The Tom Bearden



Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 00:29:25 -0500


 The scheduled University independent testing is off, because the University would not sign noncircumvention.  Universities, it seems, are very hungry for patents these days.   So for an inventor or inventor group to work with them, a noncircumvention agreement is absolutely required.  The Administration of the university simply would not sign it.  The scientists set to do the work did get a look at the device, and were very interested.  They were an exceptionally good team, and we really hoped to work with them, giving complete release of all details required for full independent replication.  Such was not to be.

 We are now moving much of our effort overseas to seek funding and work with such a team.

 Also, several other inventors besides us also have working units, or at least successful working experiments which could be developed for production given substantial funding.  I hope all of them succeed; you are quite correct that it is desperately needed.  In the old vaudeville jargon, "We ain't seen nothing yet!"  Wait till after this winter.  Then it will really start to sink in.

 Oddly, a couple days ago I watched a bunch of journalists on TV, discussing the fact that "there is really not an energy crisis, gas is really not high comparatively, blah blah blah."  But perhaps next Spring the tune will change.

 Best wishes,

Tom Bearden

Date: Mon, 21 May 2001 23:52:19 -0400
Subject: For Tom Bearden: MEG independent testing

Dear Mr. Bearden:

If we ever need a breakthrough in physics to solve our energy crisis, it is now.  I appreciate your efforts to provide technology that will solve this problem.  It is disappointing that the White House energy policy is focusing so much on increased coal and nuclear power production.

I was wondering when the independent testing of the MEG will be complete and released.  It would be nice to see the test results even if the details of the device's operation must remain secret until patents are received.