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Date: Sat, 1 May 2004 22:52:33 -0500


Haven't checked on the Patterson power cell in some time. I heard a couple or three years ago that somehow his palladium electrode material supplier changed the material on him, and that apparently seriously interfered with the device's working. Don't know if he ever licked it or not.

However, at a cold fusion conference in 2003, Patterson apparently is still going and has made progress. Gene Mallove attended that conference, and here's what Gene had to say (I Googled it off the web):

"Dr. James Patterson and his colleagues from Sarasota, Florida revealed a stunningly simple, robust and ingenious gas-phase cold fusion reactor that has produced excess heat for months on end. Full details will be provided to the public in the next term; he is not seeking patent protection at this point."

That's all the "recent" info I have on him at present.