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Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 21:52:38 -0500

Nice to hear from you, and the sentiments are much appreciated.

Yes, privately I suspect this is a black bag job (murder of Gene Mallove). Old game is to make it look like (1) robbery, (2) suicide, or one of any other number of things. No one would have believed suicide, so obviously one of the "other things" would have had to be arranged.

My own physical situation has stabilized finally, but in a very debilitated fashion. Turns out that the "mysterious ailment" I caught in Quebec in 1968, while stationed there in the Army, was BW-modified mycoplasma that our guys made and sprayed in high dilution of 2000 times (together with the Canadians) in several cities in Canada and in Florida. Burrows in the red cells, feeds off the hemoglobin shells, and reduces the oxygen carrying ability. So my long "loss of endurance" over the next 33 years was due to that. I survived in Canada because of some Herculean procedures the French doctors did, but then the stuff incubated in the red cells, slowly spreading. 33 years later it resurged, and one aspect is runaway heart fibrillation -- which induced the heart attack. An old "spooky buddy" who's been in lots of things that never was, called me checking on me, instantly recognized the symptoms once I told him of the strange malady in Canada, and directed me to where to go to get information, etc. It was smoked out in some Senate hearings, although VA, the government, etc. still do not even want to hear of it. So in the heart treatment, the well-meaning heart folks give you medication to control the fibrillation (otherwise, the hypoxia generates heart attacks, strokes, etc.) However, that also reduces the volume of pumping of the blood -- which induces hypoxia and further induces heart attacks, strokes, etc. So the standard heart treatment is guaranteed to kill you. I intervened by purchasing my own oxygen equipment and oxygen, which kept me up out of the hypoxia enough to survive.

I finally got a test for the mess, and it was suddenly proven. A year on antibiotics then followed in 2002; the only time you can kill the beasts is when a red cell dies (life of the red cell is 3 to 4 months) and the critter comes out of the dying cell to infect the replacement cell. If you have antibiotics in your blood at that time, it will kill it.

So at the end of 2002, we finally got rid of the mycoplasma. My doctor, who has a sense of humor, put it this way: there was some good news and some bad news. The bad news was that I would not get any better ever; after 33 years or so you name it and it was damaged. The good news was that we got the mycoplasma, and so -- other than aging, etc. -- I should not get any worse. So I have chronic fatigue syndrome (from continual borderline hypoxia), can't stand very long or walk very far. Can still drive locally (have handicapped plates, which greatly help reduce the walking for the groceries) but can't travel.

Eleven months ago, my wife also suffered a stroke. She did not lose use of her limbs, but was left very weakened and it scrambled the memory. So I also care for her 24/7. But we are making it day by day. I also can still do a little writing etc. on the computer, so still add things to my website. I've been trying to get out everything I can, so the young doctoral candidates and post docs who are interested can rapidly get where I am, take what has been discovered over more than 30 years, and just go get it done.

There is an eerie new strategic threat -- so bizarre that a Westerner cannot even tolerate thinking of it -- that is coming down on us now. You will see the polarizations of the society slowly increase in intensity, until they start spilling blood in the streets and generating riots and burning in the cities, with martial law and the works. The notion is for our society to just eat itself, beginning about two years from now (already the polarizations are slowly heating up). The terrorist assets already infiltrated in this nation are (somewhere within the next two years) going to start laying the power grid in the dirt also, so that the riots and "eating ourselves" and the resulting economic chaos will cause the total economic collapse of the U.S. about three years from now.

More or less by request, we prepared a huge (300+ color slides) briefing (for free, of course) on the history of the science by which all this is being generated, the dramatic tests conducted by the KGB/FSS in the U.S., and then exactly how the bizarre science works and how it was arrived at. We delivered that to a 3-letter agency, but of course cannot discuss it further. But we also had it laid in the personal hands of Sharon and Netanyahu, since Israel has some related superweapons and has saved our collective butts several times (three of which I've personally been involved in). So perhaps we have a chance, if they don't get Israel first.

Meanwhile, I just have to assume the nation will somehow survive the coming economic collapse, and try to get them to realize that the day of the centralized power grid has long passed. With asymmetric war, insertion (during "peacetime", etc.), if one loses the insertion phase, one has already lost the war, anytime the action phase is initiated.

There are already large nuclear weapons inserted (by the old Soviet Union) in our cities and population centers, along with Spetznaz teams to detonate them on command. Read Lunev's book; the CIA released it, and he even tells some of the ways the weapons were inserted. There are more than 100 nuclear warheads "missing" in the Ukraine alone; such warheads do not "come up missing"; they were stolen and sold when the Soviet economy collapsed and they could not pay the generals and privates. Those who had money and guts and wanted them, got them. Many of those undoubtedly passed into hostile hands. And at least some of them are almost certainly already in our cities and population centers. Al Qaeda informed the Arab world that it already had seven nuclear weapons in US cities, of from 10 KT to 200 KT yield each. That is probably true, and I would expect a few more by now.

There is an island in the Caspian Sea where the Russians dumped gigantic tonnages of high grade anthrax from their BW facilities. Anyone who wanted anthrax (very high grade, best in the world) only had to send in guys with shovels and sacks, and just load it up, then separate a little sand. And those who wanted it, got it. Some of that has also been inserted into our country (remember the very high grade stuff back there after 9/11 that was mailed as a "wee test" to check how much disruption? Probably Caspian Sea anthrax. That island is now secured by forces of guess who, but that's like shutting the barn door after the horse is already out of there.

Al Qaeda has some 18,000 operatives worldwide, and is increasing with new recruits as a result of the Arab war, etc. You can see that very appreciable Al Qaeda assets are already in country here in the U.S., waiting to be unleashed on the power grid, harbor facilities, refineries, etc. All deadly vulnerable.

Anyway, that's just a bit of it.

So with my now severely limited capabilities, I've concentrated on energy, trying to get energy from the vacuum on the map. So far we've survived several assassination attempts (I have a witness who was with me), thanks to some very mysterious folks who play very hardnosed football and have been keeping me alive for some time. Hopefully it will continue, and we are getting out what we can under the circumstances. If we do not get a strong program going to produce energy-from-the-vacuum systems, both COP>1.0 and COP = infinity (self-powering like a windmill), and have them in mass production by two years from now, then we can all just bend over and kiss it goodbye. Meanwhile, the Big Nuclear folks are salivating that the escalating energy crisis will turn loose big nuclear power plants again (takes seven years to build a beast and get it on line, and that will not do the job, period). We have something like 100 coal powered plants in planning etc., but again the time frame is inadequate to prevent our economic collapse. That's it. Nothing else will do the trick.

So ironically, the only thing that could save us, is fiercely condemned and assaulted by the orthodox scientific community, Big Nuclear science, etc. Elsewhere on the website ( we have pointed out the severe flaws in electrical engineering and classical Maxwell-Heaviside electrodynamics. Nothing at all is being done about it, even though eminent scientists such as Feynman, Wheeler, Bunge, Margenau, Lindsay, etc. have also pointed out many of those terrible errors.

And as long as that rules the day, there will not be COP>1.0 energy systems on the market, to save our bacon when the power grid goes down and keeps going down for extended periods in large chunks.

But we will keep trying.

Best wishes and I hope things go well with you. If you ever get down this way, by all means please drop in and chat.

If you just want to build a COP>1.0 system straightaway, then build a Takahashi magnetic Wankel. Easy to do, and everything needed is already in electrical engineering -- until you ask where all the extra energy is coming from. And that we certainly have the answer to, in spades.

Best wishes,

Tom B.