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30 April, 2008


Hi Erin,

Well, the Yakuza will keep diddlin’ with practice quakes at various places, and so right now the seismologists don’t know what is going on, since they do not allow for artificial generation of quakes for tests and alignment of weapons, etc. Even though then Secretary of Defense William Cohen publicly confirmed the weather control, generation of quakes, and evocation of volcanoes artificially, a decade ago.

So we’ll just have to see what happens.

Meanwhile, not too much of any real value energy-wise is happening in our scientific community, which seems to have its head buried firmly in the sand in the ostrich position.

Several inventors presently have valid watergas processes, and Dr. John Kanzius had his process rigorously tested by one of the real U.S. scientific experts in water chemistry. When the tests were finished, the water chemistry scientist pronounced this as the greatest breakthrough in water chemistry in the last 100 years.

It didn’t make a wiggle in the overall scientific community.

So not much of anything else seems to be going with it. Some other inventors are struggling and modifying hybrid autos to also burn watergas, and are struggling to try to get it going in national demonstrations by then just driving the modified automobiles around burning water for fuel. But again, the official scientific community is doing business as usual, pushing biofuel (already driving up hunger, and contributing to food riots in seven nations), big nuclear reactors (trust us, they say! Give us a trillion or two dollars and 10 years, and we’ll build you 300 big nuclear reactor power plants. Never mind that our lovely pebble bed reactor is hazardous; the Germans built one for tests and had to shut it down as just too dangerous. The cartel in big nuclear physics also continues to push hot fusion which they’ve spent many billions and 50 years on, and haven’t added an extra watt to the power line yet. But just send them some more billions, build them some more huge 20-mile diameter nuclear accelerators, and they’ll get there maybe in 50 more years.

Meanwhile, if we had a Manhattan Project in energy from the vacuum going and reporting directly to the office of the President (NOT to the electrical engineers in charge of our electrical power and communications), then in less than two years we could be fueling our cars, trains, and ships with salt water dipped directly out of the boundless ocean. And they would be putting water into the engines, and getting water back out – very, very clean environmentally! We could also have asymmetric power systems developed that are self-powering, for peanuts once the technology is mastered.

And if we pried loose the process for ready production of asymmetric permanent magnets, that the Department of Energy got control of in 2001, and that apparently they have conveniently withheld informing the President, the Congress, and the American people, we could also have easily-built self-powering permanent magnet motors and motor generators going en masse. Obviously one can see that some very powerful cartels hate that possibility with a vengeance, and are willing to do anything – including murder  -- to keep it from happening.

If and when the MidEast blows up (and that seems imminent), then that will suddenly chop off most all the rest of the MidEast oil from the U.S. And then we won’t be talking about the price of gas at the pump! We’ll be talking about whether or not there is a pump anywhere that has any gas.

When the big diesel trucks stop, then in four days that will be hunger, rioting and murdering and looting, and chaos in all our cities. That will immediately require total martial law, which – of course! – will be clamped down on the civilian community at large. Then all the dictatorial powers go directly into effect.

Note that the price of diesel is more than $4 a gallon and still rising, and the private diesel truck owners with their little businesses are going broke and are already protesting. When it takes more than $1,000 U.S. to fill up the tank of one truck one time, then no way can they continue to compete. They are struggling just to keep body and soul together and to feed their families. And it’s only going to get worse.

Ah well! It seems it is going to come upon us, whether we try to avoid it or not. So we will just have to see what happens.

But it would certainly be nice if our vaunted scientific community did something besides fiddling while Rome prepares to burn, and perhaps to burn completely.

Best wishes,

Tom Bearden

Hello Tom, Erin here. According to this article above, there is a strange series of earthquakes hitting the Reno, Nevada area. I'm wondering if this could be proof of artificial earthquake weaponry, based on scalar waves? Could this be another test by the Yakuza or some group with scalar EM devices?

RENO, Nev. - Scientists at the University of Nevada, Reno are scrutinizing seismic readings and studying damage at residents' homes to try to figure out what's happening beneath the earth's surface under a northwest Reno neighborhood rocked by a seemingly endless string of earthquakes.

How are things otherwise?

I received the latest Energy from the Vacuum DVD, the one about Deborah Chung and her negative resistor. Great work, I appreciate it. Thanks.

I have also been reading about Gabriel Kron more. He was something that guy, a real electrical genius.

Imagine what could be done through a combination of negative energy negative resistors and molecular nanotechnology miniaturization? We could have solid state seamless superstrong fabric like materials full of negative resistors, that can take any form. A real smart material backed up by practically unlimited energy.

your friend