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Subject: RE: congratulations for your work (from Belgium)
Date: Sat, 27 Apr 2002 12:30:47 -0500


Dear Christopher,


The many appeals I get from interested young folks is precisely why I'm laboring to finish my book and get it published and out there.  In the book, my target audience is the sharp young graduate students and young post-doctoral scientists.  My intention is to provide them with essentially everything I have been able to discover in the last 30 years, so that they can quickly reach where I am in understanding, and then go much farther.


To build a system extracting EM energy from the vacuum is simple; the problem is in how to intercept and catch the energy flow in a circuit, and then discharge that energy into a load to power it.


For example, charge a parallel plate capacitor, and lay it on a permanent magnet so that the E-field of the capacitor is at right angles to the H-field of the magnet.  One has therefore maximized E X H, which is the Poynting energy flow.  Even the conventional electrical engineering texts begrudgingly admit that this simple gadget will sit there and pour out EM energy in all directions.   Then, of course, some remark is made to dispose of that situation, such as "The theory indicates that the crossed E and H fields are the seat of an energy flow, even though all fields are static.


They do not wish to have to try to explain what inputs the energy to the contraption, and in what form, and from what source.  So they just leave it as an "unsolved and abandoned problem".  That is exactly where the young student must start, because it grasps the entire problem in a nutshell.


Anyway, building the MEG is quite complex, even though it "looks simple".  It isn't.  There are four areas of physics involved, in addition to electrodynamics.


My advice is to keep all this in mind as you continue in school.  About the time you finish your sophomore courses in university, you will then begin to see many things that open to you for experimenting, once you understand that the energy is coming from the vacuum, not the generator or the battery.


Best wishes,

Tom Bearden


Dear Mr Bearden

I write you that mail for many reasons:
Firstly, I wanted to tell you that your work is great,
i wish you to be recognize as one of the most
important scientist of the 21st century.

Secondly, because I'm young (18) and because i can
still make choices (studies choices) i wanted to ask
you how i could enter in such research, i mean what do
i need to study? I'm very interested in your research,
and if i could, i would make such experiments, like
those made by Mr Naudin, but in fact, i have no
know-how in electromagnetics! I have many choices to
do for my life, and when i see the situation of the
world, i want to change it, to do something; i can't
just stay like a witness. I hope that you know what i
mean (even if in fact i guess you do).
Could you just tell me what to do to maybe create the
MEG, or other devices? I have the pdf file and i read
it, but you can easily understand that i have a great
shortage in theory!

Furthermore, i have read about the fact that the
MEG'll be produced, but i think it is just an
illusion to think that in one year people 'll change
of mentality. Your research needs to be more
The new generation needs to know.
 It is great that people like Naudin are a sort of
"pied-a-terre" (it is an American expression, isn't
it?) for Europe but in fact despite the scientific
community, nobody knows him...
For that and many others reason, i want to participate
to that new technology, i want to do something great,
like you did (and does)...

  So, please answer me, if you have the time.
I wish you to continue this revolution of mentality
for the protection of our only home: earth.
Good work.

Christopher (from Belgium)