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Subject: RE: Points of no return
Date: Sun, 20 May 2001 15:25:43 -0500

They are my own estimations, taken from the best curves I could find, and a variety of sources, dealing with (1) the projected population expansion, (2) the projected electrical energy demand expansion, (3) the projected oil, natural gas, and coal needs, etc.  We also factored in the long delay that will ensue prior to the coming on line of new power plants, etc. as well as the building of new pipelines, bringing new oil and gas production on line, the sad shortage of refineries (when President Clinton made the great gesture of opening up oil from the strategic reserve, very quietly the oil had to be sent abroad to even refine it, because the U.S. refineries have been declining steadily and we simply did not have the capacity to refine it).  So it was shipped overseas, shipped back, and then made it to the pumps, etc. 

The military assessments are also taken from my years of military experience in the intelligence, analysis, scientific and engineering game and for my years of effort in finally convincing the U.S. government of the scalar weapons threat.  It is not a simple matter of just "energy needs" versus "environmental damage to try to meet those needs".  The civilian populace seems to be asleep, as to the portent of the increasing flash points around the world.  The U.S. has 10 active divisions -- frankly, if a big balloon goes up, we couldn't fight out way out of a paper sack.  Presently we cannot even defeat the drug cartel, and we are losing the battle against drugs, as witness the increasing number of overdose deaths per year and increasing addiction, particularly in our younger citizens.  We could not redo the Persian Gulf war, because the main two U.S. divisions which did most of the ground combat action have been abolished.

 Meanwhile, the first phase of World War III has already been completed, and again the civilian community seems totally asleep.  Read Lunev's book; he tells you precisely how the Russians clandestinely introduced large nuclear weapons into major U.S. cities, and substantial numbers of Spetznaz teams to detonate them when the time comes.  Many hostile nations have also introduced weapons of mass destruction such as anthrax, smallpox, etc. into U.S. population centers, along with the terrorist teams to unleash them on order.  This also has been done in other developed countries.  Unleashing smallpox alone, e.g., will eventually kill some 2 billion; check it out, that's the estimate.  This pre-deployment of mass destruction weapons and their threat, is the OFFICIALLY RECOGNIZED greatest strategic threat to the U.S. (and to other developed nations).  Again, simply check it out.

 So whether we like it or not, the world is now a giant powder keg waiting to explode.  China WILL move on Taiwan, perhaps as early as next year.  There WILL be a war in the Mid-East; the Arab mindset alone will see to it, as will Saddam Hussein and several other influential Arab leaders.  It is interesting also to see the Chinese installations set up on both U.S. coasts, and on the Panama Canal.  Meanwhile, for decades Castro trained special terrorist teams (guerrilla/saboteur/terrorist combined) in Southern Mexico, and most of the graduates were clandestinely introduced across the U.S.-Mexican border into the United States.  So we have about 5,000 of those fellows prepared to destroy the power grid, key bridges, refineries, communications centers, etc.  Meanwhile, the Yakuza (Japanese Mafia) have taken over the banking in Japan, and strongly penetrate all large Japanese companies and the Japanese government.  Their presence in the U.S. is increasing.  They are mortally determined to participate in the destruction of the U.S., having never forgiven us for defeating them in WW II and for dropping the atomic bombs on Japan.  The Yakuza along with the Aum Shinrikyo leased the scalar interferometer weapons on site in Russia, from the KGB, at the end of 1989.  It is Yakuza fingers on the interferometers that are now engineering our weather, initiating earthquakes, initiating volcanoes into eruption, shooting down aircraft from time to time, etc.

 As we stated, the first phase of WW III -- placing the strategic weapons on target -- has been accomplished already.

 Red China also has the scalar weapons, and an even more fearsome EM weapon that I will not publicly discuss.  It is an awesome strategic weapon.

 Then look at the effect of treaties such as NAFTA and GATT etc.  These export manufacturing jobs from the developed nations to developing nations (read: to essentially slave labor nations, where labor is cheap, politicians are bought for a song, there are few if any environmental restrictions, etc.).  So enormous profits are being made, on the backs of poor foreign laborers trying to support their families.

 Meanwhile, the High Cabal -- as Winston Churchill called them -- has decided to directly resolve the world's overpopulation problem.  That is to be done by deliberately engendering the energy crisis, etc. (and other means) so that the nations wind up doing the population elimination job themselves, by unleashing all the armadas of mass destruction on one another as the world economy pinches.

 China, North Korea, etc. are helping various hostile nations acquire missiles and nuclear weapons capabilities.  When the Russian economy fell at the "end of the cold war" (which did not end, but merely changed complexion), the scientists in the secret biowar labs there sold such things as new strains of smallpox, and every other kind of BW agent imaginable, to the highest terrorist bidder.  Many found lucrative employment in foreign nations hostile to the U.S. and its allies.  They don't have to "discover" how to build lethal BW agents; they already are thoroughly experienced and masters of the game.  Crop BW warfare alone and "food supply" warfare may already be being used.  We have not seen the last of such things as Mad Cow disease, etc.  But only the beginning -- right at the time that the pathogens are getting immune to our antibiotics.

 No nation, not one, has effective ways to deal with the mass casualties to be expected in WMD warfare and unleashing of BW weapons.  Triage will be the treatment.

 Anyone can see a new Mid-East conflict being engendered.  China has declared the South China Sea as its territorial waters; 60% of Japanese oil is shipped through there, along with oil for other nations as well.  China may move on Taiwan as early as next year, or wait a little longer.  But China will move, be assured of that.  One hidden factor is that, since Chinese peasants traditionally kill many of their female children so as to have more sons for work and support, that has happened and there are several million more young Chinese males than there are females.  The present regime will eventually have to resolve that growing problem by sending millions of them off to war, to be killed.  Horrible, but Communists make decisions such as that; witness the slaughter of the Chinese peasants by Communists when they took power, and the Russian slaughter of their own peasants to force them into communes.   The world seems immune to human slaughter on mass scale, as witness what has happened in Africa alone.  One third of the human race goes to bed hungry at night.  One third has WORMS, for goodness sakes.  So much for our enlightened modern scientific culture.

 Also, the most lethal and decisive weapons on earth are NOT nuclear weapons, ICBMs, strategic bombers, etc.  These are bad enough, but there are other weapons (confirmed by then Defense Secretary Cohen at a conference in Georgia in 1997, and his statement is in the official transcript).  These weapons are eerie longitudinal EM wave interferometers, and have been clandestinely used for decades.  They destroyed the U.S.S. Thresher in 1963, e.g.  Cohen confirmed these weapons are currently being used to engineer the weather (I publicized that more than 20 years ago, and printed actual photos of the specific cloud signatures), trigger earthquakes, and initiate eruption of volcanoes.  They also shoot down airplanes ever so often, and other good little things.  The most powerful weapons are quantum potential weapons, built from the theory of David Bohm.  Three nations (not the U.S.) now have them, and a fourth -- China -- is rapidly getting close to having them.

 Note that every major weapons lab on earth has now "discovered" longitudinal EM waves and the potential for weaponization.  Simply download papers by Rodrigues and Lu from the Los Alamos National Laboratory web site.

 So if one understands what is really going on, and where it's heading, the energy crisis and its concomitant escalating effect on the world economy will generate increasing conflicts, which means that the flash points start erupting.  It then becomes just a matter of time until the sudden violent eruption of it all -- the old "spasm response" that all our strategic studies used to show, back when we did them honestly and did not have to be "politically correct".

 The reason the world will explode is quite simple.  No one has effective defenses against WMD.  Hence as the conflicts increase in number and intensity, at some point one or more hard pressed nations will unleash the bigger weapons.  At that moment, the only chance a nation has of surviving at all, is to fire everything it has, as rapidly as it can, and destroy its enemies before they destroy it.  With no defense, it is strictly a "quick draw" game, or in U.S. history legend, it's the "gunfight at the O.K. Corral."

 That is what the MAD (aptly named!) doctrine means and evokes: you are guaranteed to be destroyed if you do not somehow first destroy your perceived adversary.

 The only thing I personally can do to try to delay or soften all that, is to try to see that the mindset of the scientific community changes, so that self-powering electrical power systems, freely taking their energy from the vacuum, are rolling off the assembly lines by about 2004 if humanly possible.  Else we run the risk of overrunning the point of no return, and the probability of the Great Armageddon and destruction of civilization will then rise day by day.

 Don't take my word for it!  Simply do your own analysis, but you must take into account all the factors, not just energy alone, etc.

 Nowadays few do that; instead, most studies today seem to be self-serving, and "bent to support some particular cause or view".

 Understand, I would fervently hope that I am wrong, wrong, wrong, and that my years of intel analysis and strategic analysis is misguided.

 But so far, all the indicators continue to pile up and support that analysis and opinion, with something like 90 to 95 % probability.

Very best wishes,

 Tom Bearden, Ph.D.
LTC, U.S. Army (Retired)
Board Member, Magnetic Energy Limited
Director, ADAS
Fellow Emeritus, Alpha Foundation's Institute for Advanced Study

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Subject: Points of no return
Date: Sun, 20 May 2001 03:10:03 +0200

Please forward to Tomas Bearden.


My name is *******  and I work in "The Bellona Foundation" (located in Norway), one of the most respected and influential environmental organizations in Europe.
As this paper shows you are very specific dating future critical points of no return, for example the collapse of the global economy sometime around 2008 if overunity systems are not in production by first quarter 2004.

My question to you is; what / who is your source on these estimations?

Best regards,
******* ~ Oslo (With English pages)