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Sent: Sunday, April 25, 2004 5:03 PM
Subject: RE: "Energy from the Vacuum"


Thanks Marcia!


Please relay my gratitude to Dennis for his stalwart efforts. That is exactly what we are trying to see happen: the spread the information as widely as possible, especially to the young graduate students and post docs, interested faculty, etc.


As a nation we can have a cheap clean solution --- taking the energy from the vacuum --- to the escalating energy crisis, anytime the present organized scientific community (i.e., NAS, NAE, NSF, DoE, etc.) will fund and allow the young budding scientists to research this area. The physics is there, but it is in bits and pieces of several different disciplines and just not knit together into a coherent whole.


That physics is not present in classical U(1) electrodynamics and electrical power engineering at all. Nor does there appear to be any text anywhere which just straightforwardly lists the foundations assumptions of the electrical engineering model (classical Maxwell-Heaviside electrodynamics). That hoary old model is very seriously flawed, and it is known to be very seriously flawed. Many excellent scientists have written on the subject in various papers and books and various other places, but it has not caused our NAS or NSF to step in and correct the serious errors in the older models. E.g., the CEM/EE model still assumes the old material ether, by assuming that force fields (which exist only in mass) exist in mass-free space. This still assumes the presence of the old thin material “luminiferous” ether, more than a century after it was destroyed in 1887 by the Michelson-Morley experiments. Maxwell and his contemporaries all believed in the material ether, so to them there was not a single point in the entire universe where mass was absence. Hence—to the Maxwellians—the electrodynamics equations were for very material fluid systems, and they wrote them accordingly.


The CEM/EE model also assumes that every EM field, EM potential, and joule of EM energy in the universe is and has been freely created by the associated source charges from nothing at all (i.e., with no energy input at all). That of course is in total violation of the conservation of energy law. So scientifically, either we must correct the flawed CEM/EE model, or we must surrender the conservation of energy law entirely. We did solve that “most vexing” problem in 2000, publishing it then and later in 2002 etc. The basis for the solution was already in physics, since 1957 and the discovery of broken symmetry and award of the Nobel Prize to Lee and Yang.


If Dennis does not have my Precursor Engineering paper, I will be happy to personally send it to him via E-mail. Actually precursor engineering has long been already developed by the former Soviet Union as its highly secret “energetics” weapons science. That science and its weaponry today is under the control of the die-hard old communist faction of the KGB/FSS. The weapons are not in the regular Russian armed forces, but are manned and operated by elements of the KGB/FSS. All the Soviet scientists did, shortly after WW II, was to rigorously correct the flawed models at the time, correcting the errors in their foundations assumptions. The result is what I’ve called precursor engineering and “engine” technology – the ability to directly engineering and structure the force-free and mass-free fields themselves, as they exist in space as curvatures or torsions of spacetime (in particle physics, as structuring and dynamics of the virtual particle flux of the vacuum) before their interaction with mass to form force fields.


By paying a little energy for structuring and control, a very large and free amount of regauging or gauge transformation energy can be shaped and engineered. Then these large structures of great energy can be directly reacted with mass, to form very powerful mass engines and dynamics and systems. The fundamental regauging energy is perfectly free, by the accepted gauge field theory of  quantum field theory and gauge field theory. So instead of the “lossy diode” entropic engineering that has been developed, one is led to the “triode gain” negentropic engineering that has been secretly developed and weaponized by the KGB/FSS.


When engine technology is developed, then of course an eerie and a very startling (and an extraordinarily powerful) weapons capability develops – such as the development of robotic systems that are nonphysical and nonmaterial, but which when they interact with mass, can and do form real “force engines and dynamics” to accomplish whatever task was designed into them. While one robot is very difficult to develop and debug, once one is available, millions of copies can easily be mass produced at something like a penny each. The result is to put our developing nanotechnology to shame, because it is already a giant leap ahead – right now – of where we are trying to be 20 years from now.


The intelligence analysis of our nation severely suffers in this respect by its over-reliance upon electrical engineering and electrical engineers in the intelligence analysis. We simply must develop the use of higher group symmetry electrodynamics – such as O(3) or SU(2)XSU(2) etc. – in our intel analysis, or else we shall in the future be unpleasantly surprised by the advent of “asymmetric” weapons which we do not possess or understand, and for which we have little or no counters or defenses.


Very best wishes,