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Subject: RE: (Update) The Chung Negative Resistance (CNR) experiment
Date: Mon, 21 May 2001 00:53:04 -0500

Dear Jean-Louis,

My heartiest congratulations on your successful replication of the Chung negative resistance experiment. It is marvelous that you did it so quickly and efficiently, and posted the experiment and the results on your website.

Your important replication now adds directly to the accumulating knowledge and demonstration that overunity EM systems and true negative resistances can be built and utilized.

Your replication is also most timely, as the world energy crisis continues to increase.

Again, for all the community, let me thank you for your long dedication and persistence in your experiments and other efforts.  You have provided an inspiration for all the independent researchers, young graduate students, and young post-docs worldwide.

This is a historical development of great significance.

Very best wishes,

Tom Bearden

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Subject: (Update) The Chung Negative Resistance (CNR) experiment


Dear Tom,

Today I have updated my web site with a VERY INTERESTING experiment that I have conducted successfully :

<< In a July 9, 1998, at the 5th International Conference on Composites
Engineering in Las Vegas,Dr. Deborah D. L. Chung, professor of mechanical and
aerospace engineering at University at Buffalo (UB), reported that she
hadobserved apparent negative resistance in interfaces between layers of
carbon fibers in a composite material. Professor Chung holds the Niagara
Mohawk Chair in Materials Research at UB and is internationally recognized
for her work in smart materials and carbon composites.

The negative resistance was observed in a direction perpendicular to the
fiber layers. A paper describing the research was submitted by Chung to a
peer-reviewed journal,and a patent application was filed by the University. >>

Document source "On Extracting Electromagnetic Energy from theVacuum"
IC-2000, by Tom Bearden

Now, On May 19th, 2001, I have been able to replicate successfully the
Chung's Negative Resistance (CNR). You will find in my web site at :

all informations and datas about the CNR experiment that I have done. The CNR
experiment has been conducted so as to be closer to the original Chung's
which is fully described in the paper "Apparent negative electrical
resistance in carbon fiber composites," by Shoukai Wang and D.D.L. Chung -
Composites, Part B, Vol. 30, 1999, p. 579-590.

The results are now very encouraging, today, I can confirm experimentaly the
"Negative Resistance" discovered by Dr. Chung in 1998.

This fascinating discoverydone by Dr Chung is a real breakthrough in

More tests are soon planned, stay tuned...

Anything news about the MEG ?

Best Regards
Jean-Louis Naudin
Web site :