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Date: Sat, 19 Apr 2003 15:41:29 -0500

Dear Aroutioun,


Please pardon my unseemly delay; things here have been very hectic, and I've just not been able to answer many of the E-mails and responses.  My sincere apologies.


Very interesting experiments, and I believe you have stated the interpretation of the results correctly.


Probably the most informative thing I can say would be the following somewhat lengthy thing:


First, dealing with the physics.


I believe there is a new revolution in physics that is just being born, based on the novel work by Michael Leyton.  (Michael Leyton, A Generative Theory of Shape, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 2001.  Leyton develops a generative theory of shape that has two properties regarded as fundamental to intelligence—maximizing transfer of structure and maximizing recoverability of the generative operations. These two properties are particularly important in the representation of complex shape — which is the main concern of the book. Leyton has originated a new object-oriented geometry which includes the Klein geometry as a subset. The primary goal of the theory is the conversion of complexity into understandability. For this purpose, a mathematical theory is presented of how understandability is created in a structure. This is achieved by developing a group-theoretic approach to formalizing transfer and recoverability. 

To handle complex shape, a new class of groups is developed, called unfolding groups. These unfold structure from a maximally collapsed version of that structure. A principal aspect of the theory is that it develops a group-theoretic formalization of major object-oriented concepts such as inheritance. The result is an object-oriented theory of geometry.

So Leyton has produced the hierarchies of symmetry effect, based on rigorous group theoretic methods.  I have applied this effect to my proposed solution of the source charge problem, and it fits perfectly -- and generates all the necessary layers of negative entropy that are required.  In short, it appears (my opinion) that the present second law of thermodynamics is really an oxymoron which implicitly assumes its own contradiction has first occurred.  This also follows from the greatest problem in thermodynamics: that of its asymmetry.  In other words, in interactions over time, if entropy can only remain the same or increase, then how did it ever get so low in the first place?  This problem is actually a dagger pointed straight at the heart of the present thermodynamics interpretation.  The answer, I think, can be taken from Leyton's effect, where a broken symmetry at one level GENERATES a new symmetry at the next higher level -- and that is a negative entropy effect. It retains all the information from the lower level symmetries and broken symmetries as well. Thus the source charge consumes positive entropy from the seething disordered vacuum by absorbing some virtual photons, then coherently integrates that virtual disordered energy into observable photons, and re-emits these real, observable photons in all directions, thereby forming and continuously replenishing the associated EM fields and potentials, spreading out in the macroworld at light speed from the time of formation of the charge.


The fields and potentials are ordered (e.g., as a function of radial distance from the charge, and a function of time of persistence of the charge).


So I think that discovery by Leyton is as important as was the original prediction of broken symmetry by Lee and Yang, and its proof by Wu et al.


Next, dealing with consciousness.


In quantum field theory, neither the longitudinal photon nor the scalar (time-polarized) photon can be individually observed; yet the combination of the two is observed as the instantaneous scalar potential.  So whenever one has a scalar potential (common voltage), one has a "coupling" operation involving "pairing" between time-polarized photons and longitudinal photons.  Comparing to Whittaker's 1903 and 1904 papers decomposing the scalar potential and also decomposing all EM fields and waves, one has to interpret the "pairing" between scalar and longitudinal photons as also a pairing between time-polarized EM waves and longitudinal EM waves.  Then everything fits.


Briefly, nothing propagates in 3-space, because nothing can move or change in 3-space alone.  All changes must involve 4-space, and hence are nonobservable.  The RESULT of the change is observed, since all observation is a d/dt operation imposed on an ongoing 4-spatial process, resulting in an instantaneous frozen 3-snapshot.  Of course the process is iterated rapidly (the common photon interaction does it, as can be readily seen).  Hence we "see" what we interpret as "propagation" or "movement" in 3-space, but it is actually iteration of successive frozen 3-snapshots, much like a common motion picture film.


First, we point out that a classical "isolated charge" is actually surrounded by a clustering of virtual charges of opposite sign in the vacuum, hence it is a dipolar ensemble.   In the ongoing 4-process which cannot be observed a priori, there is a 4-circulation of EM energy connected with that dipolar ensemble, by the broken symmetry of opposite charges.  This means that energy from the time domain (scalar photons) interact with the negative charge of the ensemble, being transposed into longitudinal photons which are emitted by the negative charges, but instantly absorbed by the positive charge(s), to be re-transduced into time-polarized photons again.


The point is that what we call "propagation of EM energy through 3-space" (since Poynting and Heaviside independently and simultaneously discovered that concept), is actually the iterative progression of that 4-circulation from 3-space point to 3-space point, successively.  It is the circulation process that is being propagated.


In my view, mind operations are time-like.  They are totally electrodynamic, but involve scalar photons and time-polarized EM waves on the time axis (in the 4th Minkowski axis, ict, the only variable is t).  So mind operations are continually producing longitudinal photons in the tuning brain activity.  We should really consider the "fields" in space, prior to interaction with matter, as force-free fields and as longitudinal EM waves involving oscillations in 4-circulation. When such oscillations in 4-space couple to charges (charged matter) in the brain and nervous system, the spin and inertia of the charged particles result in particle precession, which we see as (1) force fields (matter is a component of force, by F = d/dt(mv).   The precession of the matter to and fro gives us the so-called "transverse EM waves".  These transverse EM waves are force field waves in and of charged matter; they are NOT the actual waves of matter-free spacetime.  Maxwell assumed a material ether, and the transverse EM wave theory still assumes that material ether.


Anyway, now we have a coupling between the mind and the charged matter of an associated body.  We also know that a change in energy density on the 4th axis is a slight rotation in 4-space, hence makes a projection into 3-space (usually in the virtual state).  A coherent series of mind-changes thus produces quantum changes in the physical brain charges, by coherent integration of the charged particles due to their dipolar ensemble nature and to the broken symmetry of opposite charges of that ensemble.


Given this physical input of a real physical signal in the brain, representing the "intent" of the mind, a series of these signals can be shown to induce physical response/action, by standard servomechanism theory.  So the body makes physical changes, because of the induction of real signals by the special process of the mind-matter coupling mechanism described.


As a change occurs in the body, it also is a small rotation in 4-space.  Specifically, it is a rotation in the direction of the time axis, so it makes a tiny (virtual state) projection on the time-axis (in the mind actions domain).  A coherent series of such virtual projections integrates into "quantum change" on the time axis (production of scalar photons there).  This is the feedback mechanism from the body to the mind, and is the body-to-mind coupling loop.


The time delay in the loop and comparisons of incoming signals by the mind in its realm, leads to an interesting phenomenon.  The time-delay gives the sense of existence since many other changes (rotations from the external universe and not the individual's body) occur during that time delay.  By comparing its intent signals to the response signals received, the mind operations establish two classes of "external phenomena": One which obeys the intent signals or can be corrected by changes in intent, and those which do not.  The first class of mindchanges produces the sense of individualism, the "I", and therefore the personality.  The second class of mindchanges produces the sense of "not-me", or the external universe (which does not respond to intent signals from the body directly).  So these feedback loops produce the sense of individuality, of "occupying one's own body", and of simultaneously "existing in an external world that does not respond to intent".


That was a brief description of the conscious mind (serial processor's) mind-body loop and sensing.


The unconscious mind is totally conscious, but multiply so, since it is a massively parallel processor.  Hence it has many such "individual loops" all at once, down to every cell and every part of every cell.


All mind activities are ongoing on the same time axis, and so during the same time durations.  Some connections between these different "entities-minds" exists by a similar integration from virtual to observable state on the time axis, but below the integration of the individual's integration looping.


The result is a sort of "levels of unconsciousness", from the personal unconscious, to that of the family group, to that of the community, to that of the nation, to that of the human species, to that of all-species-on-earth, etc.


Now there does exist the physics for the direct mechanism you are showing in your experiments, I believe.  If we insist on Leyton's hierarchies of symmetry, then all the information at the deepest levels -- both for symmetries and asymmetries -- is outfolded from underneath to each new higher symmetry generated.


This means there is indeed a direct interaction between members of a species in one colony or group, and that interaction should be measureable by group characteristics varying due to that communication, when members of the group are violently changed or killed, etc.


In my own work with the Priore-type healing approach, and an extension to it, the Leyton effect means that every cell in one's body actually possesses the infolded "memory" of all the major prior developments of cells in its lineage, right back to the first primitive cells formed on earth.  Further, when a cell is damaged, cannot get enough oxygen, and the cellular regenerative system is unable to restore conditions so that the cell gets enough oxygen, it still recognizes the hurting cell as its own, but also recognizes that it must move the cell back toward its anaerobic ancestry, so it can survive without that oxygen.  And that is the main action (the actual mechanism) that generates "promotion" of a cancer, once the damage and hypoxia are there for a sufficient period.  Since the immune system is also under control of the master cellular control system (the one that Popp studies), as well as the cellular regenerative system being under that control, the order for "promotion" actually comes from the master cellular control system.  We are able to describe the process by which the cell dedifferentiates back toward that goal.  The first step is of course to go from "grouped cells" under common control back to "individual cells" (which was the anaerobic stage, by and largely.  Hence the first major indicator is the loss of central growth control by the promoted (now cancerous) cell.  The cell doesn't just "happen to turn into" a cancer cell!  It is not just "ordered" to do so, but a physical "engine" comprised of specific spacetime curvatures is formed upon the cell, to physically change it back (physically dedifferentiate it).  Actually Becker's work with potentials across otherwise intractable bone fractures is illuminating in that respect, since it was the incoming red blood cells which were first dedifferentiated and then redifferentiate forward on another development line, to first pre-cartilage cells and then to pre-bone cells.


But your experiments have indeed shown that there is a special communication mechanism between members of a species in a community group.


That communication mechanism can be much more rigorously described and modeled, but not in the conventional classical Maxwell-Heaviside EM theory.  A higher group symmetry electrodynamics -- such as quaternion EM or O(3) group symmetry EM, capable of also incorporating curved spacetime and vacuum virtual flux interaction --- must be employed.


Hope this helps in your work, and I also hope your presentations either went well or will go well.


Best wishes,

Tom Bearden


P.S.  Unfortunately the FCC (old KGB) in Russia has weaponized much of this approach, and several other nations also are either weaponizing it or starting to do so.


One of the "weaponization" goals -- apparently still in the future --- is to be able to directly engineer Jung's collective unconscious.  In theory, mind operations and even personalities, memories, etc. can be directly engineered and processed electromagnetically, if the proper higher group symmetry EM is used.


The initial Soviet use was for generating physical diseases directly, by incorporating the "engines" (curvature spacetime patterns) for specific diseases, inside the Whittaker structuring of the scalar potential (field-free potential) or then later inside fields and waves also.  All present EM is just a set of "envelopes" comprised of far more fundamental coupled longitudinal EM wavepairs, where each pair is comprised of a time-polarized EM wave (active on the time axis and in the mind realm directly), and a coupled longitudinal EM wave in 3-space.  The long "microwave radiation of the former U.S. Embassy in Moscow", e.g., utilized the structuring (engines) inside the field-free potentials.  The exposed bodies in those field-free areas were actually in stable field-free potentials.  Potentials superpose; so the automatic supposition of the disease-engine-structured scalar potentials diffused their structures through the body simply by superposing with the body's own potentials (on the surfaces of the cellular membranes and everywhere else, even deep inside each cell and on each part of each cell).


The Russian term for this kind of higher group symmetry EM work is "energetics", which has three branches depending upon what is targeted by using the work as a weapon: (1) targeted against inert mass objects and ordinary fields and potentials in them, it is called by the same name, energetics.  (2) targeted against living bodies and their ordinary fields and potentials, it is called "bioenergetics".  (3) targeted against the minds and mind operations of living entities, it is called "psychoenergetics".


The present status of the development is such that control of a person's mind and perceptions (three examples: Captain's Button, Svoboda, and Hess) can be totally taken over and controlled at a distance, even while that person is accomplishing a highly technical task.  In other places we have detailed what happened to those three examples.  This capability was originally developed so as to be able to counter one of the special "dead man fuzing" type assets of a small friendly foreign country possessing quantum potential weapons and thus able to counter in that area.


Tom Bearden

Dear Tom,

I have found on the web your most interesting book Fer de Lance about Soviet psychotropic research.

There is however the part of this research which is still completely unknown in the West and which was not included in your book. I was part of research team, which in 70s-80s worked on the project Feedback researching the influence of violent death of the living organism on survivors using microorganisms, insects, fish and rodents as experimental objects. We proved by series of experiments that any violently dying living organism transmit at the moment of its death the death signals with broad influence on those remaining alive.

During conference Quantum Mind 2003 - Consciousness, Quantum Physics and the Brain (March 15-19, 2003, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona) I am going to present our results practically for the first time in the West. I will be also discussing completely fresh research published by British scientists Heal and Parsons in 2002 (by strange coincidence also completely unknown on this side of Atlantic), which has similarities with that old soviet research.

I am including below the full text of my presentation and I hope you can read it with interest.

Could you please let me know what you think.

Sincerely Yours,


Experimental Studies of Information Transmission Between the Killed and Survivor Individuals of the Same Population on Several Species as Representation of the Role of Consciousness of Biological Species During Evolution 

By Aroutioun Agadjanian


In order to understand how experimentally it would be possible to study the role of consciousness in the process of evolution we would like first to propose a hypothesis about the consciousness of the population of living organisms. According to the hypothesis of F. Crick human consciousness arises as biological function from interaction between the neurons of the brain (Crick, 1994). According to hypothesis by V. Norris consciousness is organizing force, which is involved in the process of transmitting, receiving and condensing organization to a common pattern; it is created by information and would act to create information. (Norris, 1996). We propose a hypothesis stating that any amount of similar units of living matter, which coexist together in relatively close physical proximity and interact to each other exchanging matter and information comprise a bio-informational network. Consciousness arises as a result of constant information interaction between all units of such bio-information network and serves as organizing force for it s units to co-exist and function together as a single formation for more or less long period of time. (Agadjanian, 1999). This information exchange includes all known communication channels, like exchange of matter, chemical signals, physical signals of different nature, as well as it might involve unknown form of physical communication (Norris, 1998) defined also as novel non-chemical form of signaling (Matsuhashi et al., 1995) or superweak electromagnetic radiations (Kaznacheev et al., 1981). Thus any population of living organisms of the same species from bacteria to human beings which co-exists together in relatively close physical proximity and function together as a single formation interacting with environment and surviving for more or less long period of time has consciousness. This consciousness by analogy has to have similar characteristics to the phenomenon we rationally aware of as human consciousness. Consciousness of the population of bacteria obviously would be much less sophisticated formation than human consciousness, and consciousness of any number of human beings accordingly would be much more sophisticated formation than human consciousness. All these different levels of consciousness including human consciousness can be examined as different spectrum or separate closely interconnected components of single global formation the Global Consciousness of all living matter on Earth, which can also be defined as Global Energy-Information Network (Agadjanian, 1999). Such hypothesis would broaden the hypothesis of spectrum of consciousness of K. Wilber (Wilber, 1977) beyond the boundaries of human perception within the system of knowledge of psychology, psychotherapy and religion and would give a new understanding to the hypothesis of Vernadsky (Vernadsky, 1926) and Teilhard de Chardin (Teilhard de Chardin, 1966) about noosphere. In case of some so-called social biological species like, for example, ants we can rationally observe some functioning patterns of the consciousness of local populations. In case of many other biological species the existence and functioning of consciousness of local population is not so obvious. However there should be fundamental similar characteristics of consciousness of all populations of living creatures. If we can point to the fundamental similarities between the human consciousness and consciousness of the local populations of all biological species we might be able to establish a new paradigm for studying consciousness experimentally.

We can propose a hypothesis that the most important function of human consciousness, the only consciousness we are rationally aware of, is to defend the human being from dangerous factors in the environment and to provide conditions for surviving the common length of 70-80 years of human life. If one accidentally puts one s hand on hot stove, one receives complex of information signals, analyzing which will make one: first, unconsciously pull one s hand back; and second, consciously avoid the hot stove in the future, i.e. to protect oneself from this particular dangerous factor by employing nonspecific and specific defending mechanisms. The species has proven ability to survive almost without any change for periods of millions of years. Therefore we can assume that the most common pattern of both these complex bio-informational systems the single human being and single biological species, is ability to sustain its existence for long time by interacting with the environment and making necessary adjustments according to the received and analyzed information. By analogy with the hot stove we can assume that the main function of consciousness of local population of any biological species is ability to employ nonspecific and specific defending mechanisms in case of emergence of new deadly factor in the environment to survive during more or less long time of evolution. We would like to show that it is possible experimentally to establish existence of similar to human s nonspecific and specific defense mechanisms, which consciousness of species use to survive new deadly factor.

Experimental study of consciousness of a local population employing nonspecific and specific defending mechanisms to defend its numbers in case of emergence of deadly factor in environment.

Experimental project Feedback (Agadjanian, 1983 and Agadjanian et al., 1990) was conducted from 1976 to 1989 in the former Soviet Union using as objects several biological species. 

General design of experiments was following: two identical groups of individuals of the same species, control and experimental, were kept physically separated. Individuals in both of these groups were living together for some time to allow consciousness of the local population to be established. Specific number of individuals was removed from the control group alive and removed from further experiments. Simultaneously the same number of individuals with the same sex-ratio in the experimental group was killed by the specific killing agent (for example, in case of fish by physical destruction and in case of pest insects by one of commonly used against this species pesticides), left in the groups for a period of time and then removed too. This was accomplished in the way that would completely eliminate any direct exposure of the survivors to the killing agent. These manipulations were repeated periodically during some period of time. The reproduction rates were observed in both of these groups. The results of experiments on all studied species showed that after some time and number of above described manipulations the reproduction rate in the experimental group became considerably higher than in control groups with increase varying in different experiments from 20% to 250%. First group included experiments accomplished on following species using physical killing: 1.On mice in 1976-78 at Novosibirsk Research Institute of RSFSR Ministry of Public Health. 2. On Drosophilae in 1978 at Institute of Cytology and Genetics, Siberian Department of USSR Academy of Science. 3. On silkworm in 1981-82 at Institute of Zoology, Armenian Academy of Science. 4. On viviparous aquarium fish (Guppy) in 1984 at Central Research Laboratory of State Committee of Fish Economy of Armenia. Second group included experiments accomplished on following species using following pesticides as killing factors: 5. On rats in 1989 at the department of Epidemics and Medical Parasitology of Yerevan Medical Institute (Zinc Phosphid, Zookumarin). 6. On common dart moth, Agrotis segetum and  Black Cutworm (Agrotis ypsilon), Mediterranean Vine Moth (Lobesia botrana) (Nurell-D, Phosalon, Cimbush, Metafos) in 1989 at Armenian Plant Protection Research Institute. 7. On Predatory Mite, Amblyseius fallacis (Garman) in 1989 in Armenian Institute of Zoology, Armenian Academy of Science (Phosalon, Plinctran).

In one group of above experiments on Predatory Mite, Amblyseius fallacis (Garman) (using pesticides Phosalon and Plinctran as killing agent) the killing by pesticides was accomplished in hermetically closed test tubes (made from quarts glass) physically located inside the experimental groups of insects, which would completely exclude the information transmission by chemical signals. Besides observing the changes in the reproduction rate in experimental group of the individuals in this case the individuals from experimental groups periodically were checked to compare their resistance to the used pesticide to the resistance of the individuals from control group. The results of these experiments established that resistance to the pesticide used as a killing factor in individuals in the experimental groups gradually increased, whereas resistance in individuals of control groups to this pesticide did not change. 

8. In the separate part of the Feedback project the demographical study was accomplished. In 1989 in the Institute of Economics, Armenian Academy of Science the study based on official statistical data concluded that in the eighties in the several Soviet Republics of Middle Asia neighboring the Afghanistan after period of birth-rate drop there was sudden birth-rate increase coincided with the military actions causing violent death of many thousands of people in Afghanistan started after Soviet invasion. 


The interpretation of above experimental results is following. The violently killed individuals transmitted by physical or chemical signals the information about the fact of their violent death and specific information about nature of the deadly factor to the survivors of the same group. Based on this received information the consciousness of this population employed both nonspecific and specific defense mechanisms in order to survive the deadly factor. First, as a nonspecific defense the consciousness of the population increased the speed of reproduction, which was observed in all above experiments. Second, as a specific defense, using the received specific information about the deadly agent, the consciousness of the population activated the specific resistance to this killing factor, which was observed in the last group of experiments. In the last case taking into consideration that the pesticides Phosalon and Plinctran used in experiments on Predatory Mite, Amblyseius fallacis (Garman) as a killing factor were widely used against those species long before the time of the conducting of the experiments, it would be logical to conclude that the insects had already acquired genetic resistance to these specific pesticides and during the experiments consciousness of the population just activated it. But based on above logic we can assume that using any species of insects and completely new never used against them pesticide, it could be possible to establish the fact that mutations necessary to survive this new deadly factor would originate because consciousness of population will receive specific information about this new deadly factor from the killed individuals and would direct a mutations in the next generations towards adaptation to it. But experiments proving this statement could take several years to conduct, that is amount of time comparable to the time usually needed for species to adapt to a new insecticides in the real life.        


Experimental studies of the information transmission between physically separated groups of living organisms of the same biological species were conducted before and after the experimental project Feedback . Several authors reported observing this phenomenon in their studies and gave it different interpretations (Kaznacheev et al., 1981), (Matsuhashi et al., 1995), (Heal et al., 2002). Hypothesis about the consciousness of the local population of the biological species might add new insight to the understanding of the results of these experimental studies. For example, it could allow explaining the last studies by Heal and Parsons from consciousness point of view. In these experiments the Petri dish was divided into two compartments, connected by a five-millimeter air gap between the top of the wall and the lid. In one compartment drops of the bacterium E.coli were placed, together with various antibiotics. When the other compartment was empty, the bacteria died killed by the antibiotics. However, if thriving colonies of E.coli were placed in the other compartment, the first group of bacteria survived. If the gap between the compartments was sealed, the bacteria in the first compartment died. Heal and Parsons concluded that the bacteria in the second compartment must have sent some kind of airborne "survival" signals to the dying from antibiotics first group of bacteria, which helped them to survive. But form the point of evolution such explanation makes only partial sense it attempts to explain what happened but not why it happened. From the hypothesis of consciousness of the biological species however the results can be understood completely logically. The consciousness of one colony of E.Coly with huge dose of antibiotic was not able to think what to do to survive. When another healthy colony was put near this dying colony they would together comprise the viable living network with common consciousness, which had enough information and resources to be able to figure out how exactly to react to the threat factor. When the air gap was closed these colonies again become two separate colonies with separate consciousness and resources resulting in the death of the colony exposed to antibiotic. Quite possibly by blocking this air gap not chemical information transmission was blocked but some unknown weak electromagnetic information transmission, for which that barrier is impermeable.

The hypothesis about the consciousness of the population of biological species employing non-specific and specific defending mechanisms in case of the emergence of new threat factor in the environment might prove to be invaluable in establishing new paradigm for further similar studies of consciousness of the biological species and information transmission between the physically separated living organisms. These three experimental studies as well as different experimental studies of human phenomenon of unknown extrasensory information transmission show that it is difficult to design reliable and easily repeatable experiments studying the information transmission between the units of living bio-information network of the local population if we do not now the fundamental mechanisms of the functioning of this network. Figuratively speaking, in order to reliably catch these information transmissions we have to know when the transmissions occur with the maximum strength, which individuals exactly transmit and which ones receive the transmissions and by which ready observable effects the fact of receiving such information transmission should by judged. From this point of view the design of the experiments of the project Feedback might be considered the most effective in further experimental studies of consciousness. This design actually shows that in experiments the local population under the stress might show unique and reliably detectable patterns of the information transmission. The information transmission from the killed violently individuals to the survivors of the same species might be the fundamental mechanism using which life acts as a system with ability to constantly increase the entropy (Shrodinger, 1944). Indeed if we consider that living organisms with sexual reproduction mechanism live and gather information long after giving birth to the last progeny up until the very moment of death, then it is unclear how all this information can be kept by the consciousness of the species and used to adapt to the environment. It is just a matter of logic to conclude that there should be a mechanism by which a consciousness of the biological species as an effective and stable bio-informational network keeps and increases the common pool of information by receiving all the gathered information from the all its living units during the moment of their death and distributing it to its new units - the newly born living organisms of the species. 


The theory of the consciousness of the biological species using specific and nonspecific mechanisms to maintain its existence in the changing conditions of the environment and the results of the further experiments with the similar to discussed above experiments of the project Feedback could be become the starting point to allow the consciousness of living matter to be studied thoroughly through reliable and repeatable laboratory experiments. If we can examine from the consciousness point of view several global current ecological problems we might be able to predict the possible effective solutions of them. If we can understand that by trying to eliminate pests with pesticides or bacteria with antibiotics we are dealing with intelligent force the consciousness of those species, which intelligently uses the specific information about our killing methods to successfully defend itself, we might come to fundamentally different methods of controlling harm from these species with much higher efficiency, like, for example, completely eliminating the key point of enemy defense the killing. Organic farming, for example, already proved that products can be successfully grown without use of pesticides and above theory together with results of the new experiments might make a point for eliminating the use of pesticides in the world entirely. With the pathogen bacteria and antibiotics the solution might not be so obvious, but again realizing that we are dealing with intelligent defense of the consciousness of the species of bacteria based on the information from the dying bacteria, we might be able to come to fundamentally different methods of controlling the bacteria with higher efficiency. Using the same approach we can conclude the global problem of overfishing arose in the first place from the wrong methods of killing commercially caught fish on the ships out of fish natural environment. The consciousness of different fish species for many millions of years of evolution probably developed methods of defending its numbers from the threat factors, which mostly killed fish in the water. The possible solution obviously might be killing all commercially caught fish in the water.  

But the most stunning conclusions based on this hypothesis and on some of the above experiments might be drawn concerning the human species. Non-specific defending mechanisms of the consciousness of the human species obviously continue to function unconsciously effecting the behavior and reproductive patterns of people despite the intelligent awareness of single human being. That is why during the 20th century as a direct result of two most devastating wars in the history of human civilization and many smaller military conflicts the human population increased dramatically (Agadjanian et al., 1990 and Agadjanian, 1999). Another interesting conclusion based on this theory, which is indirectly confirmed by the results of above described experiments by Heal and Parsons (Heal et al., 2002), is that any chronically ill person in addition to having all the necessary conventional treatments might greatly benefit from spending periodically some amount of time at the public events with gatherings of many thousands of healthy people, like the sport games or concerts (Agadjanian, 1999).                      

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