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Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2003 21:53:25 -0500

Subject:  (1) Personal appreciation for your dedication to scientific method

              (2) Exact cold fusion mechanism for your information

              (3) Real cause of our dependence on fossil fuels and its solution


To:  Chief Editor Kennedy                    28 April 2003

       Science journal

Dear Editor Kennedy:

I respect and admire your highly commendable stance and dedication to the scientific method, in printing the paper on cold fusion in sonoluminescence by Taleyarkhan et al., in spite of strong pressure from elements of the scientific community to suppress it automatically.  Your editorial stated it like it is (or like it should be). 

Here is a direct quotation of what I wrote about it in my book, Energy from the Vacuum: Concepts and Principles, Cheniere Press, Santa Barbara, 2002, 977 pp.  Quote is from p. 27:

"See also Donald Kennedy, "To Publish or Not to Publish, ibid., p. 1808-1809.  Science had the courage to publish the peer-reviewed results of a tabletop sonoluminescence experiment that apparently produces nuclear reactions.  Editor Kennedy essentially advises all protagonists on both sides to cut the rhetoric and allow the scientific community to do its replication work, to either validate or refute the successful experiments of Taleyarkhan et al.  This action by Science is a shining beacon to remind the scientific community that science is based on experimental method, and that prevailing theories cannot refute new experiments that contradict them.  Instead, laboratory experiments must decide such an issue."

It is a delight (and these days a wonder) to see the scientific method upheld, rather than a repeat of dogmatic suppression as has happened in the past to many scientists such as Wegener for his continental drift, Von Mayer for his statement of energy conservation, Waterston for his kinetic theory of gases, and Ovshinsky for his amorphous semiconductors.

For your personal information, I attach a very short little letter (sent to New Scientist after it published a fair article on the controversial cold fusion) which gives the exact mechanism for cold fusion.  Rigorous experimental proof exists (completely outside cold fusion) that such "zones where reactions run backwards" do indeed form and exist.  Once the law of attraction and repulsion of charges "runs backwards" in such a temporary zone, the coulomb barrier temporarily becomes the coulomb attractor, and direct formation of new quasi-nuclei --- e.g., (D+) + (D+) => an alpha particle quasi-nucleus) that subsequently decay into nuclear-transformed nuclei can occur.  The zones can be a cubic micron in size and last for up to two seconds, by experimental demonstration by Wang et al. (cited).  In such zones, the high temperature and high energy are not necessary, because of the temporary reversal of the law of attraction and repulsion of charges.

Also, in response to the Science editorial by Editor Emeritus Philip Abelson, urging government action to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, the real cause for such dependence is a serious error perpetuated by the scientific community now for decades, but seldom mentioned or discussed.  I attach a second longer paper for your information (and for Editor Abelson) specifically spelling out the solution to the energy crisis and showing what the scientific error preventing it has always been.

Ironically, we do not now have, nor have we ever had, a single electrical engineering department, professor, or textbook that teaches what actually powers an electrical power system.  Please read the paper to see the proof (with relevant citations) of that seemingly absurd statement.  Every circuit and electrical device (including the power line) ever built was and is powered by energy extracted directly from the local vacuum by the local charges in the circuit, due to the asymmetry of the source charge's dipolarity (when both the bare charge and its surrounding virtual charges of opposite sign are considered).

The broken symmetry of opposite charges was proven experimentally by Wu. et al. in early 1957, after Lee and Yang strongly predicted broken symmetry in 1956-57.  This was such a revolutionary change to physics that, with nearly unprecedented speed, the Nobel Committee awarded the Nobel Prize to Lee and Yang in the same year, in Dec. 1957!

This asymmetry, by the way, is also the solution to the long-vexing source charge problem.  I published the solution to that problem in 2000, taking the basis directly from particle physics (the broken symmetry of any dipolarity).

Again, I deeply appreciate your dedication to science and your upholding the scientific method, and I hope you do find the two little papers of interest.


Very best wishes,

Tom Bearden

T. E.  Bearden

Magnetic Energy Ltd.


Attach (1) Reducing our Dependence on Fossil Fuels

Attach (2) Proof of a Mechanism for Cold Fusion