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Subject: RE: Tom...nice meeting you, here's some info right up your  alley
Date: Wed, 1 May 2002 18:06:01 -0500


Hi Thomas,


Nice to hear from you, and nice to meet you Monday.  Ken and I go to Logan's at least once every two weeks.  Enjoy eating peanuts and throwing the shells on the floor.  As a devoted Georgia peanut farmer, Jimmy Carter would be proud of Logan's Roadhouses!


This article brings up a very interesting thing, of how bacteria might have to contend with cellular disorder and death, etc.


The bacterium itself is not part of a fixed cellular order such as a human cell in human tissue is.  In the human, healing is actually accomplished by the cellular regenerative system, not the immune system etc.  As you know, Becker did the best studies available in the West on the cellular regenerative system.  He was nominated for the Nobel Prize more than once, and I suspect that had Becker had access to higher group symmetry electrodynamics rather than the standard EM model the biologists use, he would have totally deciphered the regenerative system.


In protracted work on the problem, we found that the regenerative system uses pumping due to their combined scalar potentials on their membranes, etc. to accomplish very slow time-reversal of the diseased and disordered cells.  One can show that the internal electrodynamic structure of the scalar potential --- totally ignored in the West though its specified by combining two Whittaker papers of 1903 and 1904 respectively --- consists of spacetime-curvature engines.  All mass-energy and its structure and dynamics produces a set of exactly correlated spacetime curvatures and dynamics (a "vacuum engine" or "spacetime curvature engine" or just "engine' for short).  A slight re-interpretation of Whittaker 1903 decomposition of the scalar potential (Whittaker used two effect waves in his pair, rather than a causal wave and an effect wave) in accord with quantum field theory reveals the correlated time-polarized EM wave and longitudinal EM wave in the basic phase conjugate wavepair in harmonic set that results.  Interestingly, the "mind" aspects are in the time-polarized EM wave dynamics and internal structuring.  The exact disease pattern of the affected cells, together with the pumped delta between that malfunctioned engine and the "normal" engine for the cell, is in both the spatial LW waveset and its associated temporal waveset. So the deeper aspects of mind have the exact "delta" or departure from normal of every damaged cell already available there at the cell itself.  All this information is available right inside the scalar potentials of the cell and its surroundings.  Merely increasing the scalar potential on the cell a little bit, will increase not only nonlinear optical "pumping" (simply put, squeezing) in 3-space, but will add "squeezing" in the time domain also.  There results a formation of an exact phase conjugate replica of the exact engine for that cell -- including the exact delta.  Squeezing (pumping) in the time domain (by increasing the scalar potential a bit) thus slowly reduces the damaged cell and all its parts back toward the normal state, by slowly decreasing that "delta engine pattern".


That's the way the human and an animal works.


To recover at all, the damaged (or threatened) bacterium has to have some semblance of that same mechanism (that is the universal healing mechanism in all living things).  But that means that its "cellular regeneration system" must reside in the colony at large, amongst its members.  It's a more primitive state on the development state, so much of the "mind level" is what Jung would have referred to as the "collective unconscious mind".  Since the mind is totally electromagnetic (just scalar or time-polarized electromagnetic), it can indeed engineer matter and it also can be engineered.


I suspect the "communication" incoming to the cells being exposed to the antibiotic comes by way of spread of the potentials from the other "normal" cells.  It can spread in any fashion permitted by the media.  E.g., in the Kazhnacheyev experiments, the quartz separated cell cultures still can transmit the information (at least a harmonic interval is required, and quartz is open to the IR and UV, and UV is about the first harmonic of IR if you choose in the range.  So even without air connection, the IR/UV harmonic interval can reconstitute the engines in the targeted cells.  This allowed the induction of essentially any kind of cellular death or disease between cells, in many thousands of rigorous experiments.


A modification of that method in microwave radiation of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, induced cellular changes and diseases (responsible for the eventual deaths of three ambassadors) for several decades.   In Johns Hopkins' analyses of the radiation, the health changes only occurred in personnel who were in field-free areas.  A field free potential is simply a potential that is stable and not changing; hence its internal structure and its "engine" is stable and unchanging.  That maximizes the effect on the targeted bodies.  Eerily, the actual data of the Johns Hopkins measurements and correlations falsified their official conclusions from their study, by simple statistical principles.


But no one did a higher group symmetry electrodynamics analysis, just using a standard good electrical engineering analysis, which cannot even model what is occurring.


In the bacteria case here, the molecules and ions in the air that have contacted the healthy cells and are "coming from them" to the bacteria facing the antibiotics, have "shared" potential substructures with the normal cells upon exposure.  Two potentials superpose; that is the first law of potentials.  That means their internal structures (their engines) also superpose, and each engine from one potential also "diffuses" into the other potential.


Voila!  Now when those molecules and ions etc. reach the bacteria facing the antibiotics, there is a constant exchange with those bacteria of the diffusing "normal engines" taken on by diffusion from the normal cells.


Each affected bacterium now has its own little "engines" which have been contaminated by the "diffusing potential engines" of the antibiotics (the compounds have potentials and engines also).  If no additional normal engines are received by diffusion, the little bacterium's own "normal engine" is contaminated by the steadily diffusing engines from the antibiotics.  Hence it steadily worsens, and dies.


On the other hand, if the affected bacterium is also receiving a continuing influx of "normal engines" from that entering environmental molecules and air and ions, its rate of "engine contamination" is dramatically lowered, because it also gets now a continuous "injection" of "normal engines".


The result can be that the bacterium gets enough "normal engine" flow rate to stabilize and not die.  It's continued pumping then will cause actual genetic changes (not too different from what Becker's red cells showed in some of his experiments with bone fractures having potentials placed across them).  The red cells dedifferentiated back to an earlier state (in physics terms, time-reversed back to a previous state), then redifferentiated forward to the type of cells that make cartilage, then further redifferentiated even further into the type of cells that make bone, with these cells being deposited in the fracture and healing it.


The "delta engine" representing the disorder, poisoning, or damage --- when amplified and phase conjugated (time reversed by pumping to produce an amplified phase conjugate replica), is thus steadily eliminated.  All the elements of the cell or bacterium are available to this pumping, so that "decay" to erase the delta can occur genetically as well as chemically, electrically, mechanically, etc.  The forces at the levels required for all these are produced and produced exactly.


The result is that the bacterium adapts  -- or some of them do -- to the specific antibiotic.  That means it acquires resistance to that specific antibiotic.  In controlled lab conditions and experiments, this adaptation ought to be engendered much sooner and easier than when being engendered in the great world where --- e.g. --- such antibiotic resistance is slowly acquired due to, say, feeding that antibiotic to cattle in their feed (a common practice).  Same mechanism involved, but in the cattle case there is no laboratory control of the variables nor is there deliberate optimization.  In the lab, these conditions can be deliberately produced and controlled.


Anyway, something like that is what is going on. The real problem is that the electrodynamicists and physicists --- for some inexplicable reason -- have continued to ignore the inner longitudinal EM wave electrodynamics inside all EM potentials, fields, and waves.  That "inner" electrodynamics in fact controls and "makes" the outer stuff anyway.


The direct engineering of much of reality -- from the quarks inside the nucleus to the DNA of those bacteria -- is directly engineerable using the internal paired scalar/longitudinal wave electrodynamics first shown by Whittaker in 1903, if we slightly reinterpret Whittaker's work along the lines shown in quantum field theory where the photon pair consisting of the scalar photon and the longitudinal photon are indeed observable as the instantaneous scalar potential.  Nearly a century after Whittaker's decomposition, our scientists continue to blithely ignore it.  Whittaker showed the linear superposition of the internal waves in his decomposition; Ziolkowski a couple decades or so ago also showed the products of the waves in similar decomposition, which means modulation and information, not just mixing, and not noise.  Unfortunately our biologists and physicists continue to ignore a far more fundamental and powerful electrodynamics (and unified field theory physics) than what they teach in universities.


Priori succeeded in laboriously amplifying the pumping and therefore the formation and use of an exact "antiengine" to precisely reverse cellular disease --- all without realizing the nature of what he was doing.  My own small contribution has been to show that one does not have to make the longitudinal EM waves externally, but can use the regular EM waves to cause the body to make the transduction for you.  In this way, very small and rapid treatment devices effective against mass casualties (in the millions) could be built and used, saving millions of American lives in the coming anthrax, smallpox, and camelpox strikes on one or more American cities, or use of a dirty nuclear device, etc.  We strongly proposed that to the DoD in 1998, and to the USAF, NIH, CDC, etc.


Sadly, they did not even know what we were talking about.  Prior to 9/11/01, even in the government they were not really taking the terrorist threat very seriously.


And we still do not have a proper mass treatment system that will save those millions of Americans who are going to die.  We also are not going to try to develop one, unfortunately.


As the French say, the more things change, the more they are the same.


Best wishes,


Tom Bearden

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Subject: Tom...nice meeting you, here's some info right up your alley


It was nice meeting you at Logan's on Monday. I saw
this article, thought you might be interested.  I noticed
that they had initially attributed the effect to em
transmissions but had dropped that idea, I think it
probably still is em transmissions but they're using
plastic petri dishes. As I recall, the Russians used
special UV transparent quartz.

Take care,
Thomas Brand

Bacteria Caught Passing
Information To Each Other
By Tim Radford Science Editor
The Guardian - London

British scientists have caught bacteria in the act of passing information
to each other - even when separated by a plastic wall. The discovery could
throw new light on the spread of antibiotic resistance in hospitals.
 Mathematical physicist Alan Parsons and biologist Richard Heal, work for
QinetiQ - formerly the Ministry of Defence science laboratory - at Winfrith
in Dorset. They report in the Journal of Applied Microbiology that they
grew separated colonies of bacteria, one in an ordinary nutrient, one in a
dish of food that had been spiked with antibiotic.  At first, the
medicinally-treated bacteria began to die. If they were totally sealed off
from the healthy bacteria next door, they would all die. But if there was a
small gap through which air could pass between the two colonies, the ailing
bacteria would recover.  The only conclusion could be that the healthy,
stable bacteria next door were sending their stricken cousins some kind of
survival advice - in the form of information about antibiotic resistance.
 "If these unstressed bacteria are present then we find that the bacteria
that are attacked by the antibiotic actually do not die. A large proportion
of them survive and they begin to recover," Professor Parsons said.  "It
happens in a few hours. We first discovered this a year ago and have done a
great many controlled tests to throw out other possibilities."  "We have
only tried it on two bacteria that happened to be available. It worked with
both. But there are obviously thousands of other strains and species we
haven't tried.  "We don't know if this thing exists between the pathogenic
bacteria that hospitals are interested in. This is something we would like
to find out. It would be surprising if they did not have some similar
capacity."  The means by which bacteria pass messages to each other is so
far unknown. The guess is that signals could be carried by airborne
molecules released by microbes.  Prof Parsons and Dr Heal speculated that
bacteria were sending electromagnetic signals to each other, but ruled out
this possibility after they found that the effect only occurred when the
two colonies were linked by a passage of air.  Winfrith is a centre for
research into naval sonar and underwater acoustics. The two scientists had
been experimenting with bacteria as "living sensors" which could register
acoustic pressure. The discovery that the microbes could signal to each
other through the air was completely unexpected.  If confirmed in
experiments with the kind of infectious bacteria that spread pneumonia or
blood poisoning, or other life threatening illnesses, the discovery could
have profound consequences.  But there was a twist. The two scientists
found the same result when they used three kinds of antibiotics - but not
with a fourth variety, from a different class.  "So clearly, some
antibiotics are effective against the signal, and some not," said Prof
Parsons.  "It is absolutely fascinating and astonishing. I don't have a
picture of it yet. We don't know what the signal is, we don't know how it
activates the resistance mechanism in the stressed bacteria. That has to be
sorted out. We are very keen to pursue this further."  * Bacteria reproduce
by dividing. This can happen every 15 minutes. In a day and a half, with
sufficient food, one microbe's progeny could outweigh the Earth.  * Around
20bn E coli grow in the intestine of every human being every day.  * The
total number of bacteria on Earth is estimated to exceed 5m trillion
trillion.  * Certain species are able to withstand fierce radiation,
flourish in boiling water, survive at sub-zero temperatures, multiply in
acid or alkali, and eat concrete.  * Bacteria have been found underneath
polar ice, in stratospheric clouds, and in rocks far below the ocean floor.
 * Antibiotic resistance is now a worldwide problem. Strains of three
life-threatening microbe are now resistant to more than 100 antibiotics.
 Guardian Unlimited ? Guardian Newspapers Limited 2002,3858,4403319,00.html