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Letters to the Editor

New Scientist

151 Wardour Street

London W1F 8WE

England                                                            April 23, 2003

Dear Editor:

Attached as a Microsoft Word 2000 document is a Letter to the Editor, subject as above.

It is a significant comment (addition) to Bennett Daviss' timely article, "Reasonable doubt," New Scientist, 177, 36-43 (29 March 2003).

In the letter, we give a mechanism explaining how and why nuclear transmutation reactions in cold fusion can and do occur, and we cite rigorous proof (both experimental and theoretical) that the basis for the mechanism does indeed exist and produce "reactions that run backwards".  We explain clearly why the usual high temperature and high energy are not necessary to produce fusion, whenever thermodynamic transient fluctuations occur at sufficient level and for sufficient duration.  We cite the proof, both theoretical and experimental, that such "reversal zones" do indeed occur in electrolytes, for very significant volume levels and for up to two seconds.

I hope you find the letter of interest and important to your readers.  Also, my congratulations to Bennett Daviss for a job very well done.


Best wishes,

Thomas E. Bearden

Tom Bearden


Proof of a Mechanism for Cold Fusion