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24 April, 2011

Hi Paul,
Nice to hear from you.
Actually, a number of nations now have the superweapons, and so I've lost all track of who's doing what to who.
But we haven't had "normal" weather (without disturbing and shaping human systems involved in it) in quite some time.
Please see the latest write-up on my website re the Klimov team's absolute proving of free energy from the vacuum.
They built real working systems at Los Alamos National Lab, and these have been independently validated by both Los Alamos National Laboratory and National Renewable Energy Laboratory.
Technical papers are already solidly published in the leading physics journals and nanocrystalline science journals worldwide.
So it is proven, independently and rigorously replicated and validated, and is now an accepted reality in both the physics community and the nanocrystalline community, worldwide.
Several nations of the world are in a frenzied hurry to develop very small, self-powering, superlasers of enormous power, based on the Klimov developments. These systems will be rolling off the assembly line this year and no later than next, and they will totally revolutionize warfare as we have known it.
Yet the normal news media doesn't seem to even be aware of it. And most of them don't even seem to CARE!
Best wishes,