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Subject: RE: TESLA's Electric Car
Date: Sun, 27 May 2007 15:47:33 -0500


Hi Will,


Am attaching a little “article” I wrote for the website and sent to Tony.


This is an even further slight rewrite of the article I sent Tony, so I’m sending this along to him also. Ugh! I still have to edit and re-edit everything I write; sometimes it’s just so easy to mistype “who” for “whose” etc.  Have to scrub it a couple or three times, just to get out all the “preoccupation” bumps and lumps.


In the 1880s and 1890s, Tesla already knew the medium was active, and that EM energy could be freely extracted from it. He was hell-bent on doing it and giving the world free energy. J.P. Morgan, allied with Edison, successfully got Tesla in an iron lock and thus suppressed him completely. When Westinghouse (Tesla’s backer) almost went busted, a grateful Tesla tore up his agreement with Westinghouse to save Westinghouse (a very decent man). That left “backing” available only from Morgan. So Tesla got “backing” from Morgan for his tower project on Long Island, but to do so he had to sign over 51% of all his patents, etc. to Morgan. That’s controlling interest, and so from that time on Tesla did not even control his own patents. Morgan gave him insufficient funds to complete the tower, and so this busted Tesla and he never recovered. He became essentially penniless, living in a hotel room largely on the tolerance of his mounting hotel room bill he could not pay.


Also, Morgan sought from his science advisers what should be done to the new Heaviside equations developed in the 1880s, after Maxwell died in 1879. The Heaviside equations were being adopted as “Maxwell’s theory” since they were far simpler, being only in vectors and not in quaternions and quaternion-like algebra. These Heaviside equations were already a very dramatic reduction of the original 1865 Maxwell theory, but unfortunately they still contained some “asymmetrical” Maxwellian systems. And it is an asymmetrical system that will freely receive energy from the active medium, and use it to effectively power loads. Thus COP>1.0 and even self-powering Maxwellian systems were still possible in the original Heaviside equations.


Edison’s science advisor for some 10 years in his London group was the great scientist John Ambrose Fleming. Fleming had studied directly with Maxwell, etc. and also would have been familiar with Galois’s group symmetry discovery, which had become accepted in 1870. So a simple quiet discussion with Fleming could have revealed that the Heaviside equations still were asymmetrical (and still “dangerous” in Morgan’s view). Fleming would have had no inkling of the real purpose of the “group symmetry” discussion.


Morgan would then have simply directed his science advisors that the equations be fixed! Electrical engineering was just being originated and “set up” here and there at the time. Morgan wished to assure that the new electrical engineers who would be studying these Heaviside equations would never even study asymmetrical systems, but only those (symmetrical) systems which self-prohibit using excess free energy from Tesla’s active medium.


The rising star on the formation of CEM/EE was Lorentz at the time. He was a great scientist, but also used other people’s work and received credit for it. (Jackson and Okun finally blew the whistle on this, a few years ago in a paper published in a leading publication).


So Lorentz was impressed to do the job. He simply symmetrized (symmetrically regauged) the Heaviside equations, and thus arbitrarily eliminated all “free energy Maxwellian systems” taking and using free excess EM energy from the active medium.


So from its very inception, electrical engineering was already ruthlessly suppressed into the strongly limited mold that would not interfere with Morgan’s expansion of his empire into fuel etc.


Then they got another shock. To their horror, Heaviside – one of the two discoverers of “EM energy flow through space” simultaneously and independently of Poynting – discovered not only Poynting’s tiny “diverged” component (of the EM energy flow through space outside the conductors) that gets diverged into the conductors to potentialize and “power” the electrons. Heaviside also discovered that this diverged component was only a very tiny component, and the remaining huge component was trillions of times greater in magnitude, but in curled form. Hence, in any special relativity situation, the divergence of the curl is zero, and the EM situation is almost always special relativistic (unless one deliberately adds a controlled GR operation).


But it just would not do for all those future bright young EEs to be honestly taught that a generator already emits trillions of times more EM energy than we input in mechanical energy to the shaft. If they knew that, then sooner or later one of them would figure out how to tap that mind-boggling Heaviside curled EM energy flow component – and they would achieve “free energy from the active medium” anyway.


Again, in 1900 Lorentz was impressed to do the fix. He simply introduced a totally arbitrary integration of the entire energy flow vector (containing both the small Poynting diverged component and the huge nondiverged Heaviside curled-form energy flow) around a closed surface assumed around any finite volume of interest. That neatly “zeroes out” the giant nondiverged Heaviside energy flow, while leaving the diverged Poynting component that gets diverged into the circuit to power it. So this got rid of that “other” problem that would eventually have given us Tesla’s free EM energy extracted from the active medium.


The NRAM (negative resonance absorption of the medium) effect was released by the Russians in 1967, I think primarily to see if our optical physicists would understand it, and recognize its connection to that long-suppressed Heaviside giant curled EM energy flow component. Since 1967, our optical physicists working with NRAM are not permitted to say “excess emission” of the medium, but must say “negative absorption” of the medium. They are not allowed to discuss the thermodynamics nor mention COP, but must say “changes the reaction cross section”.


So in standard optical physics NRAM experiments done every year in major university physics departments, the optimized experiments show COP = 18. I.e., they output 18 times as much EM energy emission from the self-oscillating charged medium, as was in the POYNTING component of the energy input to the medium. And no one is aware any longer that the experimenter actually input trillions of times as much energy as is in that accepted and accounted Poynting component, but simply do not know it (and most will not even believe it).


Ken and I filed a PPA for a heat amplifier, using the NRAM process adapted to widen the frequency band, but then getting – say – COP = 4.0 or so. And we hung it on our website and gave it away to the peoples of the earth, in the hopes that some group will quickly develop and apply it to solve the energy crisis and the global warming crisis.


We proposed adding such heat amplifiers to the established steam boilers (which are in most of our present power plants) and a closed, clamped positive feedback loop that provides self-powering once the steam boiler is up and running. By applying this to all our steam boilers in the powerplants world wide, then MOST of the present power plant consumption of fuel or nuclear fuel rods can be stopped.


The process can also be adapted to home and office heat pumps so that, once up and running, they become self-powering and consume no additional fuel.


One could take a giant windmill farm and reduce it to one windmill powering one generator power system. Then go to steam boilers with steam-powered turbines, and use the windmill-powered system to “jump start” the self-powering steam boilers one by one. After jumpstarting, one does not care whether the wind blows or not.


The same can be done with giant solar arrays as power systems.


And it capitalizes on all the sunk costs we’ve already got in steam boilers, steam turbines, and steam-turbine powered generator systems worldwide.


It also almost completely frees us from burning coal, oil, gas, etc. or using nuclear power cells, etc. to get electrical power.  It thus will very quickly reduce our dependence on foreign oil, most of which is in hostile or potentially hostile locations and nations and regions.


Anyway, hope you like the latest little write-up.


Best wishes,