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Subject: RE: Technical Papers/Information
Date: Tue, 27 May 2008 21:25:48 -0500


Dear Mr. Pozo,


You have the exact citations for those technical papers; you will have to obtain the papers (e.g., from any good technical university) yourself. A good university library to which you have access, for example, can order them for you.


In modern physics, anything physical, from elementary particles up to atoms up to molecules up to materials etc., is continually being CREATED AND SUSTAINED as an underlying tremendous set of direct vacuum interactions. The vacuum is not an “emptiness” filled with virtual particles and their activity! Instead, the vacuum IS IDENTICALLY the virtual particles and their ongoing statistical interactions and activities.


Adding positive energy to the vacuum means adding positive energy to these underlying statistical interactions that “make up” and “create and sustain” everything. So one gets higher and higher (larger and larger) changes and things and entities. This is true, e.g., for a cancer growing in tissue. There are additional POSITIVE vacuum energy interactions and their positive probabilities adding to generate and sustain that cancer.


So the positive energy vacuum continually “happens”, creates, and sustains everything physical that exists and continues to exist, be it living or dead.


As an example, hold up an empty waterglass in your hand. How do you automatically think of it? You think of it as a real, solid object – very concrete and real – existing in an emptiness. And that is totally false.


There is no such thing as a hard, solid “waterglass” existing in emptiness, because there is no such thing as an emptiness. That glass is actually an entire set of those underlying and ongoing positive energy virtual vacuum interactions with their positive probabilities.


In actual modern physics, negative energy also occurs naturally, so it means that the vacuum can also have NEGATIVE energy added to it.  That means that, if we add negative energy to a local vacuum, we introduce the addition of negative probabilities in those ongoing sustaining vacuum/virtual state interactions.


And so a thing can be “unhappened” this way. Want to cure cancer?  Dr. Kanzius already has a cancer cure process based (unknown to him) on adding negative energy and its negative probabilities to those sustaining interactions continually creating the tissue and additional cancer in it.


So the highest thing starts “unhappening” first. The cancer starts “unhappening” and just “disappearing”. Dr. Kanzius’ process is being independently pushed forward by two legitimate and separate cancer research institutes. In the phase one animal trials just completed, the process cured all the tumors in the animals 100%.  It is being regarded as the greatest advance in cancer therapy in 100 years.


He also applied the same process to salt water, where the highest and strongest bond is the O-H bond that is holding together the H-O-H molecule.


Adding negative energy to the local vacuum in which the water is immersed, starts “unhappening” that O-H bond first. So the water molecules “fall apart” freely into H2 and O2, bubbling up together. They are not explosive while in the negative energy vacuum region because, to be explosive, they would have to form the water molecule’s O-H bond, and that is severely suppressed.


But one can just pipe the mixture of the bubbling H2 and O2 gases a few inches out of that negative energy vacuum area, into the combustion chamber of an automobile, and there the vacuum is again “normal” (filled with positive energy) and the O-H bond is now easily made. So the gases will now give very nice and smooth combustion to power the car, while emitting only water vapor out of the exhaust.


Dr. Kanzius had his watergas process tested independently by a world renowned expert in water chemistry. This scientist ran about 50 rigorous tests, and at the end he pronounced it the greatest advance in water chemistry in the last 100 years.


But in the late 1920s and early 1930s, when the new physics revealed the negative energy and the negative probabilities, the leading scientists were astonished at it and very fearful of such a dreadful thing as “unhappening” something sitting there solid. So they ruthlessly and arbitrarily discarded it from physics entirely, including quantum field theory and the Dirac theory. Dirac at first resisted and defended negative energy, because it occurred in his own theory of the electron. But he was so violently and viciously attacked (by Pauli, Heisenberg and many others) that he wound up being forced to help remove negative energy from his own theory!


But we can solve the oil crisis (fuel crisis) anytime we wish to add back in the negative energy, and start to deliberately apply and use that negative energy vacuum and its negative probabilities to “unhappen” the tightest chemical bonds standing in the way.


We can also develop cures for all the diseases using the same process.


It is incredibly easy to induce negative energy into the vacuum! Just fill a region (say, of water) in a given spatial volume with very weak but sharp RF EM pulses. Each pulse is a sharp gradient across a little region of the local vacuum affected. That pops out some “filler” electrons from the local Dirac sea holes, leaving the empty holes which are actually negative mass-energy electrons which – as source charges – produce negative energy photons and EM fields.


So one adds a “negative energy froth” onto the actual structuring and patterning of the local vacuum. In that case, the water molecule’s highest energy bond – the O-H bond – is “unhappened” and falls apart freely, first. And that frees up the H2 and O2 for a ridiculously small input of switching and control energy to make the RF EM pulses “froth”.


For the cancer, the “froth” forms on the exact patterning of the sustaining biological region, and the cancer is the highest energy entity being “created and sustained” by positive vacuum energy and positive probabilities. So the cancer “unhappens” first, thus curing the cancer.


The process is adaptable for any disease condition.


Hope this helps you to understand these processes.


Very best wishes,

Tom Bearden


Sent: Thursday, May 22, 2008 4:04 PM

Subject: Technical Papers/Information


Deas Mr. Bearden:


This is Genaro, and according our conversation on last monday I should appreciate you send me information on the following papers/articles/ topics related to EM energy:

a. "On the transfer of energy in the electromagnetic field", by J H Poynting

b.  "Electromagnetic Induction and its Propagation", by O. Heaviside

c. "On the Forces, Stresses and Fluxes of Energy in the Electromagnetic Field", by O. Heaviside

d. "Miles Walker - a Pioneer  at Met-Vick and UM/ST", by E R Laithwaite


Some time ago I was trying to ask you this:

"Does a unity biological cell (be human, animal, plant) need to be in contact with vacuum in order to accomplish its biological function?

in that sense "Should be feasible to talk about the cell  taking  EFTV  to survive?



Best Regards.