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Date: Tue, 27 May 2003 22:00:20 -0500

Dear Levi,


Best thing to do is use something like Google to search on the necessary terms.


E.g., search on exchange forces, magnetism, etc.  Or just go and get one of the materials sciences books I cite in various papers on my website where I mention the exchange force.  Look it up in Feynman's three volumes of physics also.


Google search will also get you all kinds of magnet manufacturers.


For the education: if really serious for the long run, you need (1) electrical engineering, while keeping in the back of your head that it is seriously flawed, and (2) physics.  The more physics the better.  That also means take plenty of mathematics.


For the oddities of magnetism (e.g., the 16 or so kinds etc.), you need to study materials science.


Unfortunately there are few if any schools left that offer a degree in magnetics engineering! Much of the magnetics these days is in thin films and for such media as CD-Roms, magnetic tape, etc.


There are also no courses or curricula on the theory of COP>1.0 EM systems taking energy from the vacuum.  This "field" is not yet a field, for it has not yet been born.


So it's basically a determined self-education effort. You need as much math, physics, and materials science as you can get.


Anyway, good luck and best wishes in your future efforts.  It's a long struggle, but it's worth it.


Best wishes,

Tom Bearden


Mr. Bearden

            I would like to thank you for your prompt response. That was a lot of information& I will be studying it for a while. I understand Mr. Johnson s reluctance to give any details away, please understand that I was not trying to steal his invention or anything, I just assumed that, since most of the world denies the existence of devices like the permanent magnet motor, that he was not selling it and would not have a reason to hold back any information based on the fact that he would not be losing any money. I mean even most of the people who are into alternative energy devices doubt that they truly exist because of the fact that when one finally work, even the inventor will not explain how he did it. It seems to me that that most wondrous machines have been made possible by many inventors working off of each other, and layering the ideas and passing them around in a team. Rarely has any one complete machine been built by one person.

            Anyway, that was my thinking, I just wanted to you to understand why I was asking for more information. I don t know how often you have contact with Mr. Johnson but I am still wondering if there is a way that I could learn more about the different devices he has worked on and the principals behind them. If nothing else, do you know where would be the best places to get good information on magnetism, and the principals behind it, and where would be the best companies to look for buying the magnets. I do still hope to build one of his basic motors (Patent # 4,151,431) at home one day. I have a lot of ideas as to the use they could practically be put to, and I want to understand exactly how they work. I don t have the money right now to just experiment with a hundred different little variations, but for now I would be quite happy just learning how they work, or seeing one work.

            Also do you think that electrical engineering would be the correct field to study in, this type of thing is what I want to specialize in?

Thanks again for your time,