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Date: Thu, 15 May 2003 12:14:02 -0500



Took a brief look, and can see you are struggling to "get at it where it lives".  Some constructive comments:


You are quite correct in going after the action of the vacuum/spacetime/ether, whatever one wishes to call it.  The best way to approach it is to realize that quantum field theory and general relativity already do this quite well (but nothing is perfect!).


The problem with the classical electrodynamics (CED) is that it still assumes a MATERIAL ether, from the old days.  There has to be at least a modifier on the front end of "material", so that one would have something like "virtual matter" ether or "virtual particle flux" ether.  That will get you into particle physics and quantum field theory.


CED also of course assumes that all EM fields, EM potentials, and every joule of EM energy in the universe comes from the associated source charge(s).  It is easily shown that a charge continuously pours out real, observable EM energy (real photons) in all directions, establishing its associated EM fields and potentials and their energy, expanding at light speed.


However, CED also assumes there is absolutely no input of EM energy to the source charge!  So it assumes that every EM field, EM potential, and joule of EM energy in the universe has been freely created out of nothing at all.  And of course that is a total violation of the conservation of energy law.  Either we lose energy conservation, or one must explain that input energy (which already exists in particle physics since 1957, as I discuss in a place or two on my website).


The problem with particle physics, however, is that the Standard Model used in particle physics also excludes gravity.  So it is far from complete, only accounting for the strong force, weak force, and EM force. It also has other substantial problems; see Gordon Kane's nice little synopsis, "The Dawn of Physics Beyond the Standard Model," Scientific American, June 2003, p.  68-75.


To get even closer, see the various unified field theory publications by Mendel Sachs, since his is in general engineerable, and not just mathematical.  The best work (for the future) is work just being completed by Myron Evans of the AIAS, who has discovered a rather astounding "master equation" gathering it all in.  It seems that just about all the other branches of physics can be derived from this single equation -- but the entire mathematical complexities of all the various forms of mathematics folded in there is very sophisticated, even though the equation is rather simple looking.  It contains, however, some incredibly powerful congealing of several forms of mathematics and physics.  So it is extraordinarily powerful.  But again, it is also engineerable and testable.  So we will be seeing more of it in the future.  The first preliminary paper has been approved for publication in Found. Phys. Lett., and a much longer and deeper paper is in preparation now.


Anyway, you are correct that one must get out of the standard electrical engineering and standard Maxwell-Heaviside electrodynamics.  Much better systems of electrodynamics have long been available in particle physics.


Best wishes,

Tom Bearden

Dear Dr. Bearden,
I enjoyed your article (
A Redefinition of the Energy Ansatz, Leading to a Fundamentally New Class of Nuclear Interactions).
I usually just skim the articles and read the conclusions, but I read your findings from start to finish.
What a revolution in physics we are experiencing in our own lifetimes!
In my spare time I have created a small website devoted to an alternate hypothesis.
I would be pleased if you could take a minute to review it.
Go to:
After your review, please let me know what you think.
P.S. Congratulations on your progress!
Jim D.