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Date: Tue, 4 May 2004 13:51:14 -0500


Hi Paul,


I’ve liked what Mills has been doing for some time! More power to him, and I wish him every success. He’s worked very hard for it, and he’s giving it the very best old college try that can be done!


Hey, I don’t care who does cheap clean energy systems or gets them on the market first. I’ll cheer him on like gangbusters. We desperately need anything like that, that can be done, if the nation is to survive. We need it massively, and we need it now. Forget the NAS, the NSF, the NAE, the DoE, the national laboratories, the universities, and the U.S. scientific community. As far as any solution to th energy crisis is concerned, not only will they fiddle while Rome burns, but they will help burn it. Simply take a look at their websites and officially stated programs. Nothing there worth a hoot.


The “Big Nuke Power” folks are salivating over the coming crisis; they are thirsting to get cracking on building lots more big nuclear power plants. But even after approval, it takes something like 7 years to build such a plant and get it on line, delivering power. That’s too late; we’ll either survive or be finished before that. And even if we could build them much faster, they still depend on the silly and horribly antiquated grid to get that power to the targeted areas. The grid alone is so vulnerable that such a “solution” is nonsense, considering the terrorism threat and its coming escalation. So what is in the real planning now is some 100 or so more coal fired power plants. We do have the coal, but it will add lots of pollution etc. And the huge and unacceptable problem of centralization – with its utter dependence on the power grid – is still there. Make no bones about it; the power grid is going to be laid down, once the increased terrorist activity is unleashed. In the presence of determined terrorist warfare inside one’s country, the day of the centralized power system is finished. Of course, it adds to the melee and the damage and destruction  if our scientists and leaders just keep proceeding down the same old power centralization path.


Every EM field, EM potential, and every joule of EM energy in the universe – let alone in our power lines and circuits – is and has been extracted directly from the seething vacuum energy, by the associated source charges. So how many funded scientific programs are ongoing to study how the source charge does it, and then to use that knowledge in systems that do it?


Not one.


Here are some of the reasons why I feel so strongly about the desperate need to get self-powered energy systems (taking their energy directly from the local vacuum) developed and into full-bore mass production as soon as it is humanly possible.


In my personal view, the blunt truth is that we’re probably something like two to three years away from a horrible energy crunch of mind-staggering proportion. The impact of the war on terrorism – which will continue to spread and “bleed the U.S. Dragon” – is likely to exacerbate that crunch to a real economic crisis of overwhelming proportion – probably a catastrophic collapse of the U.S. economy, if the crunch is also carefully augmented by coordinating the terrorist activity waiting to be unleashed here in the U.S.


Now consider military type planning by hostile terrorist groups. If one were one of the big terrorist organizations, etc., with hostile assets (anthrax, nuclear weapons, smallpox, teams, etc. already infiltrated into the U.S. and just biding their time until they get the go order), that’s about the ideal time one would give the order to unleash the hounds of major terrorist strikes. Do the maximum disruption at the most critical period, when it will hurt the most. Augment the chaos of the targeted foe, to the highest degree possible.


If at about the same time the terrorists start laying down the U.S. power grid in the dirt (piece of cake!), blowing up some natural gas and oil pipelines (real piece of cake), blowing a few bridges on that road in South Louisiana where just about all the support for our Gulf Oil rigs comes over, etc., (another real piece of cake), then one can easily see the rapid augmentation of the economic crunch – and the escalated probability of a tremendous economic collapse.


It’s simple, in a way. The modern economy of any developed (and developing) nation depends to a large extent on cheap power. Heretofore that’s largely been coal and cheap oil. And ancillary to the oil, there are the necessary processing facilities such as refineries. Now check out the U.S. refinery situation, and how many refineries have been built now for some time. Ugh! It’s a very bad little picture, not usually waved out there in public. Refineries have electronic controls etc. over most all the big mechanical valves, etc. And those controls are deadly vulnerable to some simple things – such as portable EMP shooters that can fit in the back of a big SUV. Lots of nations – quite a few of them hostile to us and backing the terrorists clandestinely – can make such shooters. And some other weapons that will also do the trick nicely. And yes, such weapons also will work nicely against the controls of nuclear power plants, etc. The Yakuza, e.g., has capabilities to have long since made such weapons and others based on different principles. Fairly short range, but good enough to shoot nuclear power plant controls.


Add an anthrax spray attack on one of our cities -- two guys in a little bitty plane on a quiet night, one flying and one spraying, and about 100 Kilograms of anthrax spores. Done well, that gets about one to three million casualties. Most of those will die, since inhaled anthrax is highly lethal and very little treatable after the symptoms have appeared. And then, how the devil does one decontaminate that city? Ugh! There are some harsh sprays that will do it. So somebody is going to have to make a decision to spray or not to spray. If one doesn’t spray, then far more people die, and the stuff gets spread all over. Scratch another couple million or more delayed casualties. If one does spray (have to do it two or three times at least), then one has also inevitably signed the death warrants for lots of little children, old folks, debilitated folks, folks with lung conditions etc.


And hey! Guess how many protective masks are already produced and ready to issue to the populace for its protection. Ha! How many three-headed elephants has one seen lately! I suspect we will be doing well if we even have masks for our National Guardsmen, emergency crews and police, hospital and emergency crews, etc. Certainly we didn’t have enough body armor for our own troops there in Iraq. In any combat situation, the logistics tail is of great importance. How many news articles does one see discussing the logistics tail of the preparations for such mass attacks on our populace, or reporting the status of the logistics stockpile that is necessary? In most cases it’s more of a question of “What logistics stockpile?”


Let’s be conservative in our counteraction estimate: The spraying (with some harsh stuff that will kill anthrax and such agents) of a substantial populace (say, of 5 or 6 million)  may kill from 20,000 to 50,000 from the spray alone. Now who is going to make that kind of decision and order that spraying? In military combat, high level commanders do have to make such decisions. An Army commander, say, with 12 divisions in the field, may face a great attack and pending massive breakthrough that threatens to destroy his forces. So he may have to sacrifice two divisions, say, by hurling them pointblank into the teeth of the attack. He knows when he issues the order that he is sending those 36,000 men to their certain death. They know it too. But his options are simple: If he doesn’t do it, he will lose most of his entire Army. If he does it, he can pull back the rest of his forces to much better prepared positions in the rear while the blocking two divisions delay the onslaught as they die. That way, he loses two divisions and the main body of his Army lives to fight another day with the other 10.


So high level field commanders are often faced with making combat decisions that do sometimes harshly involve great loss of human life. But now the “combat” and its “combat decisions” have moved right into our cities and population centers, and the “forces” at risk are our civilian populace. Mothers and little babies and children and old men and hospital patients and nursing home residents and persons with lung ailments, and persons in wheel chairs, etc.  You see the point. Who on earth in his worst nightmares would ever want to have to make such a decision, involving those noncombatants? There are no good solutions there at all; just two very bad solutions.


Nobody discusses that sort of thing, of course, but that is what is waiting on us if and when the terrorists start to unleash some real attacks such as anthrax spraying of large population centers.


And look up the word “triage” in emergency medical care, particularly for large disasters. In terrible circumstances (such as a spray anthrax attack), all medical facilities and capabilities will simply be overwhelmed at the getgo. And most of those who are “sick” (i.e., already exhibit symptoms of anthrax), are most likely to die anyway. There are pitifully few emergency supplies, vaccines, etc. actually available. So in such case, triage is evoked. The little but precious supplies that are available, and the little but precious treatment capabilities that are available, are reserved for the least sick and therefore the most likely to recover with treatment. The treatment and the supplies are thus withheld from the most hopelessly ill and those with little chance of survival even if treated. The patients most desperately in need, are not treated! What happens is that those patients will just be set aside to die. Made comfortable if possible, painkillers if possible, but that’s about it. Now imagine that sort of thing with a million casualties and desperate, sick Americans everywhere – again, the noncombatants, including the most helpless, the lame, the suffering, etc. And imagine the massive use of triage in that situation. That is the real nature of the horror that is lurking in the wings for this “new kind of war” where the civilian populace is the target.


There have long been Russian (former Soviet) nuclear weapons (placed here during the old Cold War) in our major cities and population centers, along with Spetznaz teams to detonate them on command. Read Lunev’s book; he tells some of the ways the Soviets inserted them. No one knows how many other nuclear warheads got purchased by hostile nations and groups; more than 100 missile nuclear warheads came up missing and unaccounted in the Ukraine alone. Nuclear warheads DO NOT get lost. They got stolen and sold on the black market, when the Soviet economy collapsed and they could not even pay the generals and the troops. So one could buy just about anything one wished, if one had the money and the guts. So some did buy. One Russian Mafia person (see Lunev’s book) even bought a full nuclear sub, along with a Russian admiral to run it for him. He planned to use it in the dope trade! Fortunately they got him before he took possession.


Huge tonnages of high grade anthrax (wastes!) were dumped by the old Soviet Union on an island in the Caspian sea. The stuff is in the sand. Want some good high-grade anthrax? Lots of it? For a long time, all you had to do was go to that island with a shovel and a sack. Or with some shovels and lots of sacks. And some of the terrorists did just that. Today that island is secured so that at least they can’t just continue to willy nilly dig the anthrax up and carry it off. But lots of anthrax did get dug up and transported away, before the security forces were deployed. Guess what kind of folks dug it off and hauled it away. And why. And who the target of that anthrax is going to be.


Now does one see any connection between that and the little “anthrax mailing episodes” of mailing a little high grade anthrax in letters through the postal service, to test how much disruption could be done by a sudden and clandestine mass mailing? The answer is, a whale of a disruption! Guess why the little mail tests were made in the first place. And guess when those hostile terrorist assets already in the U.S. are planning to make the “big one” with a sudden secret mass mailing all over, from many post offices at once. Put that in the same time period, and you see the resulting additional chaos. In the chaos of war, to win it one always augments or reinforces the chaos of the targeted foe – and one augments it as much as possible. In the new “asymmetric” warfare, the civilian populace is targeted and the chaos is induced in it.  The augmentation of the chaos by additional means is therefore directed at the same targeted populace. As much as humanly (or should one say “fiendishly”) possible.


And yes, the Yakuza does appear to have adjusted a large scalar interferometer (they operate leased ones on site in Russia, where they leased them at the end of 1989) on the Yellowstone caldera. And yes, the USGS is now under different management and part of the reorganization of HomeLand Defense. Suddenly it is questionable whether they are really reporting all the earthquakes. Such as creeping in on the Yellowstone caldera, presently the largest known supervolcano on earth. Tickle that one into eruption, and kiss North America goodbye. Something like 74,000 years ago (estimates vary a bit) a big supervolcano in Sumatra erupted. That one appears to have wiped out almost all human life on earth, except for about 10,000 survivors. Those survivors appear to have been localized in Africa. The human genetics today does show that trail, with that “bottleneck” in human genetics occurring about that same time frame. And it does show that “everything looks as if it came from Africa!)


If the “creeping in on it” quakes that occurred in the vicinity of Yellowstone were indeed such a Yakuza adjustment of one of their large strategic scalar interferometers, then every day, 24 hours a day, there is a Yakuza finger on the trigger of one or more weapons that, with a single push of the button, will wipe out North America to include just about all the United States. Push the button, wait a few days while the energy kindles, and the supervolcano violently erupts and the U.S. just went right down the tubes.


Now who in the heck says such capabilities as causing earthquakes and evoking volcanoes into eruption with strange electromagnetic weapons not only exists but is actually being used? The U.S. Secretary of Defense in 1997, that’s who.


Here is the critical part of the actual statement by Secretary of Defense William Cohen in April 1997:


"Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves… So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations…It's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify our efforts, and that's why this is so important."


So who among the media listened and reacted to the first confirmation of this sort of thing, by a high level U.S. government official? No one. For goodness sakes, the juicy Clinton-Lewinsky scandal was in full hue and cry. So who cared about the ability of the “terrorists” to do a silly little thing like trigger a volcano into eruption – or to trigger the Yellowstone supervolcano into eruption and destroy the U.S.!


Any way one cuts the cookie, we are in for a very wild ride somewhere down the road about three years from now.


So at least to try to help prevent the coming economic collapse because of a holocaust of an energy crisis, (“augmenting the chaos” of the “targeted populace”), anything and everything that can be done to get cheap clean energy systems – that operate in decentralized mode – onto the market, as rapidly as possible, is needed with the utmost urgency. And the utmost priority.


So what are our scientific institutions doing about it? Sitting on their hands.


In my view, Mills is doing everything he possibly can do to affect that coming threat in a way that will soften the blow and reduce the chaos.


So whether anyone believes it or not, in my book he’s one of the staunch defenders of the U.S., gearing toward a time period and a coming full-bore threat that nobody much cares about yet.


That’s why I say, “More power to him! “


Best wishes,

Tom Bearden


Hi, Tom,
What do you think of this new direct plasma to electricity conversion technology?
They are expecting RAPID market penetration - via franchising the service sector.
They have a large section on papers describing the technology, and a book.

they have a book out as well:

Short summary:
BlackLight Power Inc., is the pioneer of technology based on the patented process of releasing chemical energy from hydrogen - called the "BlackLight Process."

More specifically, energy is released as the electrons of hydrogen atoms are induced by a catalyst to transition to lower-energy levels (i.e. drop to lower base orbits around each atom's nucleus) corresponding to fractional quantum numbers.

The lower-energy atomic hydrogen product, called "hydrino", reacts with another reactant supplied to the reaction cell to form a hydride ion bound to the other reactant - to constitute a novel proprietary compound.

As hydrogen atoms are normally found bound together as molecules, molecular hydrogen is dissociated into atomic hydrogen in the cell by:
a hot metal catalyst,
by a glow discharge plasma,
or by a microwave plasma.

A gaseous catalyst is formed from a source of catalyst by the exemplary methods of heating a non-volatile catalyst (such as potassium metal) to form atomic potassium catalysts,
or by ionizing a gas such as helium to form catalyst.

The catalyst causes the normal hydrogen atoms to transition to lower-energy states by allowing their electrons to fall to smaller radii around the nucleus with a release of energy that is intermediate between chemical and nuclear energies. The reaction creates, or greatly intensifies, a plasma (a hot ionized glowing gas).

The products are power, plasma, light, and proprietary novel compounds.

Laboratory scale devices demonstrating means of extracting the energy have been operated at the Company and at independent laboratories.

Results to date indicate that the process can eventually provide economically competitive products in a wide range of applications including lighting, thermal, electric power generation, and motive power.

The Company's plasma energy cells, even in prototype stage, are frequently operating at power densities rivaling those of internal combustion engines - with hundreds of times the energy release - as combustion of the hydrogen fuel - with room temperature start-up, and high-temperature capability, commercially important features.