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Subject: RE: Energy H20-A Must Read
Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 01:07:56 -0500


Hi Ed,


Yes, I'm familiar with the product, and also H30.


Best wishes,


Subject: Energy H20-A Must Read

Hello Mr. Bearden,

Hello.  If may call you Tom.  I was first introduced
to your work in around 1980, with your book,
"Excalibur Briefing." Just the other day, as a friend
and I were 'chatting' on-line, we came across some of
your personal information regarding health issues.
About a month ago, I came into some information
which would be absolutely beneficial for you to look
into.  The following is the introductory letter that I
have been sending out.

Hello            ,

Just wanted you to see my temporary STC website.
It is replicable, so that means if you wanted to fill-in
the info, you in turn would receive the same site with
your name and e-mail contact address in place of mine.
Go to:

There is a 24-hour recorded overview of the company
and product at:

What I would recommend would be to get in on a live
info/conference call:

Dial 1- 646-519-5860 pin 2542#

Monday thru Thursday - 2pm, 7pm & 11pm EST
(New York Time)  three hours earlier for Pacific

Friday & Saturday 2pm EST
Sunday 11pm EST

This product line is really something Tom.  You can read
some of the archived information and testimonials at:

Should you phone and wish to reach me
directly,  I am most available after 4PM pacific.  You can
leave me a message 24/7.  Please contact me.