young devils would figure out how to use some of that vast energy flow output (simply use a general relativity situation, such as the NRAM or negative resonance absorption of the medium optical physics process that outputs 18 times as much as the Poynting EM energy flow component of one’s input). And that would destroy any further need for fuel etc. except for a tiny tad just to get started. And that would have destroyed the energy barons of the early 20th century, including Morgan himself.


To see that Tesla knew exactly what he was after, we quote Tesla himself:


"Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be driven by a power obtainable at any point in the universe. This idea is not novel... We find it in the delightful myth of Antheus, who derives power from the earth; we find it among the subtle speculations of one of your splendid mathematicians...Throughout space there is energy. Is this energy static or kinetic? If static our hopes are in vain; if kinetic – and this we know it is, for certain – then it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature." [Nikola Tesla, in a speech in New York to the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, 1891.].


“Electric power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world's machinery without the need of coal, oil, gas, or any other of the common fuels."


“We have to evolve means for obtaining energy from stores which are forever inexhaustible, to perfect methods which do not imply consumption and waste of any material whatever. I now feel sure that the realization of that idea is not far off. ...the possibilities of the development I refer to, namely, that of the operation of engines on any point of the earth by the energy of the medium...” [Nikola Tesla, during an address in 1897 commemorating his installation of generators at Niagara Falls.].


"Whatever our resources of primary energy may be in the future, we must, to be rational, obtain it without consumption of any material." [Nikola Tesla, 1900].


After Tesla’s suppression, he expressed the truth about the universal electrical engineering model in these words:


"The Hertz wave theory of wireless transmission may be kept up for a while, but I do not hesitate to say that in a short time it will be recognized as one of the most remarkable and inexplicable aberrations of the scientific mind which has ever been recorded in history." [Nikola Tesla, "The True Wireless,” Electrical Experimenter, May 1919.]


Seventy-two years later, the eminent electrodynamicist Barrett – also cofounder of ultrawideband radar – rigorously proved that Tesla’s actual patented circuits could in fact shuttle the potential energy around at will, as Tesla had to do if he was to build his asymmetric circuits and obtain free energy directly from the seething vacuum/spacetime. See T. W. Barrett, "Tesla's Nonlinear Oscillator-Shuttle-Circuit (OSC) Theory," Annales de la Fondation Louis de Broglie, 16(1), 1991, p. 23-41. Barrett shows that EM expressed in quaternions (essentially Maxwell’s original theory!) allows shuttling and storage of potentials in circuits, and also allows additional EM functioning of a circuit that a conventional EM analysis cannot reveal. He shows that Tesla’s patented circuits did exactly this.


So again they got to Lorentz and had him “fix” it. In 1900 he taught the professors to arbitrarily integrate the entire energy flow vector itself (containing both the Poynting diverged component and the giant curled Heaviside component) around a closed surface assumed around any volume of interest. That very neatly separates and retains the diverged Poynting component, while discarding the giant curled Heaviside component. Lorentz also taught them that this component could “have no physical significance”, which is still the view today. E.g., quoting J. D. Jackson:


"...the Poynting vector is arbitrary to the extent that the curl of any vector field can be added to it. Such an added term can, however, have no physical consequences. Hence it is customary to make the specific choice …" [J. D. Jackson, Classical Electrodynamics, Second Edition, Wiley, 1975, p. 237].


Jackson’s statement is true in any special relativity situation, since the divergence of the curl then equals zero. However, it does not necessarily hold in a general relativistic situation, where the divergence of the curl need not be zero after all.


To see how easy it is to obtain free EM energy – all you wish – from the seething universal vacuum, simply do this:


Lay a charged capacitor or electret on top of a simple permanent magnet lying on the table, so that the E-field of the electrical component is orthogonal to the H-field of the magnet. Then by every EM textbook in every electrical engineering department in every university in the world, the Poynting energy flow section assures us that this simple gadget will sit there and steadily and freely pour out real Poynting EM energy flow S, given by the simple little equation S = E X H. The two dipoles of that contraption exhibit broken symmetry, as proven by the award of the Nobel Prize to Lee and Yang in 1957. And as Nobelist Lee pointed out, when we have a broken symmetry then something previously “virtual” (subquantal) becomes observable (integrated into quantal size). So that simple, idiotic thing – costing maybe two dollars – is continuously absorbing free virtual photons from its seething vacuum interaction, coherently integrating the subquantal excitations into quantal size, and steadily emitting real, observable photons (real, measurable, usable EM energy).


So the simplest thing in the universe is to easily evoke – for peanuts – a powerful “EM energy wind”. At will, anywhere, and it will freely pour out that free flow of real EM energy wind until the end of time if you just leave it alone.


So the only problem becomes in building a proper “EM energy wind windmill” to independently intercept part of that flow, collect it independently, and then independently dissipate the collected energy in our loads to power them.


Ah! But that is an ASYMMETRIC system a priori. Such systems certainly still exist in Maxwell’s actual theory, but they have not existed in all of electrical engineering since its very formation, back in 1892. That’s precisely what Morgan and crew elicited Lorentz to arbitrarily discard from the very mathematics of electrical engineering itself.


Now simply fund some sharp young doctoral candidates (in PHYSICS, not the sad old electrical engineering) and post doctoral scientists, with two or three sharp young professors, to go in there and restore that long-lost asymmetry and thus those long-neglected asymmetrical Maxwellian systems, and that simple and comparatively cheap action will solve the world’s energy crisis quickly, cheaply, cleanly, and permanently.


And that is precisely why it isn’t going to be done, and why such information has been deliberately withheld from publications such as yours and folks such as you.


If you wish the rigorous mathematical proof that restoration of Maxwell’s asymmetrical systems will allow building systems that extract and use free EM energy from the modern active vacuum, simply see M. W. Evans et al., “Classical Electrodynamics without the Lorentz Condition: Extracting Energy from the Vacuum,” Physica Scripta, Vol. 61, 2000, p. 513-517.


So what is going to be done about this entire silly situation by our learned scientific establishment? Absolutely nothing.


Anyway, you need a good joke for serious days like these, and so now you have one.


Best wishes,

Tom Bearden