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Subject: RE: Nato shows footage of 'dynamic targeting' of Libya air  strikes - video | World news |

Date: Tue, 10 May 2011 19:46:09 -0500


(thanks IB for the video link)

Hi Tony,
The buildings do seem to be destroyed in a very unusual way, suggesting that something other than just "bombs" was and is being used.
We certainly have the weapons necessary to do such things, if they wish to use them.
Also, it may be that they are deliberately demonstrating to the Libyan militaryas a clear warningthat something they do not understand at all is being used!
It just may be that certain "spiking/pulsing patterns" are also being produced deliberately by otherwise very small bombs. If so, they are employing precursor engineering, which could indeed explain the phenomenology results.
But thanks for the information!
I'll try to keep both eyes peeled and see if I can come to any definite conclusions or not.
Very best wishes,

P.S. Here's something to think about! Remember the recent statement by Soros that we have to get rid of the U.S. government, and just have a World Government? He meant every evil word. However, the Russians fully understand that this means getting rid not just of the U.S. government, but all other national governments as well, including the Russian Government. It would be a return to total dictatorial rule again in Russia -- and the Russians have been there, and done that! They have no intention of going there again! So they are not sitting idly by and watching the Control Group really establish a total world order/absolute dictatorship. They do not intend to allow the world order to do away with the Russian government and hurl them back to the Stalinist absolute dictatorship days.
Well, the Russians have had precursor engineering (and many shockingly advanced things) for decades, and lots of other goodies as well. So they are very quietly releasing to the U.S. some specific things to help "fight" the world order and its intention of establishing a World Government dictatorship.
It appears that this is why a Russian scientist named Klimov came (or was sent) to the U.S. to set up that Klimov group in LANL. And thereby to provide us with true free "energy from the vacuum" self-powering systems of great utility. And that they did about 5 years or so ago. It is now openly published in the leading physics journals, and leading nanocrystalline journals, worldwide. So it cannot ever be classified and hidden -- and everybody can know it and start to have free energy systems -- striking the World Order control folks right in their guts against big oil, high and rising gasoline prices, and increasing costs of energy, etc.
Eerily, it means we have a new and very powerful ally -- Russia! -- in our struggle (whether we know it or not) with the Control Groups.
Frankly, since they have long had precursor engineering highly developed, the Russians are presently just about the single most powerful ally we ordinary citizens could pick up. So we have oddly been very fortunate indeed, in that the Control Groups now have lots more to think about than just easily setting up a total dictatorship here in the U.S. first, and then everywhere else also.

From: Tony Craddock
Sent: Tuesday, May 10, 2011 5:58 PM
To: Tom Bearden

Subject: Fwd: Nato shows footage of 'dynamic targeting' of Libya air strikes - video | World news |

Take a look at this NATO video.

For the buildings to be vaporized and implode like they do, surely there has to be something scalar/ hyperspace going on?

Maybe the debris is "exported" into hyperspace via a wormhole?  Look at the debris boundary, mere feet away from the building!!

And I do know that one can't explode something in close quarters and create a vacuum!  That's not possible with "conventional" physics.