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Date: Mon, 5 May 2003 22:24:21 -0500

Dear Japam,

Best way to see it is to compare it to Lorentz symmetrical regauging of the Maxwell-Heaviside equations.

That regauging produces two new EM force fields that are equal and opposite, and sum to a vector zero (for translation).  This is not exactly a zero force in the truest sense; both force fields are still there and they do continuously act on the system.  But there is no NET vector translation force to translation electrons and do work in the circuit, yet there is excess potential energy and there is work being continuously performed on the system.  The two force fields do act, and they continually produce stress in the system.  The "stress energy" resulting from this activity forms a stress potential added to the system.  How one varies that stress potential (magnitude, phase, modulation, etc.) can be very complex and can produce very complex results in materials (particularly in nonlinear material systems, such as a living body).

This stress potential is a change to the energy density of the local vacuum, and the local spacetime.  Hence it represents a curvature of the local spacetime (or at least a rotation of the frame of the stressed system, away from the lab frame).

Producing the curvature of spacetime that way is an electrogravitational change.  Hence one can make electrogravitational waves, with different magnitudes, frequencies, phasing, modulations, etc.

So one can oscillate the stress potential and all such components, producing a longitudinal (stress) EM wave of sometimes extraordinary characteristics.

For best results, the two opposing waves must not just "mix", but must "modulate" each other and "weld together".  For that reason, the effectiveness or noneffectiveness of the coil depends to a great extend on what material is placed inside it as a core material, to perform that "mutual modulation" or "locking".

Depending on the core utilized, the emitted waves can differ.  Some can be somewhat hostile or even fairly damaging to humans.

I personally do not recommend that any but the most expert experimenters obeying all safety precautions mess with such waves and coils with various cores.  Since there are no handbooks on these effects, any researcher assumes his own responsibility for performing any research at all in this area.

The output of a good coil of this type can often affect a Geiger counter, at least in certain frequency ranges.

A longitudinal EM wave is also accompanied by a time-polarized (scalar) EM wave.  Neither the scalar (time-polarized) EM wave nor the longitudinal EM wave are individually detectable, but the combination is detectable as an electrostatic scalar potential (essentially common voltage).

With some arrangements, such a coil (or any other process giving these waves) can "time-charge" an interacting mass.  This is particularly true when sharp gradients are used, and when long emission/interaction times are used.

In that case, the "time-charged" mass --- once the charging is removed --- will gradually decay over an extended period, emitting longitudinal EM waves in the process.

If you wish to explore more deeply into these strange waves and their ingredients, then you should check quantum field theory, where the four polarizations of the photon do include the time-polarized photon and the longitudinal photon.  Neither photon is individually observable, but the coupling of the two is observable as the instantaneous scalar potential.

In the kill of the Arrow DC-8 jetliner at Gander, Newfoundland on Dec. 12, 1985, the sudden strike of the "electromagnetic missile" represented a very sharp gradient stress wave striking the aircraft.  Consequently it highly time-charged the parts of the aircraft in that vicinity (fuselage and forward cabin).  When the ground personnel then recovered and handled that debris from the crash site, they were exposed to significant longitudinal EM wave radiation by the time-charge decay of the struck materials.  The result was several dozen becoming ill, and some of them are still ill today. Admittedly that was a powerful and dramatic case, but it illustrates the fact that high powered LW waves (stress waves) are nothing to "play" with, and demand the utmost care.  Any experimentation should be done only by very experienced professionals, assuming personal responsibility for their experiments, who also keep Geiger counters close by to detect it if the radiation becomes significant.  The experimenter personally assumes all responsibility for the risks involved, and is warned that this can be a dangerous area, particularly if substantial power and sharp gradients are used.

Best wishes,

Tom Bearden

hi again

I am trying to understand the principles behind the bifilar coil

as I can see it has zero inductance because the Lenz law is applied twice in two different directions

I don't understand why some researchers say that this coil produces voltage because the variation of inductance, as for example in the TIME ENERGY PUMP

could you enlighten me something about this?