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Subject: RE: Market Availability Schedule
Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 12:03:04 -0500




We are still struggling to obtain a financial partner, since the task of finishing the research and development on the MEG and getting it into production is a very solid research task.  Four areas of physics are involved as well as the normal electrodynamics, so it is not simple.  The MEG is not a simple transformer at all; it is the first macroscopic power application of geometric phase.  Frankly, most electrical engineers and large power companies never even heard of geometric phase (Aharonov-Bohm effect, Berry phase, etc.) even though there are now about 25,000 papers on it in the physics literature.


So we have to set up a fairly major lab, with specialists in geometric phase, nonlinear oscillations and control, chaotic oscillations and control, and higher group symmetry EM simulation and modeling.  That's in addition to specialists needed in higher group symmetry electrodynamics.  As you can see, this is a full-bore scientific project, not just whipping up a simple transformer unit or power unit, etc.  As an example, in such a highly nonlinear device, scale-up design cannot even reasonably be done (except by pure trial and error) until one has some kind of mathematical model and simulation with which to do design.


So it will require that year of very hard work, after we get the lab and lab team set up and running.  That is the FAST track!  When the development program is priced out with straightforward methods, it's about a $30 million project to get the first production units rolling off the production lines.  It's certainly doable, but it is not easy.


We are confident we will eventually obtain the funding, and are in serious negotiations now with several parties toward that end.  But we cannot set up the lab and begin the program until we actually secure the financial capability.  So the down side is that we cannot even begin such a program until we get the funding.  The up side is that the payback numbers, using standard financial analysis techniques, are so good that it's an attractive investment for large financial groups.  Further, by getting some of the scientific theory started (as in our two papers in Foundations of Physics Letters), we are able to show that it's only a low to moderate risk.  So in the Cost-Benefit analyses that the large financial organizations use, we come out very well indeed.  And we come out okay on the risk analyses.


However, another down side is that most potential investors in such areas are already very heavily committed into the standard electrical power field, long-term, with major amounts of capital.  From the viewpoint of many of them, they would be "shooting themselves in the foot" if they financed this program.


So we continue our negotiations and will continue them, but I cannot really say just when one of them will in fact finalize and the funding become available.


Completely aside from the MEG and our group, the world simply has to get cracking on power systems taking their EM energy from the vacuum, else the world economy is going to go bust, probably by the end of this decade if not before.  The Hubble curve has peaked, and "cheap oil" is becoming more and more a thing of the past. Strangely, if the Russians under Putin had not opened the spigots in a bid to become our dependable cheap oil supplier, gas pump and heating prices would already have gone through the roof.  Think of those millions of 18-wheelers which move most of everything that moves in this nation to make it work.   All modern economies are based on cheap energy, which has largely meant cheap oil.  As the energy costs rise, the economies will falter, sink, and then catastrophically fail --- particularly if we have major terrorist activity directed at serious interdiction of the present monstrously vulnerable centralized energy infrastructure. 


Even a few well-trained terrorists with C4 packages and timers can lay an unacceptable part of that energy infrastructure in the dust.  Transmission power lines  --- piece of cake.  Pipelines --- piece of cake.  Nuclear power plant --- fly another hijacked 747 into the main reactor building, and that beast risks meltdown, which will contaminate several states with deadly radioactive fallout, and make Chernobyl look like a Sunday school picnic.  Any nation such as Iraq can easily build a portable EMP shooter, and with that in the back of an SUV or home van, the shooter can knock out the electrical controls of a nuclear plant reactor.  20% of the domestic oil of America passes through a single above-ground pipeline 800 miles long in Alaska.  5 to 10 terrorists with C4 packages, timers, and duct tape and that beast is ruptured in multiple places.  In addition to the environmental catastrophe, that beast will be out of action for years.  Every pipeline is vulnerable to a couple demolition guys with shaped charges and timers.  There are already nuclear weapons secreted in our large cities, along with Spetznaz teams to detonate them on order.  Simply read Lunev's book, and he tells you several methods that were used to bring them in.  Several hostile foreign nations have inserted terrorist teams with weapons such as anthrax, smallpox, etc.  Those are just waiting for the word to go.  As you can also see, the government is now --- finally, at long last --- slowly preparing the American public for the coming infliction on us of mass casualties, with even millions of Americans lying in the streets and dying.  A single attack by smallpox on any major city in the world, e.g., will eventually kill some 2 billion persons --- nearly one-third the human population.  Our SecDef has just confirmed that it is inevitable that the terrorists will get weapons of mass destruction (some already have them, right here in the United States).


Every modern nation should already have a Manhattan project in developing EM systems from the vacuum, if they expect to survive.


The sad thing is that the entire scientific community is sitting on its hands, paralyzed from its neck up.  Since 1957, anyone who wishes to think a bit already can see that every EM system is now and always has been powered by EM energy extracted from the seething vacuum.


I personally blame the leaders of the scientific community --- the great National Academies of Science, etc. in the various nations --- for being so blind that they have not seen what the proven broken symmetry of the source dipole (of the opposite charges on its ends) means for every EM system.  Or what the Lorentz regauging really assumes has been done to an EM system.  Or what the closed-current loop circuit does in arbitrarily self-enforcing that very stupid Lorentz symmetry upon every such system.


Every textbook, in applying the Lorentz regauging, already assumes that the vacuum furnished excess energy to the system twice.  But the system, it assumes, is so stupidly designed that it will only accept the energy changes in terms of two fields and their energy, with the fields directly equal and opposite. In that case, there is no net TRANSLATION field, and hence that free regauging energy cannot translate electrons to do work in the external load.  However, the two opposing fields and their energy do remain, and they constitute a new stress potential that has been freely created in the system.  Further, that stress potential continually does internal work in the system and upon it, to increase and maintain its additional stress.


Further, since that increase in stress potential energy is a relativistic change, the frame of that system has been rotated out of the lab frame, simply by straightforward special relativity.


Yet every textbook and electrical engineering department and professor continues to teach that this symmetrically regauged system is exactly the same as the previously unregauged system!  With such misunderstanding of the physics involved, it is little wonder that the model propagated by electrical engineering assumes an inert vacuum (falsified for many decades in particle physics) and a flat local spacetime (falsified for nearly a century by general relativity).


That such a mess continues to be brain-washed into our sharp graduate students is a great tragedy.


Hopefully we will see a change in this iron scientific mindset.  If we do not, and they continue to use an antiquated electrodynamics more than a century old, then the world economy will go, terrible wars with use of weapons of mass destruction will occur, and the world may very well bomb itself back into the stone age.


And yes, the poverty and dire circumstances of the third world nations is heart-rending to any person who has even a semblance of a heart.  I have seen that, and it has burned itself into my mind forever.  One third of the human race goes to be hungry at night.  One-third has worms --- WORMS, for goodness sakes!  Much of the world has no notion (or chance) at simple hygiene such as clean drinking water.


In our plans, if we do succeed with the MEG, we already have it welded in any agreement that 10% of the GROSS sales in a given country will be ploughed right back into building an infrastructure there.  Directly to the people themselves.  Put in clean water wells, give the remote villages self-powering generators, send in maintenance teams periodically, give them lights and power, send in medical teams, teach them hygiene, build schools and staff them with teachers, give free texts, get those kids being educated, send in emergency food as needed, etc.  Build roads and bridges, to get the country moving.   And so on.


Anyway, I don't care who gets it done; but it's got to be done, or civilization is headed back to the dark ages.  We will give it our very best shot with the MEG, and we will either succeed or fail. 


If we do not succeed, perhaps some other group with a different unit will still get it done.  Several other inventors do have legitimate experimental units that could also be developed into production units.  Bedini has several, there are also others.  I am also hopeful that, if one group can succeed, then several other groups can obtain the necessary development capital to get rolling.  The time-line to prevent world economic collapse is so short that everything that can be done, ought to be done.  It's a matter of the survival of civilization itself, in my opinion.  And if those downtrodden third world countries are to have a chance for their suffering population, it has to be done like this.  Cheap energy (and hopefully cheap CLEAN energy) is the primary basis that has to be there to ever get it done.  They are not going to get that from the oil companies, big nuclear power folks, and the orthodox scientific community.  Big centralized power cannot do the job and it will not do the job.  Instead, we will just see such shenanigans as we saw with Enron.


Sorry I cannot give you a guarantee on the production schedule for the MEG.  All I can say is that we are giving it our very best shot, and we will continue to do so.


Very best wishes,


Tom Bearden


Subject: Market Availability Schedule

Col. Tom, 


I've just returned from a medical mission trip to Honduras.
I suspect you already have a pretty fair idea of what folks in the third
world are facing.  We saw one four year old girl that weighed only 10
pounds.  It seems she was eaten up with parasites.  She is not alone.
Apparently the entire population suffers from one water borne disease or

There are new portable water treatment technologies coming to market,
but all will require power.  Your newly patented device for capturing
the energy of space would appear to be a natural to power these water
treatment facilities in the third world.

We have a tentative schedule to return to Honduras in August `03. My
question:  In your judgment is it realistic to plan for deploying your
'power' device only 14 months out, and to do so in primitive
circumstances where skilled maintenance technicians are not readily

Best Regards,